Taking Babka to a whole new level…Raspberry Cheesecake Babka!

Yes.. you read that right.  RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE BABKA!  If you recall I first tackled Babka here and instantly fell in love with it.  But you should all know me by now, once I get on a kick I like to see how far I can push it.

I love raspberries – plain, purred, jarred, sauces, dried, baked.. you name it and most likely I’ve tried it with Raspberries.  Now let’s toss in cheesecake.  Hold on a minute.. let’s have a moment of silent deliciouness..

Mmmm.. okay, now that I have a smile on my face 🙂  So when Mr. Fantabulous asked me yesterday to make him something ‘different’ than cakes/cookies/pies/biscotti I knew I had a challenge.  So I was out in the kitchen and he eyed up my jar of raspberry puree filling and was like “Ohhh.. what’s that??? Can I eat it?” My eyes shifted from him as I shook my head no up to the cream cheese and a light bulb went off.  “I know, I’ll make raspberry cheesecake!” but as I got into the crux of mixing I didn’t feel like making one.  They aren’t hard but I just didn’t want to put forth an effort as I was exhausted from my holiday orders and just all things Christmas.  So I set the cheesecake mixture aside for a minute and literally went to my pantry, opened up my doors and stood there staring.  What felt like an eternity (okay maybe 10 minutes most) I figured I’ll just make some type of sweet bread and save the cheesecake for another time.

I grabbed some staples from the pantry and as I started putting stuff into the mixer (honestly I was just dumping stuff in – little of this, some of that) I realized I was making a sweet dough.  So I got to thinking how I could use the cheesecake stuff AND raspberry with it.  Then it came to me.. Raspberry Cheesecake Babka.  I put my cheesecake mixture back on the stand, added some more stuff to it to make it more dense and formed the babka round.

Okay first – this thing was SUPER, I mean SUPER messy to form!  I had raspberry and cheesecake filling EVERYWHERE!  My Boos board was red from the berries and I had mixture up arms, on the floor AND my foot!  It took quite a while to rise – literally like 5 hours (could have been the fact that it was really cold here yesterday.. *shrugs*). But it did and when it came out of the oven it looked GORGEOUS!

… and then IT happened.  *sigh* The middle sunk.  See I used a pan that was too big so the outside rose super high but the inside didn’t have enough dough to keep the shape due to the cheesecake and raspberry filling.

None the less it was AMAZING!  I mean really, REALLY GOOD! See for yourself!

As you can see from the picture, the middle sunk about an inch.  But honestly I don’t care how it looks because it is THAT GOOD!

So Mr. Fantabulous being the wiseguy that he is (who happens to be a genius Mechanical Engineer) sees it deflated and leaves this note on the glass lid.

LOL gotta love him 🙂

9 Responses to “Taking Babka to a whole new level…Raspberry Cheesecake Babka!”

  • g says:

    “Purred” raspberries? Funny, mine never make a sound.

  • Althea, Mature Princess says:

    Hi, Did you post the recipe for this? It looks wonderful!!

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Hi Althea dear 🙂

      Sorry but this recipe is proprietary and part of my TKW Signature Commercial line. I need to make money some how 😉

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

  • TKWAdmin says:

    HAHAHA So happy you loved it Maryann! This with a cup of coffee or tea on a chilly morning sounds perfect to me!

  • Maryann says:

    HOLY BABKA BATMAN!! This cake is so good I hereby rename it THE FANTABLOUS RASPBERRY BABKA!! It is that good!! In fact, everything on this site is uber delicious! I can attest to that!! Mr. & Mrs. Fantablous surprised me with a visit and the Mrs. even hand delivered a tray of her specialties!! I am in dessert heaven!! THANK YOU 1000 TIMES Kitchen Whisperer!! YOU DA BESTEST!!!

  • TKWAdmin says:

    Thanks a bunch! Babka, to me, is a cross between cinnamon roll-type dough and panettone. It’s not super dense but it’s not as soft as a roll. It has a really nice consistency that allows things like chocolates, pecans, raspberries and even cheesecake to hold up in it when sliced. It doesn’t get ‘gooey’ or mushy either.

    I’ve never heard of them but just Googled them. Oh wow, that does look really, really good! I also see their Kringles. Mama Fantabulous makes something similar like that.

    I’m sure you can do it and figure out how to make it. The doughs are all pretty much standard it’s the spices and layers that may get tricky! Worst case is that it doesn’t turn out like what you were trying to replicate but instead you still end up with a really great dessert! Give it a shot and let me know how it turns out!

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and an upcoming blessed new year!

  • wendyb964 says:

    Once again you’ve outdone yourselves with the gorgeous pic. Never had a babka but might just have to try this. Have you heard of a Seven Sisters coffee cake? We ordered one this year with our normal kringles from O & H Bakery. Never thought anything would top the kringle though the coffee cake did! It had sweet roll dough but not rolled pinwheel style, almond paste, and a custard-y layer with more dough and perhaps a wee glaze. Tried to dissect it yesterday, lol, but I’m not well-versed.

    Thanks for the killer pics and inspiration! Hope you had a blessed, lovely Christmas season.

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