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Happy New Year TKW Family! This post kicks off the first weekly menu for 2016.  If you’re like most breathing individuals on the planet you’ve made a resolution either to lose weight, eat healthier or just get more in shape.  I’m one of the apparently non-breathing folks (haha) as I don’t believe in resolutions.  To me they are promises you make to yourself that, let’s face it, we often fail at.  I from the thinking of “I want to make a lifestyle change”.  To me that speak longevity and permanent results.

So for me, having battled weight issues my entire life it’s about a healthy lifestyle which includes making more healthy conscious food decisions with a balance of exercise.  Being that I LOVE food, maybe a bit more exercise. The thing is eating healthy doesn’t mean you eat birdseed or rice cakes with water.  No, it’s about everything in moderation.  For me, this is what has worked for me these past 15+ years.  Am I rail thin?  Nope. I don’t want that.  Sure I have some jiggle and I’m not your size 6 but I’m healthy and fit.

It’s not about being skinny but about being fit.  Will I get rid of the jiggle?  Maybe yes, maybe no but I’m okay with that.  And here’s the kicker – I still eat “bad” at times.  Pizza is my all time favorite food.  I love cheese.  I’d pimp out Mr. Fantabulous for one of my brownies.  However I can eat those AND still lose weight and be healthy.  How so?  I know how my body works, what foods I crave, my protein intake and how much exercise I need to do.

Like look at this menu for the week – it’s healthy, you can have pizza, you can have cookies.  Heck you can even have bacon!  The food is filling without being hard on your waist.  The thing is for me is to not beat myself up if I feel my yoga pants getting tight.  I just adjust what I’m eating and modify my workout schedule. Now some may say “But Lor, you workout twice a day – I don’t have that time.” Well for me it was making sacrifices – get up 20 minutes earlier.  You half of your lunch to exercise – even if it’s just to walk.  No more drive thru… EVER.  No, EVER! And even if you do everything “right” with your food and exercise regime but your scale is going up… DON’T PANIC.  Remember MUSCLES WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT!  Read that again.  MUSCLE IS HEAVIER THAN FAT!  So if you’re eating right and exercising but your scale is going up it means you’re making muscle.  Muscle burns fat. THIS IS GOOD.

Trust me, this took me YEARS to accept and comprehend but it makes perfect sense.  So as for the scale – I maybe get on it once a month.  I go by how I look, feel and how my clothes fit.  That’s the true test.  And there are always nutritionists out there than can help and educate.  Same with trainers at the gym.

So with that, go make 2016 your best year yet.

Monday –  Skinny Chicken Burrito Bowl
Tuesday – Skinny Baked Frittatas
Wednesday – Italian Style Zucchini Ribbon Noodle Pasta
Thursday – Grilled Chicken Salad – Best Salad Ever!
Friday – Baked Pepperoni Pizza Egg Roll Cheese Sticks
Saturday –  Hearty Healthy Vegetarian Lettuce Spoons
Sunday – California Whitefish Soft Tacos
Dessert of the week – Simple Skinny Banana Cookies

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