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Happy Sunday TKW Family! So yeah, we’re not the big PowerBall winner; no one is.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing (well I mean no one is – trust me, I certainly wouldn’t scoff at winning the big thing) no one won or not. I mean what 1.3 BILLION dollars is up for grabs.  I mean that’s insane!  That’s like Oprah money right there. Mr. Fantabulous and I were talking about that last night after we checked our tickets.  You see neither of us play the lottery because I’d rather spend my money on something I know I actually have a tangible chance at. But like the old saying goes “you can’t win if you don’t play” so we plopped down a few bucks and bought a ticket.  I mean it’s at least some semblance of a chance, right?

Anyway as I was saying, I’m not sure if 1.3 Billion is a good thing or not.  I mean that much money?!  It’s kinda scary to think about really. You literally could buy anything you wanted.  I mean even companies at that point!  But with that much you have to worry about theft, personal security and privacy. You’re subjected to all of that.  So we were ‘fantasizing’ about ‘what if’ we won.  Mr. Fantabulous would have his own line of custom guitars fabricated, and we’d become snowbirds or hotbirds (as we’d live elsewhere when it got too hot) throughout the year, he hire Eddie Van Halen to come jam with him and as he said “we could do whatever we wanted baby”.

When he asked me what I would do I really didn’t have an answer as it’s almost so ludicrous it’s difficult to imagine. For me I kept it simple, just like me, just give me an elite kitchen (actually 2 kitchens – one for regular use and one for TKW), a place next to the kitchen where I get the best natural light ever for my food photo shoots, a pig – yeah he gave me the look on that one and maybe some light travel.  Think 1.3 billion could buy those things?  LOL


After chatting a bit more he stopped me and said “Wait, a kitchen for TKW stuff?  You’d still want to work? Baby with that much money you’d never have to work again!” Without batting even so much as an eyelash “Yep, it’s my passion. Sure at first I may take a couple of weeks off to let it all sink in and deal with all the legal stuff but yes I’d still work it only this time I can truly make it into what I know it’s meant to be. I’d have the resources to make it happen.”  Call me weird or crazy but I’m not one to just not work. I can’t sit still.  Plus when you do something you truly, truly love is really work at that point?  For me, no.

So what else?  We visited with The Fantabulous in-laws a couple of times.  God how I love those people.  Every time we’re together we have the best time!  We also had our post-op visits.  Mr. Fantabulous has another month before he can go back to the gym and do light weights.  My forward and upward range of motion is excellent but I can’t reach behind at all.  I have barely any strength in the shoulder and have such deep bone aches. But I’m only a month post-op so the dr. said to give it another month and see.  Lovely…

Last night was the Steelers game which, the first half was eh… ok. But that second half.. WOW! Now I respect everyone’s choice in what team to support. I don’t bash other teams – that’s childish and well, stupid. BUT when you have acts of unsportsmenslike conduct AND to see fans throw debris on the field.  Yeah I’m sorry but that’s classless.  Having a brother play professionally when someone got hurt albeit your team or not you never wished them harm and you most certainly didn’t throw stuff at them.  What are you, 5?  I would HOPE your parents raised you better than that.  Throwing debris, hissyfits and clapping when a player gets hurt is such a poor representation of your character, the team and the city you represent. Shame on you.  So now it’s time to plan for next weeks’ game.  Loving it!

OH OH OH so if you were on Instagram yesterday did you see the video I posted of the GINORMOUS breakfast muffins?  I need to take some photos this morning so I can share the recipe but OMG they were amazing!!! Now in my head I had this vision of a Texas-sized muffin that was easy to grab on the way out the door for breakfast but hearty enough to tide you over until lunch.  Yeah I think I got the ‘Texas” size right as this batter made 3 muffins… 3!!!  Yeah, so they went a bit bigger than anticipated.  I’ll make another batch, scale them down to a more realistic size and share the recipe.

Man all that talk about those muffins has me craving them one!  With that I’m signing off,  heading to the kitchen to heat up the other half of a muffin and enjoy my lazy Sunday!  Enjoy your week and enjoy the weekly menu!

♥ Monday –  Tilapia Burgers with a Spicy Jalapeno Slaw
♥ Tuesday – Breakfast Avocados on the Half Shell
♥ Wednesday – Sweet Potato Veggie Meatballs and Spaghetti Squash
♥ Thursday – Chipotle Shrimp & Chicken Tuscan Pasta Toss
♥ Friday – Indoor Grilled Traditional Pizza
♥ Saturday –  Potato Gnocchi in a Bacon Cream Sauce
♥ Sunday – Gluten Free Crispy Chicken Parmesan
Dessert of the week – Protein Packed Lemony Coconut Blueberry Cookies

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