Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Spraying Aluminum Foil To Prevent Sticking

Happy Tuesday TKW Family! On this weeks edition of Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m going to share with you a tip that has saved many trays of lasagna, enchiladas or pretty much any cheese covered baked dish.  There is nothing more upsetting than when you make the best pan of lasagna, cover it and bake it only to when you take off the foil almost all of your cheese on top rips off.  Or how about when you’ve made the best enchiladas, topped them with a ton of cheese, wrapped the dish in foil to bake away.  They smell amazing and when you go to serve, you rip back the foil only to find all that ooey gooey cheese you expected on top of the enchiladas is now caked to the foil.

Sure you can pick it off but you risk burning yourself, tearing the foil and possibly eating a piece of rogue foil.  Yeah, not cool.  This is an old restaurant trick I learned eons ago and it’s never failed in the 20+ years I’ve been using it.

This trick is so simple and honestly so many are surprised they didn’t think of doing it before.  Trust me, I was one of those folks.  It’s that quintessential “AH HA!” moment.

So how do you prevent all that cheesy goodness from sticking to the foil?  Are you ready for this?

Okay so, when you are getting ready to cover your cheesy dish like lasagna, stuffed shells, enchiladas and the like tear off a piece of aluminum foil.  Now it does not matter if you put shiny side up or down.  One side does not conduct heat differently than the other. Really.. look it up.

Anyway, all I do is take my cooking spray (or oil mister) and spray the foil that would cover the dish.  No, don’t spray the dish itself, just spray the foil. Next, cover your dish with the foil, sprayed-side facing down on the cheese. Now keep in mind, when you cover these dishes you really don’t want the foil touching the cheese to begin with. Bake your dish per your instructions and when you go to take the foil off, little to no cheese will stick.

Simple, right?!  Oh also this same trick works if you need to cover a dish with foil but the top layer is sauce, noodles or the like.  Yep, even works with that!  So again how do you prevent foods from sticking to the aluminum foil cover?  Spray ’em!

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