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Happy Sunday TKW Family! So how was your week?  Were you as bummed as I was after checking your losing Powerball tickets?  Would have been nice you know but it just wasn’t meant to be I suppose. No worries though it would have been nice knowing you didn’t have to put on real pants ever if you didn’t want to.  So confess prior to the drawing, did you make a secret mental list of the things you’d buy or the things you do?

Is it bad that I actually thought “man if I won I’d so buy that new spinning bike”?  LOL  You don’t understand, this bike from Peleton looks awesome but is a rather pricey. I absolutely love spinning, especially during the winter since the weather outside here in Pittsburgh is terrible. Someday…maybe

So on this week’s edition of the weekly menu I’m keeping it simple and stuff that I honestly don’t have to take too much time on making.  I’ve decided to head back to work after a 3 month hiatus (and another rotator cuff surgery). My commute is considerably further but it’s a great company and I’m excited.

What else?  If you’re a football fan like me then you’re stoked about the big game today – Go Steelers!  You can like your team, whomever they are, but I’m a ‘Burgh girl and love my black and gold. I’m going to whip up a few finger foods to snack on while we cheer on Big Ben and the boys.  Do you have a favorite football snack food?  Do you have any football traditions?  For us we all had our assigned seats and god help you if you left the room and your team scored.  You weren’t allowed back in the room as apparently you were the bad luck in the room preventing the team from scoring.  And if you’re like me, you yell at the tv telling the refs how to do their job, encouraging the runners and calling out penalties.

Yeah, I’m THAT kind of football fan. Gotta love it!  So with that, let me sign off and head out to the kitchen and start making up some snacks for tonight!  Have an amazing week!

♥ Monday –  Crock Pot Mexican Shredded Beef Tacos
♥ Tuesday – Ultimate Oven Fried BBQ Chicken Quarters
♥ Wednesday – Baked Almond Pineapple Chicken
♥ Thursday – Thick ‘n Creamy Loaded Potato Soup
♥ Friday – Guinness Corned Beef Reuben Pizza
♥ Saturday –  Roast Turkey with Red Pepper Jelly & Melty Asiago Hoagie
♥ Sunday – Bacon BBQ Pulled Pork subs
Dessert of the week – To Die For Apple Pie Bars

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