Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Stinky Garlic Hands

Happy Tuesday TKW Family! Marrying into an Italian family garlic is an ingredient one must love and use, use often. I’m still waiting for some secret recipe from Nonna to emerge featuring garlic in a dessert. I’m giving it time though. For as much as they love garlic I’d be surprised there isn’t one!  LOL  Well with that you end up with seriously stinky garlic hands that no matter how much you wash them, that smell still is there.

This trick has been around forever but I didn’t really find out about it until I married into the family.  My Mom never used garlic like this – meaning she never bought garlic in bulk.  Yeah… I now do that. LOL

On this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer we’re going to talk about getting rid of your Stinky Garlic Hands.

To get rid of those stinky garlic hands, grab a stainless steel pot and rub your hands against the metal under cold water. Heck they actually make stainless steel bars kitchen bars that look like soap!  You see garlic contains sulfur molecules. As you cut the garlic those molecules are transferred to your skin. And as soon as you wash your hands, what happens?  They stink worse!  Why?  Water enhances the smell because water causes sulfur to turn into sulfuric acid.

The theory behind this trick is that the sulfuric compounds in garlic bind to the ions on stainless steel surfaces, lifting away the tiny particles (and smell) of garlic from your hands. The cold water helps by shrinking your pores to keep the garlic oils out.

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