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Sundays are meant to be lazy right? Sleeping in, not a care in the world – nuffin’.  Heck you don’t even have to put on real pants if you don’t want to.  Fine, you don’t have to put on pants at all but hey, this is a family blog so we gotta keep is PG at least.  But I’m with ya on the no pants *wink*.  For me it means NO MAKEUP, NO flat iron and I don’t have to wear real shoes.  I’m so not a girlie girl in the sense I could care less about the shoes I wear. Give me my Nike or pig slippers any day.  Sunday’s I’m all about pony tails, inside out sweats (it’s a thing for me), flour on my cheeks (and most likely on my butt – I’m a hand-on-the-butt-kinda-flour-wipe-off girl) and a full morning of just me in the kitchen for several while Mr. Fantabulous is in SleepTown.

So let’s dish – how was your last week?  Did those of you on the East Coast finally get all dug out from that massive snow storm?  It’s funny as last Saturday we woke up to 8+ inches here and come Monday it was in the mid 40’s.  Today it’s supposed to be in the 50’s.  WTH Mother Nature?  Are you going through “the change”?  Do you need a Midol, some chocolate, a hug and something to set on fire?  Oh trust me I’m not complaining about the quasi-warmer weather but it’s at the point where I drive to work with my heater on high, bundled up in my super warm winter coat and when I leave I’m literally walking out the door holding my coat in my arms and the window cracked for the drive home.

This weather is what my Mom used to call “Catch-a-Cold” weather. Now I’m not sure if you technically can catch a cold but whatever, all I know is when you get weather like this everyone gets sick.  So with that my butt has been loading up on Vitamin C and washing my hands like it’s my job.  No cooties for me folks.  LOL


What else?  OH OH OH we had the plaster guys had out this past Friday to work more on the downstairs.  We had hoped they’d be able to finish everything up however they still have one more day left.  *Sigh* I keep telling myself that it is progress to a finished basement but after what, 9 years, I want it done.

Saturday I was crushed in the kitchen.  Well wait, I first got woken up to a text from Mr. Fantabulous (who was right beside me) at 7:32am

I mean seriously?  He sends me a text?!  LOL  For those of you that aren’t on Facebook, last week I was commenting on how I actually told Mr. Fantabulous the following “No I will not kiss you. I’m boycotting your face!” LOL  Now the background story on that is the man refuses to shave so now he has scruff/beard.  While beards can be sexy I can’t kiss anyone that has facial hair like that.  Well okay, not that I’m going to go around kissing other people but you know what I mean.  I have hypersensitive skin that if he even touches my cheek with a 5 o’clock shadow I get hives and a rash. He’s known this for years so he’s always clean shaven cause well I kiss well *wink*  LOL  His reasoning for letting it grow now is “just because I want to see if I can.”  Um hello!  You’re not 14 and I’m pretty sure you’ve gone through puberty babe.  So the comment about boycotting him.

A week has gone by and he has tried/begged/pleaded 17 ways from Sunday to let him kiss me or even snuggle up to me and I just give the universal “nope” hand.  So anyway, that’s why I commented in that text above like I did. As of now, he’s not shaved – cause now it’s a challenge and a joke to him however no smooches or lovins either. LOL  He’ll cave, he always does.

Saturday was a super busy day in the kitchen as I had to get 2 recipes done, ALL the photos taken and edited, the recipes written and the posts prepped.  On top of that, feed the man, do all of the bed linens and about 472 other things. So today it’s all about me and being lazy.  He’s supposed to have band practice tonight which I’m hoping they do as I want some quiet time for a chick flick and really bad junk food.  LOL

So with that, enjoy the weekly menu and have one fantabulous week!

♥ Monday –  Egg Stuffed Skinny Portabello Caps
Tuesday – Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken
Wednesday – Hot Damn Sriracha Honey Butter Roasted Chicken
Thursday – Maple Chipotle BBQ Pork Tenderloin
Friday – Cheesy Penne & Meatballs Garlic Bread Pizza Bowls
Saturday –  Triple B – Beef, Bacon and BBQ Burgers
Sunday – BBQ Meatloaf Potato Cake Stacks
Dessert of the week – Triple Chocolate Mousse Parfaits

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