Skinny Blueberry Power Smoothie

This deliciously simple and healthy post is being sponsored by Daisey Fresh featuring their incredible 100% Natural & Organic fridge filters.  All opinions of these ABSOLUTELY AMAZING filters are mine.

So if you recall from my Strawberry Compote with Grilled Angel Food Cake Cubes I introduced you to a revolutionary new product created by Daisey Fresh. What they’ve created are these little filters (with holding cartridge) that suction cup to your produce and veggie drawers.  You place these biodegradable filters that are 100% organic and natural (which means no chemicals or foreign stuff getting into your foods) into your fridge and through some sort of genius magic they keep your fruits and veggies fresher up to 2-3 times longer than if you just placed them into the drawers themselves!  I know, right!  That’s awesome!

Skinny Blueberry Power Smoothie

This recipe is one that I make quite often especially in the summer months. Living in Pittsburgh we have 2 temperatures in the summer – 90F and 875% humidity or 85F with 875% humidity.  Even with ac it’s just too hot to cook and dare I say…eat. I know.. who am I?  I love to eat, we all do – that’s why you’re here.  Well okay unless your family then you’re obligated by blood. *wink*

Growing up I can remember we’d cook out almost every day and on the days it would rain Mom refused to put the oven on.  We didn’t have AC except a lone wall unit in our living room but that was nowhere near strong enough to handle such a large farm house. So often we’d have no cook meals OR meals that involved the crockpot.

Having had 41 acres we had a ton of berry bushes that Mom would send us kids out to pick for her to make jams and jellies.  However she always managed to save us a few cups of berries that she’d turn into a berry milk shake.  Now those were awesome but they were also fattening made with whole milk and ice cream. I still make them today but they are few and far between.  It’s in indulgence. Plus you know my mantra…”everything in moderation!” And that’s true but when you can indulge and have it be guiltless I say, sit back, prop your feet up and enjoy yourself!

Skinny Blueberry Power Smoothie5

Now normally (pre Daisey Fresh ) when the craving hit me for one of these I’d have to fret over how fresh my blueberries were.  Would I open up my fruit bin in my fridge only to find my blueberries had gone mushy and wrinkly after being in the fridge for 3 day?  Would I even be able to make this smoothie?  Many times that would happen as such.. I’d get the craving only to find that they had turned and then I was stuck with a pretty serious decision – do I put on real pants and go to the store to buy more blueberries or do I just nix the thought of having this luscious drink and settle for…water. OY!

However now that I have these filters I don’t have to worry.  The blueberries I used in this recipe were, are you ready for this??? 2 weeks old!  YES!  2 weeks and folks let me tell you what, they were as fresh as they were the day I bought them!  Trust me I was shocked and soooooooooo happy that I have this product in my life!

I HIGHLY suggest you get yourself some of these (and for your friends and family!) You can order them here!

Skinny Blueberry Power Smoothie1

Now to make this, it literally takes MAYBE 2 minutes at most to put the stuff into your smoothie maker and then 15-30 seconds to blend.  The biggest thing to keep in mind when making this is you want the harder items (ice, oats, etc…) close to the blades.  If you are making your smoothie in a traditional blender you’d add the ingredients in the reverse order starting with the ice. For me with smoothies, I like mine thin enough to suck through a straw but not super thin; almost milkshake consistency.  If you like yours thinner by all means add more milk!

What’s awesome about this smoothie is thanks to the Daisey Fresh filters I have in my fridge I can make a variety of flavor combinations – strawberry and kiwi, blueberry and blackberries, peaches and cream even.  You don’t have to worry or rush to use up all of your fresh fruits and veggies (FYI… kale and spinach is also awesome in this!)

Skinny Blueberry Power Smoothie2

Want to boost up your protein intake?  Add a scoop of vanilla whey protein isolate powder to it too!  It’s perfect then for a post workout meal. For this one I kept it simple – Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries (thanks to Daisey Fresh for keeping them fresh!), honey, bananas, oats, ice, flaxseed (trust me, you want flaxseed in your diet) and milk.  For the milk you can go with any type – regular, almond, soy.  A quick ‘whirrrrr’ in the smoothie maker and I was one happy camper.  This filled me out without having to turn on the oven.

So for those summer days (though let’s be real here … you will fall in love with this and make this all year round!  Wait until you see some of the fall flavors I have!) when you really don’t feel like cooking, reach for some fruit that Daisey Fresh keeps fresh for you and whip up a batch of these skinny power smoothies!

Skinny Blueberry Power Smoothie6

Want to learn more about Daisey Fresh and how they work?  Check out their video! Plus to get this delicious recipe visit their blog today!  Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Pinterest!

Best Kitchen Wishes!

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  • James says:

    Oh wow this looks super delicious! totally making this! Thanks for another awesome recipe.

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Thank you so much James! I LOVE this recipe so much! And you HAVE to check out Daisey Fresh!!!

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

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