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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the World’s Best Salad EVER  and Ultimate Eye of Round!

Hey TKW Family, happy Sunday!  How was your week?  Mine was pretty good though super busy.  I only got to post 2 posts last week (sorry) due to my being so busy. It’s funny as I have at least 200 recipes with photos that I need to post but it’s getting the point where I could really, REALLY use an assistant.  If you have college kids (or you are one) and are looking to get into social media let me know as I can work with their school to help with an internship.

Besides being super busy at work I’ve been having some issues with my photo shoots.  The past 4 shoots the pictures have come out grainy.  Now I shoot only in manual mode and while I’m nowhere near a professional photographer I still have to ‘think’ when it comes to ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture and the rest. It’s like I have this learning block that I just can’t get the hang of it.  However that’s one good thing about my being an engineer – I’m persistent.  I HAVE to master a task – pick it apart and understand the mechanics and foundations.  Once I master that then I desperately NEED to start delving into creating those 30 second-a minute food videos.  Again, this is where an assistant would be of HUGE value here.

Last week Mr. Fantabulous got the downstairs bathroom tile put down.  Tomorrow he’ll grout it and then we can finally start on the hardwood floors.  THAT should be a treat (as she rolls her eyes). He swears it’s a lot easier than putting down tile but I don’t know.  This damn kitchen floor tile almost caused us to get a divorce. Well not really but OMG did we fight. It got so bad we didn’t speak for 4 days.  I mean AT ALL.  And I didn’t cook once.  I know… it was bad. But he’s my best friend and I can’t stay mad at him for long.

My heart is heavy now as it’s been for the past 6 months or so. I have someone so very dear to me that is fighting for their life and I’m left helpless.  All I can do is pray, tell them that I love them and that no matter what the will forever be in my heart.

Life … it’s so precious and often taken for granted. I should stop.. I don’t want to bring you guys down.  But right now, yeah right now I could really use a hug and a good cry. My heart hurts but even with all of that I am blessed.  I’m not giving up on them and I have faith. While it may seem selfish but in times like this it’s hard not to feel so… lost. Like right now I really, really miss my Mom. How I’d give anything to have her here so I could lay my head on her lap, have her stroke my hair and wipe the tears from my cheeks.  Even if she didn’t say a word, just her touch.  There’s nothing that can replace a mother’s touch.

*wipes the tears*

I’m sorry guys for being so sad in this post but you know me, I can’t pretend.  I’m not fake.  You guys are family and we talk.  Just right now I’m hurting.  If you wouldn’t mind I’m going to sign off now and go curl up next to Mr. Fantabulous as he comforts me like no other.  He’s my rock and with him I find peace. Love you….

♥ Monday – Simple Classic Egg Salad Sandwiches and potato chips
♥ Tuesday – World’s Best Salad Ever – Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Egg and other deliciousness
♥ Wednesday – Gnocchi in a Vodka Cream Sauce
♥ Thursday – Creamy Baked Gnocchi with Arugula and Sausage
♥ Friday – French Bread Garden Pizza with Herbed Oil
♥ Saturday – Chicken Panzanella Salad
♥ Sunday – Ultimate Eye of Round with mashed potatoes and gravy
 Dessert of the week – Berry Cream Cheese Galette

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