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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Cucumber Cups with Creamy Chicken Whip plus side garden salad and Bbq Beef Short Rib Bacon Grilled Pizza!

Man it’s Sunday already?  Where in the world did my week go?  Heck, where did my Saturday go??? Last week was rouuuuuuuuuuugh work-wise.  I keep telling my boss I need cloned – I need about 10 of me to do my job.  But it’s all good, I love what I do so I can’t complain too much.  Saturday I ‘butterflied’ most of the day.  Meaning I had specific things I had to get done but I got distracted (i.e., I saw something shiny or a butterfly and it captured my attention) and did none of it.  I mean I got stuff done but nothing I had to get done.  Instead I cleaned out the shelves in my supply room and managed to fill 5 HUGE garbage bags to donated to the food bank. And then I cleaned, argued with Mr. Fantabulous about how much “stuff” I have yet the man fails to realize he has an entire 3600 sq. ft building on the property full of HIS stuff and another 2-car garage of HIS stuff.  Oh wait, the attic of HIS stuff. Yeah I have the kitchen – um, kinda makes sense and 3 shelving units downstairs.  But IIIIIIIIIIIII have too much stuff.  lol

Anyway today I’m suuuuuuuuper swamped. Since I got nothing done yesterday today I’m powering through in the kitchen.  I have beer braised country-style boneless beef ribs in the oven, just pressure cooked 4 Mexican beef stuffed peppers,  made some Salsa Beef burgers, some crispy potato cups that I’ll fill with … um.. something that’s yet to be determined. I still have to make dessert. Annnnnnnnnd apparently “we” need to go to Home Depot… again.  Grrrrrrrrrr.  Actually though I don’t mind as he can help me take all of that food to the food bank – it’s heavy.

Thankfully the weather here is cooperating.  It hasn’t really been cold and we haven’t had much snow.  I know this week it’s supposed to be in the 60’s which is just unheard of for Pittsburgh.  By now we’re having some arctic blast that pretty much brings the city to a halt. The bad thing about this weather is the plants are confused and starting to grow which means when the arctic blast hits (or wait.. what’s the new phrase?  Polar Vortex?) they will get hit hard 🙁

Today’s the Super Bowl.. and the Steelers aren’t in it.  So for me, there’s nothing much more I can say about that.  The ads these past few years have been terrible and the half time shows are just well, terrible. My all-time favorite was Prince.  Never has there been another halftime that was that amazing.

So last week on Instagram I was pretty busy posting recipes that I was working on plus hey, did you catch my video on how I make pressure cooked wings?  The full video is on FACEBOOK

I worked from home almost all week so I could concentrate – these are my concentratin’ socks.

And since I had a bunch of my chimichurri steak left, this was lunch pretty much every day – SOOOOOOO GOOD! Recipe coming too!

And then this morning I was super busy in the kitchen but I had to stop and snap a pic of breakfast…

And with that, the man beckons to go to Home Depot. Have an amazing week!

Monday – BBQ Boneless Beef Short Rib Sliders
♥ Tuesday – Double Chicken with Power Greens Soup
♥ Wednesday Cucumber Cups with Creamy Chicken Whip plus side garden salad
Thursday –  Pressure Cooker Sticky Hoisin Ginger Sesame Wings
Friday –  Bbq Beef Short Rib Bacon Grilled Pizza
♥ Saturday – Breakfast Quesadillas
Sunday – Cajun Shrimp Po’Boy
Dessert of the week – Fudge Ripple Turtle Brownies

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