Roasted Vegetable Phyllo Dough Pizza

Step outside of the traditional pizza box with this flaky Roasted Vegetable Phyllo Dough Pizza. Razor-thin layers of crispy phyllo dough are topped with herb roasted vegetables, grated parmesan, and fresh mozzarella cheeses. This recipe is a serious game changer in the world of pizza.

Now you guys know me when it comes to my undeniable love for pizza.  It is that single food that in all of my *covers mouth and coughs <insert age here>* years that I have never grown tired of.  I literally make this every single week, sometimes more than once a week.  I’ve made it a million and 7 ways and have had a bajillion different toppings, sauces and yes even crusts.  There’s not a single thing I don’t like about pizza. That being said, after having a family pizza shop for 17 years I consider myself to be an expert when it comes to taste, texture, and well, what makes a good pizza.  Is it the sauce?  Is it the dough?  Is it the cheese?

The answer is simple… yes! It’s all 3 to be honest.  You can have a killer sauce and awesome dough but if you put on the wrong cheese it will ruin the pizza.  Same thing with the dough – you have fresh burrata, basil that is as pristine as can be and that sauce… you’d sell your grandmother for another batch of it but then you get the dough. It tastes like that pizza that you found under your bed, covered in dust bunnies and a rogue penny embedded in it that you lost in your room when you were 13.

So know this folks, when I post a pizza recipe, it’s good.  No I mean it’s GOOD!  If I won’t eat it I would never post about it. I’m a HUUUUUUUUUUGE pizza snob and this girl does not play when it comes to pizza!

And today, that’s where this pizza comes into play.  I teamed up with my Family to share one of my killer pizza recipes. This recipe, yeah it’s definitely going to be outside of your pizza comfort zone because this is definitely not a standard pizza shop pie but dear lord it needs to be!  If I didn’t know how to make this and I found someone who could I’d be their best customer!

Luckily for me (and you since I’m sharing with you the recipe) I can make it! I’m telling you guys, you need to trust me on this one.  It takes a little patience as when you work with phyllo dough you need to butter/oil every layer to get that crispy/flaky crust but it’s so worth it.  How do I know?  Yeah do you see this huge pizza above and below?

I. ATE. THE. WHOLE. THING. IN. 2. Days!!! And I’d do it all over again (which technically I did!) Shush.. don’t judge me!

Let me break it down for you from the top down.

First, the toppings.  Since we’re in the midst of Lent many of you can’t eat meat on Fridays. So instead of ordering a plain take out pizza make this!  Now I went more fancy schmancy on the toppings (which really it’s not – it’s just roasted onions and asparagus), salted tomatoes and fresh mozzarella but you could totally go with anything.

Next, the cheese. As I said I used the fresh mozzarella but I also wanted some bite to it thus the fresh parm.

The crust…oh that gloriously, delicious razor thin crispy crust.  It’s very light layers of herbs, cheese and oil that, when baked, crisp up to something truly heavenly.

This pizza – we’re talking perfect for pizza night, game night, poker with the boys, wine with the ladies, movies with your better half or just because you want a whole pizza all to yourself!

And with that you need to definitely head on over to the SoFabFood website for this seriously delicious recipe!!!

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