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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Delicious Pressure Cooker Beef Barbacoa Loaded wraps and the Super Easy Cherry Pie Bars!

Happy Sunday TKW Family! So when it comes to Sundays do you consider them to be the end of your week or the beginning of your week? I’ve always been taught that Sunday was the beginning of the week as that’s how it’s displayed on calendars. However as I get older I’m beginning to change my thinking and look at Sundays being the end of the week; your final day of relaxation and ‘me’ time. Mondays signified the back-to-the-grind start of the week. Now these past almost 2 months while I’ve been off recuperating my days seem to just blur together. Like the other day I was sitting at the kitchen island and I literally had to stop and think about what day it actually was. For the life of me I couldn’t remember and had to get up and look at my phone.

Old timers? Perhaps but I’m not used to being home/off work this long. My routine is so off that it’s not even funny. But anyway, how was your week? Ours wasn’t too bad. We ended up scoring a SUPER awesome outdoor water fountain for the house. We have been looking for one for years to place outside our main entry but never found one we really liked. They were all too small or rinky dinky looking. And the ones I wanted, you know the huge cement ones that weighed a bajillion pounds were almost insulting expensive. Anyway. last week while I was scrolling through my facebook feed I saw that this estate sale company was having a 3-day estate sale in my area. I looked through the pictures as I’m on the lookout for 2 round pub tables for downstairs but they didn’t have any. As I was about to click off I saw in the post that they had a large outdoor water fountain for sale too. I sent the lady a message and asked for a pic and the price.  Later that night she posted a pic of a GORGEOUS fountain and get this… the price was $100!  Unfortunately she said she couldn’t sell it to me ahead of the sale as that’s a violation of her contract.  I get it….

Weekly Menu

I explained to the woman about my surgery and she said I could come an hour early to look at it to avoid someone walking into me but I couldn’t buy it until the sale started. Mr. Fantabulous and I got there only to fall in love with it but we started with the “do you think it’ll fit?  It looks really, really big!”. Since the place was maybe 10 minutes from our house we hopped in the car and went home to measure. Yeah… it would fit easily and we could go even bigger if we wanted. So back into the car we went and got back to the sale, about 20 minutes prior to the doors opening.

Now when we left there was maybe 5 cars parked waiting for the sale. When we got back…OMG it was like all of Pittsburgh showed up. Thankfully Mr. Fantabulous loves me and dropped me off front to go and wait at the fountain to stake my claim while he turned the car around. See the thing was so huge that he had to hitch up the trailer. Thankfully he said “let’s wait to see if you can actually buy the thing before we take the trailer over there.” as it would have been impossible for him to find a place to park.

WELL… as I was walking up to the fountain a couple with their son went up to the fountain to look at it. OMG NOOOOOOOOO!  If they were to get the fountain before me I was going to cry. So I played all nonchalant walking over towards the area near the fountain but not directly to it. As I walked by, I saw the little kid touching my fountain and trying to climb in. I heard the couple debating if they wanted it or not. So me, being the evil person I am, said out loud, “Man I wouldn’t want that around my child for fear they’d be too curious and try to climb in. That’s scary. Plus it looks so…cheap”. Dirty, I know. Evil? Oh hell yeah… I wanted the fountain. Thankfully they must have heard me, turned to look at their child who was literally trying to climb in and said “No, we’re not getting this.” and walked away.

I immediately grabbed the bag of instructions to hold the fountain hostage ginning from ear to ear. Unbeknownst to me there was an elderly lady kind of sitting off to the side watching the whole time. Our eyes met and she gave me the golf clap and said “Oh dearie that was great!”  I smiled and said “Honestly the kid would have tried to crawl in the fountain and unless he was watched 24/7, something bad could have happened.” She said “Oh sweetie you missed it. As soon as they got here the little boy went running over to the neighbors pool and tried to get in.” Okay wait, what??? Do people not watch their kids?

Anyway, we ended up getting the fountain. I’ll post pics when it’s all set up but it’s beautiful. It’s almost 6′ high by 5′ round with 4 lions heads spitting out the water. New this thing was an easy $800. We got it in an almost perfect condition for $100! I know, right! That’s a huge score. But OMG have you guys ever gone to an estate sale? Dear sweet Jesus you want to talk about insane!!!  The doors to this thing opened at 4pm on the nose. At 4:03pm I walked into the front door just to pay. It literally looked like a group of vultures invaded this home and they were picking the carcass apart. My God it was surreal!

So what else? Last week we (oh how I love saying that!  I love that he’s doing the cooking while I’m doing the teaching) starting making more sheet pan meals. The recipe for this one isn’t posted yet but it will be soon. We made an Applewood Smoked Bacon Pork Tenderloin with Herbed Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and finished with a Maple Dijon sauce. Of course he was complaining while he was making saying “you know I don’t really like pork. Why do you keep making stuff like this?” I just smiled as I knew he’d love it anyway. Yeah, I was right. The man DEVOURED it!  And what he loved the most… pots or pans to wash!  LOL

Since the other day was National Chocolate Chip cookie day I posted these, which, went viral! No the recipe isn’t posted as honestly it was kind of a mashup of various recipes. I’ll have him help me type it up.

And since that other sheet pan meal was such a success, we went with this one: Roasted Potatoes and Green beans with smoked kielbasa. I didn’t care for it but that’s only because he bought the wrong brand of kielbasa. I’m a HUGE snob when it comes to brands for this as frankly I’ve not found one better than Hillshire Farms. I’ve tried most and they just don’t cut it.

Anyways, enjoy this week’s Weekly Menu and have one fantabulously delicious week!

♥ Monday – Ultimate Mushroom Veggie Meatloaf
♥ Tuesday – Pressure Cooker Mexican Stuffed Peppers
♥ Wednesday – Delicious Pressure Cooker Beef Barbacoa Loaded wraps
♥ Thursday – One Pan Mexican Chicken & Rice Casserole
♥ Friday – Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Pizza
♥ Saturday – White Bean & Corn Veggie Burgers
♥ Sunday – Biscuit Crusted Summer Fiesta Chicken Tart
♥ Dessert of the week – Super Easy Cherry Pie Bars

3 Responses to “Weekly Menu”

  • SandyToes says:

    Hi Lori,

    Can’t wait to see your fountain pics. Nice score! And yes, you are evil. 😉

    Thanks for reposting your Biscuit-Crusted Fiesta Chicken Tart, I didn’t know you’d published it. When I added your Chicken Fiesta to my recipe app I saw that you mentioned a tart, but because I usually avoid Mexican casserole/pie things like the plague (they’re just too dry), I blocked it out of my mind. but now I’ve seen how moist your tart is and that makes it one that I’ve got to make.

    One question (and maybe I should post this on the page for that recipe, but too late), what happened to the green peppers in the filling? They’re in the Chicken Fiesta recipe, right? I sub jalapeño peppers, because that’s how we do it here. Is there a reason they’re not in the tart recipe?

  • Lynette Adams says:

    I tried the cherry licenses and we are really enjoying them! I was going to make a cherry pie following your recipe until I saw the pie bars. Lots easier to deal with than a pie and just as good! I so glad I found your site! It is giving me all kinds of ideas!

    • TKWAdmin says:

      Yeah!!! I’m so happy you found me! Welcome to the TKW Family! You’ll love these bars!

      Best Kitchen Wishes!

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