Hey TKW Family! I’m Lori Monte, The Kitchen Whisperer. I’m that girl that loves pigs and bacon, loves spinning and the gym, listens to hard core metal though will crank up Sinatra any day and refers to her husband simply as Mr. Fantabulous.  I’m painstakingly detailed (or anal as my friends would say) when I create a recipe (it’s the engineer in me) though when I type I write as if you’re sitting across from me and we’re just two old friends bs’ing the day away over good food. The fact that you’re reading this is an honor and something that I truly am grateful for.  It means out of the 900 bajillion things on the internet, the 875 bajillion food blogs out there, you chose to read mine.  You chose to be a part of the TKW Family.


I’m truly lucky as I have an amazing job that I love as an Engineer and the most fabulous husband ever (Mr. Fantabulous in my eyes) that encourages me to follow my dreams and passion for cooking and baking.

Growing up, we barely had much financially; big family on a small income.  Times were hard but we made do.  It was in those hard times that I learned the ins and outs of the kitchen.  To not fear it but rather embrace it.  There were no microwaves, instant this or just-add-water mixes.  My mother, father and grandmother taught me how to bake, cook and to think about what I’m making.  They taught me to respect the ingredients and about patience. They taught me that you shouldn’t always rely solely on taste but concentrate on the smells, the sounds and the sights.  They taught me to cook visually and to use all of my senses.

As I grew up I started to look at recipes and cooking from an analytical approach; from an engineering standpoint. It just makes sense to me when I’m in there whipping up a cake or making bread.  Just like doing a calculus problem, writing an application in C++ or building a network, me being in the kitchen just made sense.  It fit.

Now the nitty gritty stuff:

  1. Not every item I make/post either on here, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other venue will have an accompanying recipe.  Those recipes are coveted (either family recipes OR part of the TKW Signatures Line).  Those items are ones that I sell since I am a licensed business.  The money earned then is put towards my opening up a bistro. Simply put… if I gave you every single recipe, then why would you patronize my place if you can make it yourself?
  2. I ♥ pigs.  Yes I eat bacon but in my mind bacon is only made out of the ugly pigs – let it go.
  3. I’m a geek/nerd at heart and am easily content writing a software application, reading Calculus books for fun (yes on purpose) or having ‘geek speak’ at work.
  4. I WILL open up a bistro someday that offers Saturday morning intimate cooking classes.
  5. I WILL publish my own cookbook and have it in stores and online everywhere.
  6. I WILL always be straightforward with you and say it like it is.
  7. I WILL always treat you as I like to be treated: respectful, honest and genuine.
  8. I HATE the terminology of calling you guys my fans or my followers. I find that disrespectful and belittling to you all. You are family. Period.
  9. I hate, no, LOATHE anything that has to do with cherries or cherry flavoring.
  10. Clowns scare the living daylights out of me.  I have a HORRIFIC fear of them, masks and porcelain dolls (their damn eyes follow you no matter where you are in the room!).
  11. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Kitchen Porn.  I love gadgets, gizmos, spatulas, whisks, cutting boards, things that are practical and make my life easier in the kitchen!
  12. I love, love, LOVE meeting you guys in real life!
  13. I love my husband more than anything.  He is my splitapart. Mr. Fantabulous and the kitchen are where I find solace.

And most importantly:

Because of you all I’m a better person than the person I was yesterday but less than the person I will be tomorrow.

I Love you guys!  Welcome to the TKW Family!