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Super Bowl Super Recipes

With today being the Super Bowl I thought it was only right to round up some tailgate favorites to help cheer your team on to victory.  Or if you’re like me and your favorite team isn’t playing (Go Steelers!), you’re all about the commercials. I still cannot get over just how much 30 seconds of airtime costs just to advertise your product.  I mean it’s ridiculous!  I was reading an article the other day where this year’s Super Bowl ads will mark the priciest ever, with 30-second slots ranging from $4.4 million to $4.5 million. There is going to be Dove ad, which is set to appear during Super Bowl XLIX on Feb. 1, 2015, cost the company nearly $10 million for a full minute of ad space.  For soap!  $10 for SOAP!  Are you kidding me???

But when you have millions upon millions of eyes all glued in on a single ‘show’ I guess it’s worth it however if it were me I could so help Dove and the other companies spend their money better… like ah hem, investing in TKW for example <insert huge smile and batting of the baby blues here>  LOL

Football is just as much about the game as it is about eating!

Day 4 – Countdown to Christmas 2014 Chocolate Caramel Pizza Puffs

Take a minute and just gawk, drool (don’t forget to wipe your chin) and say ‘Wow!’ out loud at this latest pizza puff recipe. I’ve been holding out on you guys with this recipe.  I mean first… it’s CHOCOLATE PIZZA DOUGH!  Wait, what?  No it’s not a chocolate cookie pizza, it’s actually pizza dough that has cocoa, chocolate and all kinds of awesome stuff!  We’ve all had dessert pizzas which is simple pizza dough, a sweet “sauce” and then fruit toppings. Those are really good and I love them but this one, this came out of a pure need and desire for pizza and chocolate.. together.

Now I’m all for mashing up recipes and seeing what new thing I can create but I didn’t want melted chocolate spread on regular dough. No I wanted the dough to be chocolately.  I’ve been working on this recipe for seriously years.  Either it was too chocoately (yes there such a thing) or it didn’t have the right consistency.  Something was…off. This one honestly was a challenge for me. So like many of you I turned to Google to figure out what I was missing.  Don’t ask me how I found it but I came across a UK company that had a chocolate crusted pizza that was actual pizza dough.  I did some reading about it and them.  Eventually I found their recipe (everything is on the Internet) and saw that ours were pretty similar.  The whole chocolate pizza dough concept is pretty standard – flour, salt, yeast, sugar, cocoa and water.  Where ours differed is they used olive oil and I was using canola oil.  Since theirs looked awesome I swapped out my canola for olive oil and made the dough.  It looked good but…. but… I hated the taste.  The olive oil, to me, was a bad, bad idea.  So back to the drawing board… er flour board.

Chocolate Caramel Pizza Puffs

It wasn’t until I was making my Sicilian Crust pizza the one day did it dawn on me to try butter in my chocolate dough.  The butter made sense.  It lent to that soft, tender dough texture that I wanted.  Needless to say I got out the ingredients and made another batch.  Well the texture was spot-on but the flavor was just … I don’t know; it just wasn’t there.  So for at least a year I put this in the archives and kind of forgot about it.

Are you ready for the next trend in pizza???

Pulled Pork Pizza Puffs

Anyone that knows me knows that pizza is my all time favorite food. However for me, I like to go unconventional with it.  Sure don’t get me wrong a hand tossed pie with rich tomato sauce, tons of melty cheese and a boat load of toppings rock but I like to push the limits when it comes to it.  Ever since I first introduced you all to my Cheesy Ranch Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Pizza Puffs, you guys have been asking me for more variations of them. I gave you the Italian Meatball one and then came the Club Puff but you still wanted more!

Since cooking for me right now takes a lot out of me I’ve been really taking advantage of my crock pot (and Mr. Fantabulous) to do most of the cooking.  For the pulled pork I followed my Bacon BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe tweaking the sauce and spices just a tad as I wanted more of a smokey flavor.  The pizza dough is my standard pizza dough used in all of my puffs. And of course I added cheddar cheese to it as well.  I mean it is pizza – there should be some type of cheese, right?

Pulled Pork Pizza Puffs4

Since Mr. Fantabulous is in charge of grocery shopping let’s just say he’s doing an amazing job at buying milk, eggs and butter but when it comes to buying meat. Yeah… um no.  Actually in all the years we’ve been together I don’t think I’ve ever had him buy a single piece of meat.  It’s not that he can’t do it, it’s that well… I’m anal and certain cuts should have fat while others shouldn’t. Fortunately I have enough stuff in my freezer meat-wise that he wouldn’t have to buy meat for a few months.

Do you stock pile your freezer or is it just ice cube central?

Summer Cookout Dishes That Rock!

Ah yes SUMMER is FINALLY here!!!  What better way to kick off the season with some great recipes under your belt!

I can remember as a kid it seemed like every weekend we were having a cookout with our neighbors and friends. The food was simple – watermelon, burgers & dogs, potato & macaroni salad, baked beans, chips, beer and tons of desserts.  We’d always have horseshoes competitions going, tether ball for the kids and volleyball for the bigger kids and adults.  Sometimes we’d start up a softball game (we had 41 acres and also a full size football field) while the music was blaring (another advantage of living in the middle of no where). Mom would cook for days on end and either I’d be in the kitchen helping her or out in the yard doing my best to help cut grass – yes one year I took out scissors to help cut that grass as I was too little to ride the tractor or use the push mower but I was bound and determined to help.


Bbqs, bonfires and weekends outside! So love summer!

Club Pizza Puffs

So I’ve been on this Pizza Puff craze lately.  They are awesome and super simple to make!  Plus with it being football season, these are perfect for the food table!  They are great room temp or straight out of the oven and into my belly… er I mean your mouth *wink*.

Club Pizza Puffs4

I gave you the Buffalo Chicken Puffs which were a HUGE hit then I went with the Cheesy Meatball Puffs.  Now we’re going full on Club Puffs.  Delicate layers of dough filled with ham, turkey and ooey gooey cheese brushed in the most awesome mustard sauce.  It’s the PERFECT compliment to these little puffs of awesomeness!

Club Pizza Puffs1

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