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Pressure Cooker Sticky Hoisin Ginger Sesame Wings

It’s funny ever since I came up the BEST WAY TO MAKE CRISPY OVEN “FRIED” wings I’ve been in love with these suckers! I’ve shared with you countless wings recipes throughout the years.  Then when I bought my first pressure cooker (Emeril by T-fal CY4000 Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Electric Pressure Cooker) I became addicted to ’em. It’s funny because for decades you couldn’t pay me to eat a wing let alone chicken with bones in it.  Oh trust me it was awesome going out on wing night with my friends and Mr. Fantabulous only I was the one ordering something other than wings. OR better yet I’d order wings and use a fork to pick the meat off.  God forbid I hit something icky while taking off the meat – yeah I was done and often went hungry.  I know, I’m weird.

But slowly I started to appreciate them and realize that meat is often richer and have a more depth of flavor if it’s cooked with the bone. Or as Mr. Fantabulous would say I “suck it up buttercup and put on your big girl panties”! FYI I tried that same tactic with him when it came to telling him to kill the ginormous (when really it was maybe the size of a dime) spider.  Yeah I’m pretty sure that I didn’t step in and kill it he was pretty much going to set the house  on fire to kill it.

Sticky Ginger Sesame Wings4

Now if this recipe looks a tad familiar it is.  It’s kinda sorta like my Pressure Cookier Asian Sticky Ginger thighs but the ingredients vary slightly. And plus it’s wings. LOL Truth be told he’s odd when it comes to thighs. If we went to say KFC (which has happened maybe 3 times in the bajillion years we’ve been together) he’ll only ever get a breast and to boot he picks off the crispy part. I know, right!  Crazy!  HOWEVER any time I make thighs he inhales them saying how much he loves them.  Yet when I tell him they are thighs he just shakes his head telling me no that I’m mistaken.  LOL  Ah okay baby.

These wings will leave you licking your fingers and begging for more!

Super Bowl Super Recipes

With today being the Super Bowl I thought it was only right to round up some tailgate favorites to help cheer your team on to victory.  Or if you’re like me and your favorite team isn’t playing (Go Steelers!), you’re all about the commercials. I still cannot get over just how much 30 seconds of airtime costs just to advertise your product.  I mean it’s ridiculous!  I was reading an article the other day where this year’s Super Bowl ads will mark the priciest ever, with 30-second slots ranging from $4.4 million to $4.5 million. There is going to be Dove ad, which is set to appear during Super Bowl XLIX on Feb. 1, 2015, cost the company nearly $10 million for a full minute of ad space.  For soap!  $10 for SOAP!  Are you kidding me???

But when you have millions upon millions of eyes all glued in on a single ‘show’ I guess it’s worth it however if it were me I could so help Dove and the other companies spend their money better… like ah hem, investing in TKW for example <insert huge smile and batting of the baby blues here>  LOL

Football is just as much about the game as it is about eating!

Day 22 – Countdown to Christmas 2014 Garlic Butter Herbed Crispy Oven Fried Wings

By now you have had to realize that I’m totally in love with making wings now, right?  Coming from a girl that loathed the thought of eating chicken with bones in it, I’m so about these babies.  Now I still am funny when I eat them meaning as soon as I bite down and it’s not meat but bone I then take to the fork to rip it off.  It’s a texture thing and I have issues where I have to gnaw meat off of the bone.  I’m the same way with ribs.  Ribs should have the meat fall of the bone.  If they don’t then in my book they aren’t done right.  So call me weird, call me goofy but don’t call me late for dinner .

You’ll have to pardon my silliness tonight.  See I’m beat, like super unbelievably I don’t wanna wear pants/brush my hair/put on a bra/leave the house/just veg out tired.  Work is awesome and I’m not tired from that.  I’m beat from the new workouts we’ve been doing.  Last night was leg night and honestly it was absolute hell this morning trying to bend my legs to put on my socks.  I thought about kicking Mr. Fantabulous, waking him up and asking him to do it but that took effort and let’s face it.. if a bear is hibernating you don’t poke it with a stick!

Garlic Butter Herbed Wings4

I bet you I go through a good 10 pounds of wings every 3 weeks. They are a good source of protein and while wings in general aren’t the healthiest part of the chicken you can skinnify them.  How?  By baking them instead of deep frying them.  And if you remove the skin you’re reduce the calories to about ~30-40 calories per wing.  But again, you know me, everything in moderation.
I’m just wingin’ it this holiday season!

Wings out the Wazoo

With Steelers preseason football starting this weekend I figure it’s time to start off with some football foods.  Okay fine, yes I know there are other teams playing BUT I’m from Pittsburgh and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Black & Gold.  It’s in my blood.  You can root for whomever you want, as long as they play for the Steelers *wink*. Just kidding… kinda.  haha

Now for us, wings have always been a staple food during football games. Whether we are tailgating or at house party for the game there inevitably are wings. Now me being me and an UBER food snob, I do not do fast food wings places.  You will never see me bringing in a bucket of wings.. unless it’s a bucket of wings I make.


Putting wings in your wazoo!

Pressure Cooker Wings with Bourbon Honey BBQ Sauce

What more can I say to you about how unbelievably AWESOME my Pressure Cooker is???  Seriously this is re-revolutionary here.  You saw my immediate love of it when I made my to-die-for Pork Ragu. Wait until you see what other recipes I have planned for the website!

Now as you know by now we love wings here.  I never used to like them as I have always had issues with chicken with bones in them but those crispy baked oven fried wings blew me away (and millions others actually!).  Now I’m not going to say these wings replace those.  I’m saying these wings are equally as AWESOME but in a bajillionth of the time it takes to make those.  No longer do you have to let them set in the fridge for at least 8 hours or bake them for 20-30 minutes.  Yes you can still as they rock but for those nights when you are really short on time, these wing are cluckin’ unbelievable!

Pressure Cooker Wings with Bourbon Honey Sauce1

Yes, I said Cluckin’ Unbelievable!  I made these literally 4 nights in a row for Mr. Fantabulous as he went nuts over these (and you will too!). They are super juicy, the sauce is AMAZING and with a little help from the broiler they crisp up like nobody’s business! Like seriously this was a single pot dish with one pan for the oven.  Even the bbq sauce is made in the pressure cooker!

Have you bought your pressure cooker yet? What are you waiting for???

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