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Classic Monte Cristo

You’ve not had an amazing grilled cheese sandwich until you’ve made this Monte Cristo!  Layers of salty ham, luscious gruyere cheese, tangy dijon mustard and sweet raspberry preserves dipped in this French toast mixture and then grilled to perfection!

I have a confession…

*hangs her head*

I’ve been holding out on you.  <deep sigh>  This recipe I made about a year ago *ducks to miss the shoe that someone just threw at me*. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. For the past year I kept saying to myself “You have to post that sandwich. You need to get your butt in gear and post this. People will flip over it!” But I didn’t listen. Honestly there is no real reason why held out on sharing this.  Monte Cristo sandwiches aren’t a new thing but for some reason I posted everything but this. Like we’re talking recipes I literally just created, took the photos the same day and posted the recipe the next day.

I suck, I know.. but you still love me… right???

And I guess while I’m treating this like church, I might as well confess one more thing.  Mr. Fantabulous does not like this but he does not hate it either.  What that means is he refused to try it; not even a single bite. He said and I’m quoting here “That is NOT French Toast, that is NOT Grilled Cheese.  That is a Frankenstein concoction that I will not be a part of.”  Frankenstein?  I didn’t exactly create a monster here dude.  LOL big baby!
I’m telling you, make this once and you’ll be making this a thousand more times because you’ll fall in love with it!

Cheesecake Berry Filled French Toast Roll Ups

So I’m one of those ‘weirdos’ that really doesn’t care for pancakes, french toast or waffles. Well let me rephrase that.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first 2 bites of each of them but anything more than that feels like a brick is in my stomach. Even with my pancakes and waffles being super light and airy, it still just kills my stomach.  Growing up, same thing.  Every Saturday and Sunday Mom would make huge stacks of pancakes and French toast along with dippy eggs and a few pounds of bacon (I came from a big family who could eat!).  I’d see those glorious items stacked on my brothers plates with butter melting down the sides and pure maple syrup slowly being poured over top.  I’d put one on my plate and by bite 3 I couldn’t eat anything, not even the bacon.  Talk about a tragedy!

Cheesecake Fruit Filled French Toast Roll Ups

For years when I moved out on my own I never made those things.  Well along came Mr. Fantabulous into my life and unreal ability to inhale massive amounts of food and not gain a single ounce <hate him>. Now like any one you want to date, you do everything you can to impress them. The thing is, I didn’t have to ‘try’ with him. It just came natural. Him being in my life and just being there was right; it was meant to be.

Why yes, yes you can have cheesecake for breakfast!

French Toast with Whipped Lemon Ricotta and Strawberries

Last Sunday I felt like French Toast for breakfast.  Now for me to ‘feel this’ is a big deal as I’m not too big on foods like this.  They just seem too heavy for my tummy even though those first 2 bites are to die for. Now I’ve shared with you several types of French Toast recipes from Stuffed French Toast to Savory French Toast Roll ups. This time I wanted something light and different.  I wasn’t feeling the whole maple syrup thing.  Now a few days prior I had made this amazing whipped lemon ricotta spread that honestly I debated on sharing because I fell that madly in love with it.  Yes, I will confess – I was going to deny you.  But you just don’t understand how incredible this spread is.  Well okay you will understand because I’m sharing it and you’re gonna want to try it, you’re gonna fall in love with it and you’re gonna love me forever.  LOL


Like honestly I thought about doing a post just on the Whipped Lemon Ricotta but instead I opted to go with how you can use this so stay tuned for more recipes featuring this amazing stuff!  Anyway, back to last Sunday.  While Prince Charming was in snoozeville I decided to make myself a proper breakfast instead of what I usually have – his leftovers from breakfast which consist of a few bites of toast (plain, no butter, no nuffin – gag), bite or two off egg and MAYBE a piece of bacon though that rarely happens. However I will make myself bacon. I mean come on, we’re talking bacon here.  I need bacon like I need oxygen.  I think I’d die without it!

Breakfast just got a whole lot more grown up!

Savory Ricotta Mushroom Prosciutto French Toast Roll Ups

This recipe I have really thank my one girlfriend I work with for the inspiration she gave me in creating this.  See she hates breakfast foods.  I mean ALL breakfast foods.  We’re talking no cereal, no eggs, no pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt… nada.  It’s nothing for it to be 6:30am and her in the kitchenette heating up stuffed peppers, leftover salmon, stew or something I deem ‘dinner stuff’. Now to me this perplexed me and kind of put me on a mission.  I HAD to find something breakfasty she would like.  To me this was odd as well people are supposed to love breakfast stuff.  I mean that’s the good stuff.  Dinners are the things most kids turn their nose up unless it’s chicken tenders or mac ‘n cheese, right?  However I was sooooooooo mistaken here.  I took it to Facebook and asked if I was the only one that thought it was odd that someone didn’t like breakfast type foods. I could not get over how many of you guys really don’t like breakfast foods. That spaghetti at 7am is perfectly acceptable. Pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy at 6am is a ‘norm’ in your house.  Huh… learn something new every day!

Sunday morning Mr. Fantabulous asked for French Toast for breakfast. You all know by now I’m cool with 1, maybe 2 bites of stuff like this then I’m done.  It’s good but just, I don’t know.. too much I guess.  So while I was making his I got to thinking of my friend at work and how would I make French Toast in a way that was a breakfast food but not your typical breakfast food.  Since she liked “dinner” food for breakfast I figured my best bet was to go savory.

Savory Ricotta Mushroom Pancetta stuffed French Toast

Mission Accomplished I’d say!

Cornflake Crusted French Toast Sticks

So I had a bunch of left over brioche bread here that I needed to use up.  Now I already made Mr. Fantabulous his French Toast but I hadn’t eaten yet.  It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of these types of breakfast foods (waffles, pancakes, etc). I mean I like the stuff but only like 1-2 bites then it gets to be too much for me.

Since I was looking to use up the bread and didn’t want a big serving for me, I opted to make french toast sticks.  Now I made 1 slice (3 sticks) just the normal way – dip in the mixture and then cook on the griddle.  When they were done they looked gorgeous but I just wasn’t feeling it…. plus Mr. Fantabulous spied them and well yeah… they disappeared.  LOL

I remembered a few years ago I was out and I saw someone ordered a ‘crusted’ french toast.  Now that intrigued me.  Crispy/Crunchy on the outside and soft and eggy on the inside.  This may work…

Cornflake Crusted French Toast Sticks1


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