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Protein Packed Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes with Chocolate Cream Syrup

Yeah I know, that title is a mouthful, huh but then again so are these killer pancakes!  What I love most about these is that they include chocolate and taste like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie but the best part.. they are HEALTHY!  Using SI03‘s AMAZING Syntrax Protein Powders has been awesome for me.  I’ve personally seen results from including these delicious protein powders in my diet.  They taste incredible!  I mean the Strawberry Mousse tastes so creamy and dreamy – just like strawberry mousse!  The Chocolate Truffle is so decadent… god I love that stuff!

What’s great about this recipe is it’s sweet enough to feel like you’re being sinful but there’s no guilt!  Plus, if you use gluten free oats the dish is completely Gluten Free!  I mean total bonus!

Protein Packed Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes with Chocolate Cream Syrup

Just look how incredibly fluffy they are!  So thick and packed with chocolate.  Just waiting for you…

Yeah, you see that Chocolate Cream Syrup?  Yeah I went there and it’s ridiculously delicious!

Protein Packed Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes with Chocolate Cream Syrup1

Yeah, eating healthy never looked so sinful

Coconut Oat Blueberry Pancakes

You all know I have a love/not-love-so-much relationship with pancakes.  See I truly do love them but only the first 1-2 bites.  After that I’m done and sick of them.  I make some of the lightest, fluffiest pancakes around and they do taste awesome but I just… I don’t know, am not into eating them past a couple of bites.  I know, I’m weird like that.  If you ask my one girlfriend, my black hearted little sister as I call her, it’s just unfathomable!  But Mr. Fantabulous loves them so I make them often.

One morning after I made his stack of buttermilk blueberry pancakes I decided to give it a shot and make my own style of pancakes; something different. Since I’m such a HUGE oats fan, I wanted to find a way to incorporate oats into my pancakes.  And since for me I think the flavor combination of blueberries, lemon and coconut are insane I had to go that route.  Now I know some of you hate coconut.. fine, leave it out but you’re weird.  I bet you even like bleu cheese too huh?  Weirdo!  LOL ♥

Coconut Oat Blueberry Pancakes

Seriously, aren’t they GORGEOUS?? Like they are too pretty to eat! Well almost…

Want a bite?

Caramel Apple German Pancake

So I’ve been on this pancake kick lately.  See I’m not a fan of pancakes, waffles or french toast.  Crepes either for that matter. I mean I’ll eat them but I would never order them from a menu.  To me there are just there. Well my goal is to try different varieties of these babies to find one that I actually love. It’s not that I dislike them because the first 2-3 bites they are awesome but they tend to just sit like a brick in my stomach. Yes, even the lightest of these things feel that way for me.  *shrugs*  I’m weird like that I guess.

Well I was cleaning out my fridge and found some lonely gala apples stuffed way in the back on a shelf.  Now these babies were just about to turn and I couldn’t bear throwing them away.  I’m not one to waste food.  I wasn’t raised that way so I had to find some way to use them up.  Since it was breakfast time I immediately went to pancakes.  Yeah I could have gone with apple pancakes but that’s just pancakes with chunks of apples in them.  Well as I stood there a conversation came to me that I just had with my sister in law at our niece’s graduation party the other day.  She was telling me how her Dad used to make these German pancakes with apples and cinnamon when she was little.  She described how they were fried apples then the batter was poured around the cooked apples then baked.  She explained that they had almost a cake-like texture as they were lighter than regular pancakes.

Caramel Apple German Pancake2

Skip the Apple Pie and make this!

Pancake Pops – We’re talking Breakfast Suckers

So like most weekends Mr. Fantabulous wants some type of pancake, crepe, french toast or waffles for breakfast.  This past weekend was no exception.  He wanted blueberry pancakes.  After I made him his stack (and another stack for him to have as a snack later on) I got to thinking about those Breakfast Pancake Dippers I made.  Those are awesome and totally portable but could I make them another way.  So you wouldn’t have say get your fingers dirty while you were on the go.  That’s when it hit me… On A Stick! as she says in her Peanut and Jose Jalapeno voice.  If you’ve never heard of them, search for Jeff Dunham Peanut and Jose Jalepeno on a stick routine.  It’s hysterical!

Now since I already did bacon in a pancake I didn’t want to go with another bacon recipe (even though God knows one can never have enough bacon). Plus you would only get a scant amount in each Pancake Pop (or Breakfast Suckers as I like to call ’em).  And bacon in a scant amount is just heartless and cruel.  No we needed to go hard core; we needed to go full on fat breakfast sausage here!


Seriously LOOK how friggen adorable those things are!!!  I mean seriously, I *almost* didn’t want to eat them… almost!

Yeah I know, “but TKW you’re not a pancake Read the rest of this entry »

Breakfast Pancake Bacon Dippers

Last weekend Mr. Fantabulous spied *my* gorgeous blueberries I was kinda-sorta-hiding in the fridge in the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back of the fridge that I didn’t think he knew existed. See I had plans for them that involved my refrigerator overnight oatmeal with bananas. So much for that though. Once he spied these things he proclaimed that for breakfast he ‘required’ blueberry pancakes. LOL Being the loving wife that I am, I made his majesty his pancakes but somewhere along the way I ended up with extra batter. Now I’m not a fan of pancakes, waffles, french toast or even crepes. I can handle one or two bites but for me that type of food is just ‘heavy’ regardless of how light and airy they are in texture. I’m weird like that.

While my hubby had his fill of my infamous blueberry pancakes, I decided to bake some bacon either to have for breakfast, to put in a cookie or to just have at some point in the day. Now I know bacon is so far from being healthy for you but I love that stuff. So my compromise, along with running a bajillion miles and doing 60 minutes of weight training daily, is I cut the bacon strips in half. This way I don’t feel as guilty eating the bacon. I mean 2 separate pieces are really only 1 ‘normal’ size. Yeah I know, it’s all mind games but hey it works. When the bacon came out of the oven I was just getting ready to stuff a piece in my mouth when I spied that extra batter. Now growing up we were taught to waste nothing. Spatulas were made for a reason folks.. to scrape out the remnants of your bowl and to be used. Nothing drives me crazier than watching those cooks on tv leaving a buttload of stuff in a bowl and just blowing it off like nothing. Yeah I know you’re on tv BUT still, most people that watch you can’t afford to let stuff go to waste.

But I digress…

Since I wanted bacon and didn’t want to waste the batter I figured I’d put them together in some fashion. Now I’ve made my Cheddar Ale Mancakes that feature bacon but I didn’t want and actual pancake. What evolved was pure magic… even for someone that really doesn’t care for these types of breakfast foods.

Breakfast Pancake Dippers3

Read the rest of this entry »

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