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Butterscotch Sweet Potato Raisin Muffins

These Butterscotch Sweet Potato Raisin Muffins should be called Dessert Breakfast Muffins as they are perfect for breakfast but also perfect for dessert.  They are seriously delicious, ridiculously moist and one of the best muffins you’ll ever eat!

So I have this girlfriend that I mean a hundred years ago that was so teeny in stature but had the most insane sweet tooth.  She introduced me to many things when it came to food and eating.  Her daily foods were broken up as such: Breakfast, Breakfast Dessert, Lunch Junior, Lunch, Mid-Day snack, Dinner Junior, Dinner and dessert.  And through out the day were rogue pieces of candies.  And she was teeny and kinda sorta exercised but she didn’t have to as she had the most insane metabolism.  Now I mention her as while I was coming up with this recipe I wasn’t sure how the taste would be – would it be savory, sweet – could it be muffin enough?

I mean let’s look at the ingredients – roasted sweet potatoes.  Up to a few years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead eating one of these things.  They were just ‘weird’. They weren’t the type of taters I grew up on however Mr. Fantabulous loves them so I had to buy them. When I finally gave in and tried one it was like love at first bite!  Now I’m obsessed with them and easily go through a 5lb bag a week. Next in this recipe we have raisins because I wanted to go with some texture and color other than well, burnt orange.  You could omit it and go with chocolate if you wanted or even dried cherries. We then add in the basic staples – flour, brown sugar, leavening, salt, eggs.  When I mixed it all together it was good but was just missing something. So the batter sat on the counter for a few while I opened up the fridge to grab a soda.  As I was closing the door I spied a jar of opened butterscotch topping.  I closed the door, stopped, re-opened it and pulled it out. “Hmmmm… would it work?” So like any good cook I took some batter on a spoon, poured on some butterscotch and tasted it.  OH YEAH… it works!  So into the bowl went the butterscotch.

If you recall, a few years ago I shared with you the Bakery Secret to getting Sky-High muffins like you see here. By baking them this way you’ll get sky high muffins every time.  *disclaimer: this is assuming your leavening agents aren’t outdated or you overmixed the batter and caused the gluten to activate in your flour.
Say Hello to Breakfast Dessert!

Sweet Potato Maple Cheesecake Bundt Cake

Forget pumpkin everything season, maple sweet potato is the new flavor! This Sweet Potato Maple Cheesecake Bundt Cake is unbelievably moist and gloriously delicious!  WOW your guests with this soon-to-be iconic cake!

With the Fall in full swing right now and Thanksgiving next week I wanted to create a cake that not only was delicious but also representative of the season.  Now I know, I know, we all think once Fall hits it has to be every single thing under the sun flavored as pumpkin/pumpkin spice.  Yeah I get it, it’s delicious but it’s so 5 years ago.  It needs put to rest and a new flavor to become champion.  Enter the Sweet Potato.  Yes, sweet potato.  Coming from a girl who, only 3 years ago, hated these things, my eyes have been opened. I have fallen totally head over heals in love with sweet potatoes.  I would make them all the time for Mr. Fantabulous but for me, nope; I was a simple russet potato.  Or if I was feeling randy I’d go for the red or yukon. But a sweet potato just seemed… wrong.  Potatoes are meant to well, not taste like anything – that’s kinda the whole purpose of adding butter, sour cream, milk, bacon, salt, pepper or even chili.  But the thought of putting cinnamon and brown sugar on a potato seemed…I don’t know…wrong.  Yeah, I’m an idiot, I know that now.

It wasn’t until I decided to roast one, top it with honey and roasted grapes did I realize just how amazing they were.  AND OMG don’t even get me started on how incredible they are in baked goods.  Er um wait, that’s kinda the whole point of this recipe, huh?  LOL  Love you As you know I’ve been fortunate now to be a part of the Nordic Ware® family for about 2 years now – reviewing their PHENOMENAL bake and cookware plus creating mouth watering recipes.


Today I’m featuring their Fall Harvest Leaves Bundt Pan. It’s absolutely stunning made with the same stellar quality we’ve all come to love  and expect from Nordic ware.

Move over pumpkin, there’s a new Flavor Hero in town!

Grandma’s Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Pound Cake

This post is being sponsored by Nordic Ware featuring their absolutely perfect Classic Pound Cake and Angel Food Pan.

So for the past few years I’ve been truly fortunate to create recipes for Nordic Ware.  It is such an honor and a blessing but there’s more to it than just that.  You see Nordic Ware is a brand both my grandmother and mother had in their kitchens.  It’s all they used; it’s the ONLY brand they trusted with their cakes. Even before I thought about becoming an engineer (because if I had my way, back then I was going to grow up and marry Scott Baio – um, hello Chachi!) I knew their pans were elite.  Now it goes unsaid that to have a successful cake you need a great recipe, a cook that can follow directions and a stove that has accurate temperatures. However what’s the most important aspect of any great cake is the pan you bake it in.

Having an amazing pan to start with sets the precedence for a better cake outcome.  Think about it.  If you were to build a house, you want the foundation to be the best it can be; solid, reliable, dependable.  Well with Nordic Ware, that’s what you get.  You get the very best there is! I mean Nordic Ware has been in business 70 years as family owned and operated Kitchenware Company.  70 years!  They are definitely doing something right!

Grandma's Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Pound Cake3

Now I’ve shared several different recipes surrounding their pans throughout the past few years however this one, this one has so much sentimental meaning to me. You see this recipe was my grandmothers.  It’s been in my family for generations though I can guarantee I’m probably the only one that remembered the recipe as I’m sure if your grandma was like mine, nothing was written down.  And if it was it was a pinch of this, some of that and bake til done.  LOL
Whenever I am missing my grandma all I need to make this cake of hers and remember all the times we’d make it together

Strawberry Compote with Grilled Angel Food Cake Cubes

This post is being sponsored by Daisey Fresh featuring their incredible 100% Natural & Organic fridge filters.  All opinions of these ABSOLUTELY AMAZING filters are mine. When Dan from Daisey Fresh reached out to me to discuss a bit more about these filters I was immediately intrigued. You guys know me; I pretty particular about the products I use. I’m not about anything unnatural or full of chemicals. So knowing that they’ve created a 100% Natural & Organic filter that I can put in my fridge that will extend the lifespan of my fruits and vegetables definitely caught my attention. I mean who doesn’t love fresh crisp veggies or juicy, sweet fruits?!  AND to know that they are natural to boot!  Seriously it was a match made in heaven…or at least my fridge!  *wink*

I mean knowing I can buy fresh strawberries at the farmer’s market on Saturday and still have them be just as fresh and delicious a week later is awesome!  That means I can make this amazing Fresh Strawberry Compote with Grilled Angel Food Cake Cubes a whole week later and still have the berries taste just as fresh as day one!  BONUS! Just look at those luscious berries and compote.  Super juicy, super delicious and most importantly, still super fresh!
TKW Strawberry Compote GAFC3

We’ve all been there – we buy fresh fruits and veggies at the market and within a couple of days they start to turn; either in the fridge or on the counter.  You rush to try and turn them into something edible though often you find you end up having to just throw them out.  And unless you have Oprah money, it’s not cool.  You, just like I do, work hard for your money.  Well thanks to these folks at Daisey Fresh and these revolutionary filters, you can keep those fruits and veggies fresher longer, up to 2-3 times longer!
Your fridge NEEDS these AMAZING filters! Save your fruits and veggies!

Dulce de Leche Chocoflan

This post is being sponsored by Nordic Ware featuring their absolutely 70th Anniverary Crown Bundt. All opinions of this ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL pan are mine. So several weeks ago I arrived home to a box on my front porch. Now 99% of time the time it’s something that Mr. Fantabulous ordered for his company. However this time it was to me.  Now the box was marked with the Nordic Ware logo which meant awesomeness was inside the box however Mr. Fantabulous was starving and lord knows that man needs sustenance or else he may wither away.  Yeah, he’s that spoiled.  LOL So the box had to set off to the side until dinner was done.

FINALLY it was time to open the box and folks let me tell you what, when I saw that glimmer of gold shine through I got the biggest smile on my face ever. You don’t understand how excited I was to receive this pan.  Now we all know that I have a huge love for Nordic Ware. It’s a brand that has been around for 70 years (they are actually celebrating their 70th Anniversary now!), it’s one that not only I trust but one that my mom and grandmother trusted. Even though I’ve only been one of their brand ambassadors for a little over a year now, they’ve been a part of my life for generations so to me they are family. And what better way to celebrate family and an anniversary than with a cake!

Dulce de Leche Chocoflan5

However given the true beauty of this pan, not just any cake would do.  Oh no, no, no.  For a pan to be named “Crown Bundt” it needed a cake that is as royal and befitting as the title so that being said I give you the Dulce de Leche Chocoflan.
3 layers of deliciousness – Dulce de Leche, rich chocolate cake and white chocolate flan. Grab a fork!

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