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Skinny Chicken Burrito Bowl

Remember me showing you how to make the most amazing Perfectly Poached Chicken breasts in a pressure cooker in 10 minutes? Crazy good, right?  Well one thing about love making chicken that was is how one simple recipe can turn into incredible ‘new’ dishes!

Chicken Burrito Bowl8

Like this recipe… my skinny chicken burrito bowl.  Unless you live in the sticks or never leave the house pretty much every town has a Chipotle place to eat. Heck we even have one nearby and I live in countrybumpkinville.  The first time I was there I got their burrito bowl.  It was good but I was surprised by how many people got it when honestly it’s one super simple thing to make yourself at a fraction of the cost.  So I was set out to come up with not a copycat recipe but one that is TKW worthy cause after all I am a food snob.  LOL

Chicken Burrito Bowl1

My recipe is pretty basic and what’s awesome about it, you can add in whatever you want.  Don’t limit it to what’s in the recipe but rather expand it and add other things to it.  Try grilled asparagus pieces, chopped fresh peppers.  Maybe some jicama or crunchy tortilla strips.  Well okay maybe not the last one as this is a healthy recipe.  However you know me and I firmly believe in everything in moderation.  Truth be told when I make this I do have a side of chips with it as I love to scoop it up with that and eat it.  I like that textural balance of crunchy to the meatiness of the dish.

One batch of cooked chicken can give you days worth of meat for this recipe!

Squash the Noodles Lasagna

This dish was honestly one of the easier recipes for me to come up with. I’ve made regular lasagna – heck, that’s part of my vows to Mr. Fantabulous. “To honor, love, cherish, know how to make killer lasagna…in sickness and health..”  No, seriously! *wink*.  As I was saying I make regular lasagna, lasagna roll ups but then I also make zucchini lasagna for those nights when pasta just isn’t something I want. Heck I’ve even made unstuffed cabbage lasagna for those days when I have zero desire to roll 9,000 stuffed cabbages! Well this night I had a medium sized zucchini on hand and a good sized spaghetti squash.  I had cooked my spaghetti squash like I normally do – TYVM microwave.  I shredded it and there it sat in the fridge for 2 days. I actually forgot about it.

Well I was making stuffed shells that night and realized I had too much ricotta filling.  So honestly this recipe came out of excess of an ingredient.  Since I had extra but not quite enough I whipped up a little more filling and opted to go with this lasagna. This seriously was so easy to make I’m almost embarrassed to share it.  Like seriously if you can slice, mix, layer (not even well mind you) and bake you can make this.  Heck even Mr. Fantabulous could make this… well, that is if he liked stuff like this.  He’s still a traditionalist when it comes to his lasagna.  It’s the Italian in him.  Plus while he’ll eat zucchini he’s not a huge fan of it. It’s more like if I make it and put it on his plate he’ll eat it while complaining he really doesn’t like it.  LOL

Squash the noodles lasagna3

So the name, pretty ingenious, right?

Let’s get squashed!

World’s Best Salad Ever

World’s Best Salad Ever” is a pretty bold statement.  I better be able to back that up huh?  Well I’m not scared, I got this (plus if I don’t I have Mr. Fantabulous to be the ‘muscle’ here). LOL  Seriously this salad hands down is my all time FAVORITE salad ever in all of salad history. It has your meats, your cheese, your veggies, your bacon (like I’d have a salad titled “world’s best salad ever” and not have bacon in it.. puhlease!) and the most awesomest dressing ever!  No seriously… EVER.

World's Best Salad Ever

Want some?  I”ll share!

Go grab a fork, I’ll wait!

Italian Style Zucchini Ribbon Noodle Pasta

One thing that is awesome about living in Pittsburgh (other than the city just rocks) are the farmer’s markets we have.  I am such a huge supporter of locally grown produce from folks that are just like you and I.  Farmers are such an important part of our lives yet people often take them for granted.  They get up before the butt crack of dawn (yes it’s an official time) and often don’t rest until late at night when most of us are fast asleep in our jammies.  It’s a thankless job yet they do it day after day. It’s honorable and real.

Italian Style Zucchini Ribbon Noodle Pasta
So the other day I was at our local market that sells locally grown produce.  Seriously it’s some of the prettiest stuff. The tomatoes were bright red and firm to the touch.  The peppers were crisp in a myriad of colors.  Then I spied the zucchini section.  Now it’s funny as a child I would have given you my Barbie collection just to get out of eat zucchini, onions, tomatoes or pretty much any veggie that wasn’t corn or taters.  If my dear mother were here today to see my cook (on purpose) with onions, tomatoes, zucchini and other non corn/tater veggies she would think I plain lost my mind.   Lori Ann doesn’t do vegetables.  But as you grow up your taste buds mature and change.  Now granted there are some foods that I would prefer to send to the pits of hell (like cherries as they are the grossest things EVER) than eat them. But as I grew older I grew to really respect the ingredients and understand how their flavors work in recipes.  It made sense to have onions or tomatoes.  And eventually I began to fall in love with caramelized onions and mushrooms.  Now I won’t eat a raw onion and I will gag til there is no tomorrow if you force me to eat a raw tomato but when cooked something magical happens to them.

Mmmm you’re gonna love this!

Chicken Roulade Stuffed with Mushroom Wilted Arugula and Shallots

So I have to tell you folks, coming up with different ways to cook foods and present them in a new way is actually pretty difficult.  I mean there are 987,342,234 and 1 recipes out there on how to cook chicken.  I do my very best to not cook it the same way that often here (as chicken is a household favs of ours) but often when time isn’t on our side we fall back on our “old reliable recipes” that are tried and true.  There’s nothing wrong with that but you know me, I need to do different.  I like a variety and with running TKW I love to experiment and share it with you – flops and all.  I mean we all need to learn from our mistakes so if I can share a “Hey don’t do this because you’ll set the smoke alarm off… again” I’m going to do it.


Oh yeah, you know you want her!

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