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Summer Cookout Dishes That Rock!

Ah yes SUMMER is FINALLY here!!!  What better way to kick off the season with some great recipes under your belt!

I can remember as a kid it seemed like every weekend we were having a cookout with our neighbors and friends. The food was simple – watermelon, burgers & dogs, potato & macaroni salad, baked beans, chips, beer and tons of desserts.  We’d always have horseshoes competitions going, tether ball for the kids and volleyball for the bigger kids and adults.  Sometimes we’d start up a softball game (we had 41 acres and also a full size football field) while the music was blaring (another advantage of living in the middle of no where). Mom would cook for days on end and either I’d be in the kitchen helping her or out in the yard doing my best to help cut grass – yes one year I took out scissors to help cut that grass as I was too little to ride the tractor or use the push mower but I was bound and determined to help.


Bbqs, bonfires and weekends outside! So love summer!

Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings

With this week being National Sriracha week it was only befitting that I share this baby with you.  This honestly is my FAVORITE wing recipe ever.  I absolutely love Sriracha sauce which is funny as I’m a wuss when it comes to really spicy stuff.  Heck there are times when even ketchup is too hot for me. Yep, told you I was a wuss *wink* but there is just something magical about Sriracha.  To me it is the new ketchup!  Don’t get me wrong though.  Being from the ‘Burgh Heinz Ketchup still rocks my world but Sriracha and I have a very special bond that no other condiment and I have.  Twisted I know, right!

Sriracha Honey Buttered Crispy Baked Wings4

But as you have seen, Sriracha has been used pretty heavily in my recipes ranging from my Tropical Sriracha Aioli to my Sriracha Black Bean Sliders with Spicy Avocado Creme Sauce. Let’s not forget about my Thai Peanut Shrimp Summer Rolls that have a hefty dose of Sriracha in the sauce or my Thai Noodles with Chicken in a Spicy Peanut Sauce. But the Ultimate.. the ULTIMATE Sriracha recipe that put me on the map is my Sriracha Spiced Bacon – Man Candy II that has literally gone global. It’s been featured on countless websites as well as being given mad props by Nadia G of Bitchin’ Kitchin on The Cooking Channel!

You are going to go WING CRAZY over these!!!

Baked Almond Pineapple Chicken

When it comes to chicken I’ve noticed people fall into a rut with it. Typically they have 2, maybe 3, awesome chicken recipes up their sleeves and they tend to rotate between those.  Now even I, with the bajillion ways I can make chicken, fall into that rut.  Well I was bound and determined to make something new; something outside of the box.  Plus truth be told, I had 12 cans of Pineapple chunks in my pantry that I was sick of seeing (Mr. Fantabulous LOVES canned pineapple – plus real as well but it’s not in season here).

So full disclosure this recipe evolved out of a need – a need to make more space in my pantry AND a need to make something different and new with chicken. Now when it comes to boneless chicken I only ever buy chicken breasts as I’m a white meat girl but my butcher had absolutely GORGEOUS boneless thighs.  Now I try not to eat dark meat as it’s less healthy than the white meat as it has a higher fat percentage but the flavor is so much richer. Chicken breasts have about 5 grams of fat while thighs have about 15 grams with about ~60 calories less for the breasts.    The first time I made this I made with the boneless breasts and the 2nd time I made with the thighs.  They both are amazing but do have a slight variance in flavor.

Baked Pineapple Almond Chicken1

Let’s do the Funky Chicken!

Thai Peanut Shrimp Summer Rolls

You know how sometimes you’ll go through a phase where whatever it is, that’s all you want?  Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be food related either. Maybe you only want to wear pink or that you are only into 80’s metal right now.  Perhaps you’re so into a certain author that you scoff at the thought of looking at a book by someone else. Me, I go in food phases.  Right now I’m in this Thai Peanut Sauce type phase.  I love it in pasta, as a dip, with chicken, rice, all veggies. I just love it. So needless to say I had a hankering for some summer rolls. Now these rolls are known by various names: Vietnamese rolls, spring rolls, egg rolls, summer rolls and names that I can’t pronounce. For me the biggest different between these rolls and spring rolls is that these are cold where to me, spring rolls are the ones you get deep fried (or baked).  Maybe I’m wrong (which is probably the case) but this is what I’m going with *wink*

Thai Peanut Shrimp Summer Rolls

Let’s roll baby!

Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings

Ever since I shared with you how to make the most amazing Crispy Baked Oven Fried wings in both regular and Sticky Honey BBQ, both recipes have gone VIRAL.  I mean we’re talking from Pittsburgh to Japan, Antarctica to Australia!  So for that, Thank You! Honestly it’s overwhelming and still surprises me to this day that my name is known globally.  It’s rendered me speechless at times (Mr. Fantabulous thanks you for that by the way) and has truly kept me humbled and grounded.  And knowing that even just 1 other person on this planet made my recipe is more than I can ask for.  However to know that millions have and love it is just surreal. I truly am blessed that you all allow me to share my dream and passion with you.

Now… let’s talk food. Here in the states we’re getting ready for the Super Bowl.  Now even though the Steelers aren’t in it this year (still love ya Black ‘n Gold!) I’ll still watch it and get into it.  But as I’ve gotten older, football get togethers isn’t just about football, it’s about food. I mean seriously, it’s a requirement that if you’re hosting the game at your house that you have a killer spread of food that goes beyond chips and salsa.  Yes those should be there but with the foodie rage out there, great food is a must!  If you’re hosting this year, this is a MUST HAVE dish!  I’m telling you, these wings are the bomb!  Honestly, I think out of all my crispy baked oven friend wings, this is one of my favorites! Seriously anything with peanut sauce ROCKS!

Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce Crispy Baked Wings

Normally I make about 2 dozen of wings a week leaving them nekkid (without sauces) this way we can sauce them however we want.  He loves the honey bbq or burn a hole in your gut hot whereas I like the honey bbq, ranch, butter garlic and now these.

Drooling yet?

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