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2 Seriously Delicious Game Time Recipes

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Growing up in Pittsburgh there were a few things that you were born into.  You were born with the notion that all salads come with fries on them.  You were born into a language of it’s own – Pittsburghese.  And you were born into Pittsburgh Football nation. You were a die-hard black ‘n gold football fan.  And lastly, you were born into serving killer food during those football games. Being that house that hosted the games was a right of passage. Some folks waited decades to become the house where we gathered.  Some just impressed right out of the gate and they took over the hosting.


Up until we started the remodel on the house, mine was that house that hosted the games.  I’d put out a spread that would rival any Vegas buffet. Now to know me you know I never do simple.  While I love simple chips and Pace® Salsas, I need to take them to another level. That’s why I’m super stoked share with you 2 seriously delicious game time recipes featuring Pace® salsa and picante sauces.  We’re making game time saucy!  Today I’m sharing with you 2, yes TWO, recipes. One is for my Creamy Chicken & Salsa Pinwheels and the other is for my famous Double Bean Cheeeeesy Bean Dip.
Today I’m serving you up 2 killer recipes that will go perfectly with the big game!

One Pan Mexican Chicken & Rice Casserole

So one pan cooking has been around forever.  Mom threw everything in a roaster or crock pot.  In college everything I made went into a hot pot and nowadays things are either in a baking dish or a stock pot.  It’s not new but it sure is awesome.  I mean HELLO… one pot to clean (well okay minus the plates or utensils… that is unless you’re a caveman).  This recipe I’ve been making ever since I bought my first house.  I had bought some chicken breasts and veggies.  I had rice on hand and a half open jar of salsa in my fridge.  Working long hours at my day job, helping to run my family’s pizza shop and running my own web company I didn’t have much free time.  Cooking back then wasn’t really a priority.  I mean I loved it but it wasn’t a priority.  Sad I know but it’s the truth.

I can still remember the first time I made this.  I had just got home from tutoring on a Saturday morning at the local library and I had 4 hours of down time until I went into the pizza shop.  I fed the cats (because lord knows if you didn’t feed them as soon as you walked in the door there was hell to pay) and put the rest of their canned food in the fridge.  It was there that I saw the chicken (that I had to use up), the half full jar of salsa, cilantro and stock.  This dish just kind of was a ‘dump it all in the pool’ type recipe.

Mexican Chicken Salsa One Pan Casserole2

I’d love to tell you that it turned out amazing the first time I made it.  Yeah, no, it didn’t.  It was HORRIFIC!  The rice was hard as a rock, dry as I didn’t use enough liquid and the chicken was rubbery.  I way under cooked it. So I tried it again… and again.. and again.  Honestly this dish took me about 8 times to get right AND to make it repeatable quality-wise. Remember, I’m a perfectionist.
All you need is a 9×13

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Uses for leftover burgers, hotdogs and bbq chicken

With 4th of July being over now, I’m pretty sure if you hosted a party you’re left with a few rogue burgers, perhaps some grilled hot dogs and maybe even some bbq chicken, right?  And if you’re like me, after 3 days of eating grilled burgers, dogs and chicken you really don’t want to have leftovers…again, right?  Well I’m here today as part of Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer to give you some ideas on how to use up those leftover cookout foods. Today we’ll focus on burgers, dogs and chicken.

So how was your 4th? Did you consume copious amounts of burnt dogs (fyi.. hot dogs need to be charred and blistered topped with ketchup and mustard), enough cheeseburgers that you need your fat pants and let’s not even start on bbq chicken, k?  No today let’s discuss how to transform those leftovers into ‘new’ meals.  I’m all about repurposing foods.

Let’s come up with a list together so chime in below with some of your best leftover dishes using burgers, dogs and bbq chicken, k?!

Revamp those leftovers into something awesome!

Countdown to Christmas 2015 Day 7: Beef Shepherd Pie Tarts – Perfect Winter Comfort Food

There is just something truly comforting about shepherd pies especially in the cold winter months. It’s something Mom always made with leftover Sunday roast.  Again that was just one more ingenious way to stretch our money and revamp leftovers into something amazing and new. Full confession though when Mom made mine she made it pretty simple – no chunks of onions, carrots or anything “gross” (i.e., veggies other than canned peas).  Yeah I was that picky kid but as you can see by not only this recipe but all of my other ones, I’ve definitely come a long way.

Beef Shepherd Pie Tarts7

It’s funny as when I was a kid almost all of my friends were the same way – very picky, onions and most veggies were a no-no and dear God if you tried to get us to drink kale smoothies or hummus we would have laughed in your face.  Now that we are a nation of foodies, kids are growing up with a new love of food and even a bigger appreciation of the ingredients.

It doesn’t get any more comforting than Shepherd’s pie!

Skinny Chicken Burrito Bowl

Remember me showing you how to make the most amazing Perfectly Poached Chicken breasts in a pressure cooker in 10 minutes? Crazy good, right?  Well one thing about love making chicken that was is how one simple recipe can turn into incredible ‘new’ dishes!

Chicken Burrito Bowl8

Like this recipe… my skinny chicken burrito bowl.  Unless you live in the sticks or never leave the house pretty much every town has a Chipotle place to eat. Heck we even have one nearby and I live in countrybumpkinville.  The first time I was there I got their burrito bowl.  It was good but I was surprised by how many people got it when honestly it’s one super simple thing to make yourself at a fraction of the cost.  So I was set out to come up with not a copycat recipe but one that is TKW worthy cause after all I am a food snob.  LOL

Chicken Burrito Bowl1

My recipe is pretty basic and what’s awesome about it, you can add in whatever you want.  Don’t limit it to what’s in the recipe but rather expand it and add other things to it.  Try grilled asparagus pieces, chopped fresh peppers.  Maybe some jicama or crunchy tortilla strips.  Well okay maybe not the last one as this is a healthy recipe.  However you know me and I firmly believe in everything in moderation.  Truth be told when I make this I do have a side of chips with it as I love to scoop it up with that and eat it.  I like that textural balance of crunchy to the meatiness of the dish.

One batch of cooked chicken can give you days worth of meat for this recipe!

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