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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Cooking Tips

Check out these cooking tips from the pros to help make you even more of a cooking ninja in the kitchen than you already are.

If you’re reading this then you’re a foodie and you want nothing more than to be a rock star in the kitchen. Hey we all do.  We have blogs we all love and follow to learn either new tips & tricks or get great recipes. Yes, even the pros want to learn.  The only way you can become better is by learning, reading; formal education or the hard knocks in life. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do for a living you should never stop learning.

So on this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m sharing with you some even more cooking tips.

→ Adding a few drops of white vinegar to water when you boil potatoes will help keep your potatoes nice and white
→ When working with fresh herbs for soup, don’t add them all in the beginning or let them cook in the soup for a long period of time. They will lose their flavor.  Instead add more fresh herbs right before serving to boost the flavor

→ If you want to roast meat but you find that you don’t have roasting rack you can improvise with 2 items.  You can take a long piece of foil and roll it up to form a 1″ ring, place it on the bottom of the roasting pan and place the meat on top of that. If you don’t want to do that you can layer the bottom of the roasting pan with carrots, celery and onions. And what’s awesome about that method is as the meat roasts the vegetables get all of the flavors and drippings from the meat!

Cook like the pros with some of these tips!

Weekly Meal Prep Made Simple with Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™. All opinions are mine alone. #OrganizeWithBrilliance #CollectiveBias

Your weekly meal prep just got a whole lot easier with the Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™ 10 pc set! Prep your lunches for the week, store it in these containers and stack it up neatly in the fridge!  Easy peasy!

Okay TKW Family if you haven’t heard of these Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™ food storage container have I got a treat for you! As you know I cook a lot, no like A LOT.  We live a healthy lifestyle that, at times, can go astray but we always find our way back.  So one of the ways to help keep us, and by us I mean me as that man could eat everything in the fridge and not gain an ounce <hate him lol>, on that healthy path is by doing weekly meal preps.

What I love about these Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™ food storage systems is they are so truly universal from fridge organization, to meal planning & prepping as well as entertaining and grilling (perfect for marinades). And let’s dish for a bit.  These are NOTHING like your old time plastic storage containers.  These are crystal clear which means no longer do you have to play that fridge game “Oh what’s in this bowl??”. And probably one of my biggest loves is they are completely odor and stain resistant.  So yes you can put your pasta sauce in one container and fish in another and when you clean the containers they won’t smell or have that oh-so-lovely stained orange hue to them.  AND AND AND what is HUGE for me is they are 100% Leak-Proof.  And it’s GUARANTEED!!!  Dude, that’s HUGE!

You SERIOUSLY need to get in your car and go get these!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Keeping Bananas Fresher Longer

You’ll go bananas over this tip to help keep your bananas fresher, longer! A seriously easy trick that actually works!

“Go Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” First, you’re welcome for that cheer stuck in your brain all day. Trust me it’s been playing over and over in my head for the past few hours as I was typing this. It’s like a bad cheer at a football game and that’s the only cheer they know so it’s repeated a hundred bajillion times. Second, I never thought of doing this trick until I kept noticing it on the type of bananas I bought and then I finally researched it.  Once I read why it worked I was like “DUH!  You should have paid more attention in science class in high school because every 9th grader knows this!”

So let’s face it, one can only eat so much banana bread/muffins/pancakes/cupcakes/cakes, puddings/custards/cookies/smoothies that involve ripened bananas. I seriously love bananas – a little tinge of green at the tips with a vibrant yellow body is positively perfect for me. When I was training and working out like it was my job I was cramping up pretty bad.  An increase in my potassium helped with that.  And ever since them I’m at least a one-banana-a-day kind of girl.  So I was easily buying 2-3 bunches a week. However when I got hurt with my shoulder I was still buying that many bananas however I couldn’t eat them fast enough.  Oh trust me I’d bake like a fiend but again you can only have so much banana-based foods before it starts to wear thin.

So I stopped buying bananas… for like a week.  I love bananas and I cut back but then I realized that if I only bought one bunch (about 5 bananas per a bunch) that it wasn’t enough for Mr. Fantabulous and I for the week. It was a struggle when we’d get down the last banana – do I eat it and make him have his cereal without one or do I show him that I love him more by leaving it for him.  Yes, these real things in my house.

Anyway, the one day I’m at the grocery store buying bananas and the normal ones I bought were pretty crappy looking while the ones labeled organic looked positively gorgeous.  So even though they were slightly a bit more expensive you could just tell by looking at them they were going to be good.  When I got home I put the groceries away and peeled one. OMG seriously.. this was unlike any banana I had ever had.  I mean it was so amazing.  It tasted fresh and the banana taste was just intense.  It was so good that I called Mr. Fantabulous out to the kitchen just to try one.  Even though I got the side eye look as I was forcing him to take a bite as soon as he tasted it he totally agreed how awesome they were.  Since that I was hooked and back up to 2 bunches a day.

Go Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Stewing Beef Cuts

On today’s Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m sharing with you the best cuts of beef to use when you want to fork-tender, fall apart beef for stews and comfort foods.

So we’re pretty much told that if you want the best result that you want to buy the most expensive thing.  I mean the more it costs the better it is, right?  Well in some cases that *may* be true though I’ve yet to find a case what that actually is true.  But then again I’m not Oprah rich <jealous> so I can’t afford the most expensive of each item.  Now when it comes to steaks the best would be Waygu due to genetics and nurturing. Annnnnnnnd you pay through the nose for it. However that’s for steaks.  But if you used that in say a beef stew or the like, yeah, not so much. That’s kind of like getting a fat stack of hundreds and a cord of wood and setting the stack of money on fire while you sat on the wood pile watching it.

Pretty senseless, huh?  Well that’s that same thought when it comes to using uber expensive cuts of beef to make stews. No for stews or long roasted meats you want the less expensive more tough cuts of beef. You want those leaner cuts of meat that if you tried to make a steak out of it you’d end up with shoe leather and be forced to gnaw on it.

Stewing meats are those lean cuts of meat with little to no fat marbling in it.  But what these cheap, lean cuts of meat have is collagen.  Collagen is the connective tissue that binds the meat together, that, when slow roasted/stewed for extended periods of time break down and lead to the most fork-tender, melt-in-your mouth bites of awesomeness. Collagen, when cooked and cooked and cooked will break down to almost a gelatin type texture.  This not-so-pretty gelatin produces such a rich body and flavor.

Expensive beef does not make a great stew!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Freezer Smoothie Packs

On today’s Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m sharing with you how to have make Freezer Smoothie Packs so you can just grab, blend and go!

Living in Pittsburgh you get fresh fruits and vegetables maybe 3-4 months out of the year. However what we do get are the benefits of 4 true changes in the seasons. While I wish we had more summer days and less rain/cold days I can’t complain too much as Pittsburgh itself is an incredible city. I love it here, the people, the atmosphere…just not the weather. So when we do have fresh fruits and veggies season I make sure I take full advantage of it. I buy tons of it and freeze in bulk.

Smoothies have come a long way since when I was little. Back in the 80’s the closest thing we had to a smoothie was the Orange Julius at the local mall. Now there were rumors going around saying you could also get a raw egg blended in yours. However I can’t say if that’s certain or not. God I haven’t had one of those drinks in decades. Man I loved them too! Every Friday night we ‘d go to the mall to hang out, hit up Spencers, scope out the boys and always, always, always get a large Orange Julius. Today we have moved towards our own smoothies – adding protein powder, peanut butter, spinach and kale. Yes kale.. on purpose. Yeah sorry but kale to me is over done but hey it’s all good; to each their own, right?

Now I’m posting this in the middle of winter, yeah I know. I just got done telling you that you can’t get fresh fruits and veggies now (well at least if you live where I do) but I want to you to make freezer smoothie packs. Genius, I know. LOL But don’t despair, you can still make these with fresh-flash frozen fruits.
No matter what time of the year it is, these freezer smoothie packs are perfect and easy to make!

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