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Weekly Meal Prep Made Simple with Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™. All opinions are mine alone. #OrganizeWithBrilliance #CollectiveBias

Your weekly meal prep just got a whole lot easier with the Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™ 10 pc set! Prep your lunches for the week, store it in these containers and stack it up neatly in the fridge!  Easy peasy!

Okay TKW Family if you haven’t heard of these Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™ food storage container have I got a treat for you! As you know I cook a lot, no like A LOT.  We live a healthy lifestyle that, at times, can go astray but we always find our way back.  So one of the ways to help keep us, and by us I mean me as that man could eat everything in the fridge and not gain an ounce <hate him lol>, on that healthy path is by doing weekly meal preps.

What I love about these Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™ food storage systems is they are so truly universal from fridge organization, to meal planning & prepping as well as entertaining and grilling (perfect for marinades). And let’s dish for a bit.  These are NOTHING like your old time plastic storage containers.  These are crystal clear which means no longer do you have to play that fridge game “Oh what’s in this bowl??”. And probably one of my biggest loves is they are completely odor and stain resistant.  So yes you can put your pasta sauce in one container and fish in another and when you clean the containers they won’t smell or have that oh-so-lovely stained orange hue to them.  AND AND AND what is HUGE for me is they are 100% Leak-Proof.  And it’s GUARANTEED!!!  Dude, that’s HUGE!

You SERIOUSLY need to get in your car and go get these!

Happy New Year 2016!

To my TKW Family,

Another year has passed and another year you’ve allowed me to be a part of your lives.  Words cannot convey the heartfelt gratitude I have towards you all.  I’m honored and humbled.  This is more than just a blog to me, it’s about your allowing me to share my passion and pursue my dreams.  You’ve welcome me into your homes, your kitchens and your hearts.  We’ve laughed til our sides hurt, we’ve sent love and prayers to one another when needed, we’ve listened when we needed a friend, we’ve bonded; we’ve become a family.

From my heart to yours, thank you!

Here’s to making 2016 our best year yet!  Happy New Year!  I love you guys!

TKW 2016 New Year

This poem has been around forever and I absolutely love it.  The author is unknown and the title varies.  I’m calling this a Recipe for an Amazing Year!

Happy New Year TKW Family!

Day 6 – Countdown to Christmas 2014 A TKW Christmas Poem

So this past week has sure been a rough one to say the least.  Since I’m kind of laid up right now I figured I might as well use this time to be all scholarly like. Perhaps I could take this time to show you all that I do have some other talents besides being all awesometastic in the kitchen.  haha  Actually I was just being silly. See ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is a book my Dad read to me every night for at least a month straight growing up. That was our time.  I can still remember crawling up on his lap, the book too big for me to hold or even lift and him reading to me. He’d read it all stately and in a very movie-esque voice and as the years went by and I learned how to read we would take turns reading parts of the book.

Yesterday I was lying in bed watching White Christmas (for the 7th time so this season) and I started to think back to my Christmas childhood traditions. Dad was that book and Mom was always, ALWAYS White Christmas and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  White Christmas is a given. The movie is iconic and symbolizes purity,  humanity and love for me.  I bawl every time I watch it.  As for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, I’m not really sure how or why I relate it so much to Christmas – perhaps that’s when it was on tv (coincidence perhaps?) or heck I don’t know but we’d always watch it.

As I was lying there watching tv I started to kinda say in my head “Twas the night before Christmas…” and it kinda turned into “Twas the week before Christmas…” and could I turn that into what it’s like in my life today; my household.  Now before you grammar police come at me, I’m not an English major nor a journalist.  I took creative liberties (and pretty much pushed them to the max) on my grammar license and this is what came out.  This poem, first ever for me, literally just flowed out with ease.  I think this whole thing took me maybe 20 minutes to write.  Heck, it took me 2 hours to create the graphic and only 20 minutes to write the poem.

This is what came out.; a TKW Christmas Poem.  On a side note, if you double-click on the picture it’ll enlarge to full screen so it’s easier for you to read.



You can click on the image to see it full sized!

Day 9 – Countdown to Christmas 2013 Cupcake Paper Storage

I love cupcake papers and liners.  From the ginormous sized to the itsy bitsy ones.  I am that person that waits until AFTER the holiday (like the next day) and buys all of the holiday cupcake liners that are on clearance.  Yeah… hate me but I need them and use ’em.  However Mr. Fantabulous tells me that I have a “problem” when it comes to them as he thinks I have too many!  Pshh!  Yeah, one can never have too many of these adorable little things.  Kind of like one can never have too much bacon.  CLEARLY he needs educated here.

Well the construction has picked back up again on our downstairs which means stuff has to get moved again.  That being said Mr. Fantabulous ‘found’ my box of cupcake papers and gave me the look. You know that look… we’ve all gotten it from someone in our life.  Yeah… so *maybe* he has a slight point.  I do have A LOT and they were everywhere.  Some boxes opened and a some lost their shape.  So I had to figure out a way to store them better so they would remain dry, retain their shape and not look like I have an addiction.

I think I’ve solved my problem!


Is this not the cutest thing EVER?!

Day 21 – Countdown to Christmas 2013 That’s a Good Egg!

Today we’re going with a kitchen tip/trick that has saved my behind countless times.  Did you ever buy eggs and then let them go past the expiration date (even by a day)?  You’re left wondering “Are they still okay to use?”. We’ve all done that and more than likely took the chance that they were okay and put them in our recipes.  Now 99% of the time they are still good however once you put a bad one in, you learn fast to never do it again.  That smell is HORRIFIC.

Here’s a really simple way to test to see if you’re eggs are still good.

egg test
Click for an Eggcelent tip! haha

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