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Simply Pure Vanilla Protein Pancakes

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Let’s talk about food cravings – you know what you want, you’ve been thinking about it all day and you cannot wait to get home and make whatever you’re craving.  We all have experienced that.  For one reason or the other our bodies crave things.  Well for me I was craving pancakes but not those ginormous ones but those dainty little ones.  I think some folks call them “Silver Dollar” cakes.  I was out all day running errands, Mr.Fantabulous was at band practice which meant when I got home I only had to make something for me.  Now pancakes are pretty basic – flour, leavening, egg, sugar, milk/buttermilk and maybe some vanilla.   Again these are all pretty much pantry staples… EXCEPT in my house on that particular day!

I got home only to go and get the flour out to see that my two, yes two containers that hold 25 pounds of flour were EMPTY! ANNNNNNNNNNNNND I was out of milk.  Okay seriously this was not cool.  Sure I thought about putting my shoes (and real pants) back on but that took effort so I needed to be creative.

Vanilla Protein Pancakes6

So that’s where my craftiness came into play.  I knew I could use regular old fashioned oats to make flour plus the addition of the protein powder would not only add a great boost to my diet but also help with the texture.  To keep in on “Lori would dig this” side, I opted to leave out the sugar but add in a banana for natural sweetness.  The egg was added as a binder. Now the dilemma was I didn’t have milk. BUT .. I did have International Delight Simply Pure Vanilla Coffee Creamer!

Grab your creamer and let’s have a Pancake day!

Day 20 – Countdown to Christmas 2014 Pie Filling Stuffed Ebelskivers

I swear there is something magical about this ebelskiver pan!  Once I got over my fear of flipping them there was no stopping me.  I’m an Ebelskiver ninja in the kitchen!  You name the filling and I’m stuffing it into these puppies!  Of course I’ve done the sweet route, like I did in my Candy Bar ones, but I’m beyond that… like waaaaaaaaaay beyond that!  Pasta filled ones, meatball, eggs & bacon (seriously think about it… on-the-go breakfast in these cute poppable forms!!!)  I know, right?  Crazy!

Blueberry Ebeskivers1

These came from my need to clean out my fridge or more like “I wonder what’s in that container waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back of the fridge” cleaning.  Admit it, you have some rogue containers in your fridge right now too.  And if you don’t, either you are a neat freak (and I’m jealous) or you can’t get to the back of your fridge due to all the food in it.  I’m the latter in that scenario.  Trust me, Mr. Fantabulous yells all the time about how much food is in our fridge for only 2 people.  Yet it’s funny as he’ll often say “honey, there’s nothing to eat” yet you can’t see a single inch of free shelf space.

You need to tell Santa you want one of these pans for Christmas!

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