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Pressure Cooker Mom’s Classic Pot Roast with Savory Onion Gravy

So Sunday’s in my house was a pot roast kinda day. I can remember getting up super early watching, then eventually helping, Mom make her to-die-for white bread and rolls.  She’d then grab 10-15 pounds of chuck roast, throw it into her big pot along with tons of potatoes, carrots, onions and seasonings.  She’d then let it cook all day long on the lowest heat.  The smell was so rich and inviting that you could literally smell pot roast as you walked up our walkway.  Sunday’s were always my favorite day as I loved my Mom’s pot roast.  Now granted I’d scoff at eating carrots but I’d end up just mashing them up super small and adding enough butter on them that Paula Deen would be impressed with.

Now even though Mom had whole potatoes in the pot she always made her creamy (and lumpy because that was my favorite and I was Mom’s favorite – regardless of what my siblings said) mashed potatoes.  The only downfall of her dish was that it was cooked low and slow ALL DAY LONG.  Let’s face it, in today’s world we are ridiculously busy and free time is something we just don’t have that luxury of. Plus if you’re like me you often aren’t home for 8-10 hours straight while the oven is on.  I know I’m not. It’s sad as I’m away from my house longer per day than I am in it.  It’s the troubles of working really far from the office.
Pressure Cooker Classic Post Roast

I’d say for the past few years I’ve really grown in my passion for pressure cooking.  I conquered that fear Mom put in me that “OMG it’ll explode in your face and you’ll lose an eye” thought she ingrained my brain. One thing I hadn’t tried yet in my pressure cooker was to recreate her phenomenal pot roast recipe but without having to wait all day long for it to cook.  However the day had come for me to attempt it because I was so craving it.
All the amazing flavors of Mom’s classic pot roast without having to wait all day for it to slow cook!

Day 2 – Countdown to Christmas 2014 Brownie Mousse Torte

With tomorrow being Christmas I thought I’d share one final decadent over-the-top dessert that will so rock your holiday desserts! I made this several weeks ago and this was the first thing to go at a holiday party.  I mean even over the meats, cheeses, meatballs and all the other foods.  It’s a pretty dessert and presents so well! It’s decadent but not too rich.  It’s very well balanced in flavors and it’s one of those “a little goes a long way.” desserts  I can remember Mr. Fantabulous’ face when he saw me pull this out of the freezer.  His eyes were like a child on Christmas morning with a bajillion presents under the tree and they were all for him.  Only thing is, this wasn’t just for him.  I know, I’m a horrible wife, huh?  LOL

This dessert just kinda … happened. See I knew they (the folks having the party) loved brownies but I was tired of making standard brownies.  Don’t get me wrong, my TKW Signature brownies are out of this world but I didn’t really have the time to decorate them all and come up with a bajillion different flavors and toppings.  I’m sorry but I just don’t “do” plain ol’ brownies though some days I think that’s what Mr. Fantabulous wants.  For him I oblige (it’s kinda in my vows).

Brownie Mousse Torte2

Full confession with this torte.  See I already had the chocolate mousse made for this one order I had going out.  However I was daydreaming and ended up making a quadruple batch of it.  HUGE mistake.. well okay, there is no such thing ever as too much chocolate mousse but I really messed this one up.  I mean seriously.. doubling the recipe, sure that can happen.  But making 4 batches of it?  Only me!

Want to impress your guests? Make this!

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