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Pressure Cooker BBQ Jelly Drumsticks

These 15 minute BBQ Jelly drumsticks are a super easy and super delicious thanks to the pressure cooker!  You get all the great flavors of bbq’d chicken without ever having to fire up the grill. 

So please tell me you’ve joined the Pressure Cooking revolution by now. Perhaps Santa Amazon brought you one for the holidays or your birthday. I’ve been pressure cooking now for the past few years and honestly it’s changed my life and how I cook dinners.  Let’s face it, we’re busier now than ever.  We work, some times more than one job,  if you have kids they have a million and one activities.  We have the gym, school, late meetings, RIDICULOUS traffic and it just seems like more responsibilities. Free time is often a luxury rather than a given. At least that’s how my life is. Perhaps that’s why I gravitate so much towards using the pressure cooker.  It’s extremely efficient and instead of spending an hour or so on dinner I can have it all done in a quarter of the time which means that’s 45 free minutes I gained.  Plus the benefits of the flavor infusion that the pressure cooker imparts on the food – I’ve never had more tender, more flavorful foods.

Now when I post these recipes I’ll get one of 3 responses:

  1. Oh awesome! I love pressure cooking!
  2. I have a pressure cooker but am too afraid to use it.
  3. I am afraid to buy one because I’m not sure if they are safe.

Okay so let me debunk these items – well not number one as we LOVE to read the #1 responses!  Go Team Pressure Cooker!

Numbers 2 and 3 – I’m going to lump them into one response as the reason why most people are afraid to use it or are afraid to buy one is because they are unsure about how incredibly safe they are nowadays.
Join team Pressure Cooker and make free time for yourself by cooking dinner in one tonight!

Grilled Italian Salad and Pizza = Perfection!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RealTasteForRealLife #CollectiveBias

So anyone who knows me knows that pizza is the greatest thing in the world to me.  I mean it even trumps bacon and to me #baconislove but there is just something purely magical about pizza. It’s the perfect food for me.  It’s that one food that everyone asks “If you were trapped on a deserted island and could only have one food for the rest of your life what would it be?”  It’s always been the same answer for the past 25+ years… pizza.  Don’t care what’s on it, don’t care if it’s hot or room temp – heck I love it straight out of the fridge cold.  I just puffy heart pizza.

When the folks from Freschetta asked me to come up with great accompaniment to go with their pizza I went with something I’ve been making gosh, 15 years or so. Now their pizza by itself but I always feel that when you have pizza as a meal, you need something with it (other than a drink). You need a side dish.  Now sure I could have gone with wings but that’s pretty standard.  You’re probably going to say “but Lor, you’re making a salad, what’s so different with that?”  Well I’ll tell you guys – it’s not your typical salad.  First it’s grilled.  Yes, grilled.  Next I’m taking some of the same toppings that are on the pizza and using those also as an accompaniment to the pizza plus a few other items.
Grilled Italian Salad Collage


Your pizza deserves something equally as awesome on the side! This salad is PERFECT!

Crispy Baked Taco Muffin Cups

So a few weeks ago after a very, VERY stressful day at the office the last thing I wanted to do was truly put effort into dinner.  It was cold, traffic was a nightmare because Mother Nature is seriously ticked off at the people of Pittsburgh therefore has decided to give us nothing but snow, ice and sub-zero temps for months on end and did I mention work was rough?  Now I cook dinner every night and it’s a rarity that I don’t – either I’m sick or I’m just not home yet from work.  I had every intention on cooking but seriously I so was praying for Mr. Fantabulous to take one look at my pitiful face and say “Honey, can we just have Cheerios for dinner?” alas he didn’t.  I got the kiss on the cheek followed by the ‘how long til dinner babe?’ standard comment.  Fortunately I stopped at the butcher’s and got 2 pounds of ground beef.  I was going way easy – we’re talking tacos.  Simple, done in minutes and hardly any prep work other than chopping up the veggies.  Well about 1/2 way through his 4th or 5th taco he looks at me and says “You know honey, I kinda really don’t like tacos.”  Wait, what?  You’ve inhaled at least 4 and NOW you tell you kinda don’t like them??? Well he explained why and it was pretty much when he was single and living on his own, far from home they were free with happy hour therefore that was dinner.  LOL

However that didn’t help me out as I had a pound of taco meat left over.  Sure I could have frozen it or ‘twisted his arm’ and made him eat it the next day but I am not that cruel.  I had to figure out a new way to use it.  Something whimsical if you will. Since the weekend was upon us I had supply shopping to do and picked up some gorgeous flour tortilla shells.  I love them things as you can use them in savory dishes, desserts or just brush some with butter, cinnamon/sugar then bake into yummy sweet chips!  As I was putting my supplies away I spied that container of taco meat.  Now I know what you’re thinking – just make beef burritos. They freeze beautifully and reheat just as awesome. Sure they do but I really wanted the taco meat again as it’s awesome!  LOL  So I decided to have some fun with the meat and my tortillas.


I’m thinking mission accomplished on making these fun don’t you think?

Let’s have some fun in the kitchen!

Parmesan Crusted Grilled Club

There are some days when it comes to dinner, simplicity is best.  Tonight was no exception…

Now while it looks like 987 steps, it’s really not.  I just had a hard time figuring out how to type it.  It’s one of those where you need to ‘see’ it being done but I have faith that you all can master this!

Parmesan Crusted Grilled Club2

Open up and say YUM…

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