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Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Skinny Baked Crispy Crunchy Fish Sticks and the Braised Beef Short Ribs – Ossu Buco Style!

Hey hey hey, happy Sunday TKW Family!  What’s shakin’ peeps?  I’m tired this morning. Actually I’m not so much tired I guess but rather I have a nasty, nasty headache. It actually woke me up a few times. Are you a dreamer? Meaning when you sleep do you dream? If so, do you remember your dreams? No, not trying to psychoanalyze you but just curious. I’ve always been one to dream vividly and often repeat dreams. Last night though, last night was “odd”. I can’t quite remember what I dreamt about which is unlike me as I remember them always but it was like I was dreaming really hard. Like I woke myself up a few times with my eyes squinched (go with it) shut really tight and almost like I was forcing a dream. Odd…

Maybe I’m just worn out, maybe I’m just old. LOL Ah but seriously I’m so happy last week was over. Talk about crazy. As always I was super busy with my job as well as TKW (yeah!) and then here. It was one of those weeks where I “felt” beat. But I”m tough and pushed through. So we got a bunch more done in the house here. Mr. Fantabulous and I made (well okay he did, I just held the wood) 9 new shelves for the downstairs office supply room, painted them (3 coats each side) and this morning he just hung them. I can’t wait to share the pictures. I’ll give a sneak peek on Instagram so be sure you’re following me there, k?

This weekend was a really, really nice weekend for us as we took a break from the house/work and did what we call “normal people stuff“. Fridays, as you know, is pizza night in my house. That’s a given.  Once the pizza was done, sliced and plated, we actually ate in our media room.. ON A COUCH while watching TV!  While this seems like not a big deal to most, for us this was huge. It had been 8+ years since we had been able to do that. Now we can and it’s so, SO nice!
Wishing you one fantabulously amazing week!

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Pumpkin Beef Chili and the Sheet Pan Savory Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin with Hasselback Potatoes and Stuffed Mushrooms!

Twas’ the week before Christmas and all through my house construction crap was everywhere. So not ready for Christmas. What about you?  I swear it just sneaks up on you. I need like 3 more weeks and then I’ll be ready ..maybe. But I know me and some how, some way I’ll make it work; I always do. So pardon my post today if it’s brief as I have a TON Of stuff to get done today just to keep on track. This was past week wasn’t too bad; busy as usual. I did, however, pick up 3 stools for the bar downstairs which is one step closer in getting the downstairs done. But good lord we have so much work to get done it’s not even funny. I’ll be honest I’m not sure how we’re going to be ready to have it all done and on the market by end of March/early April. Anyone local want to help?  I’ll feed you!

This past weekend was fun. I went out with some girlfriends Friday night for dinner and to a dueling piano bar. God I can’t tell you the last time I went out with the girls – has to be at least 9 months. But it was so needed. Don’t get me wrong I love spending as much time as I can with Mr. Fantabulous but some days you just need to let loose with the girls. It was funny though as about 8pm I got a text with Mr. Fantabulous showing me what he made for dinner – a sad bowl of Cheerios. LOL Yet the man neglected to share the picture of the plate of Swedish Meatballs or pizza he also had while I was gone. LOL

He knows if you’ve been bad or good!

Italian Tomato Tortellini with Spinach & Artichokes in a Grana Padano Cream Sauce

Cheese filled tortellini nestled in a luscious Grana Padano cream sauce with spinach, artichoke hearts and the highest-quality, freshest, best-tasting tomatoes by Redpack Tomatoes.

This post is being sponsored by Redpack Tomatoes featuring their Diced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic and Oregano. All opinions of these ABSOLUTELY AMAZING products are mine.

Folks I literally have been having a field day working on this recipe and with Redpack Tomatoes. Trusting a brand, the quality of their product and the taste is extremely important not only to me personally but also to the food I prepare for my family. When it comes to Redpack Tomatoes I never have to worry as they truly create the best product out there. Epicurious, who we all know and love, voted their Whole peeled tomatoes as the “Best Canned Tomatoes”. Marrying into an Italian family being able to make a marinara and Sunday gravy like Nonna is a requirement to be accepted in the family. I, honestly, owe a lot of my amazing tomato based recipes to their tomato products.

Italian Tomato Tortellini with Spinach & Artichokes in a Grana Padano Cream Sauce

This recipe I’ve been making for decades as it’s one of our favorites. For me, it’s comfort food but fancy enough to wow your dinner guests. This recipe is one that I tend to serve family-style (i.e., a double batch) and straight out of the pan that sets in the middle of our dinner table. This is a dish that, when my nieces and nephews used to stay the weekend with me, I’d let them help me out in the kitchen. Nothing made me happier than seeing their little faces light up while we would make this.

For the Freshest, best-tasting tomatoes go with Redpack and Red Gold!

Sheet Pan Applewood Bacon Top Pork Tenderloin with Herbed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

Get your deliciousness on with this one pan meal! Sheet Pan Applewood Bacon Top Pork Tenderloin, Herbed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts is the perfect meal when you want simple, delicious and it all done on one pan!

Question, who, after a long and busy day, wants to stand over a stove cooking dinner tonight while using multiple pots and pans and then, once you’re done eating, washing all of those dirty dishes?  Anyone? Yeah, I thought not.. no one wants to do that. Well okay, I kind of like washing dishes by hand as it’s therapeutic and that’s the one time I’m in the kitchen and not bothered. Most hate washing dishes.

If you’re in that group that hates it then you are going to love this recipe! You have one dirty pan to wash and that’s questionable if you use heavy duty foil!. In that case, you really have no pans to wash. AND if you wanted you wouldn’t even have to use plates; just eat off of the pan. AND you could skip using forks and just eat it caveman-style. But unless you go all barbaric and rip the pork tenderloin with your hands, you’ll need one sharp knife to cut the pork. So literally one knife (and about 42 napkins) and you’re ready to eat!

Sheet Pan Applewood Bacon Top Pork Tenderloin, Herbed Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

When I think about sheet pan cooking I think of my Mom. She was the queen of sheet pan cooking. If it could be made on a sheet pan she was doing it. It was easy, little to no clean-up and she could make full meals. Now, to be honest, Mom would have multiple sheet pans in the oven at once as one was typically all meat and the other pan were veggies. And yes, she still would put stuff on the stovetop to which every meal was like a mini Thanksgiving but she cooked for a small army.

Do you have a favorite sheet pan recipe?

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Pressure Cooker Mom’s Classic Pot Roast with Savory Onion Gravy and the Creamy Cheesecake Strawberry Parfaits!

Happy Sunday, Monday, um… Tuesday TKW Family. I’m so sorry for getting this out 2 days late but so much has happened in the past 2 weeks and more importantly, last 3 days that everything is a blur.   I’m beyond exhausted, my shoulder/bicep just needs fall off, I’m doing everything I can to not freak out and cry from both joy and fear (you’ll find out more in a bit). God, where do I even start?

So Mr. Fantabulous had to fly out to Arizona for work and since yours truly can’t drive, cook (hell I can’t even cut a piece of toast in half with a knife!) and pretty much can’t even dress herself without assistance I went too. Maybe it was a vacation but it didn’t feel like one though for the most part. He worked and I would stay at the resort either sitting by the pool (okay fine that was the vacation part) or sitting in the room with him to try to take care of him. When he wasn’t sick we’d go to a few local spots and I even got to meet up with Isabel and her friend, Vanessa, from Tasty AZ at one AMAZING restaurant for lunch. Seriously those 2 girls are like my West Coast twins as our food tastes are so similar that it was scary but exciting!

While we were there Mr. Fantabulous fell ill. We both thought it was just allergies but when he started having trouble catching his breath and lost his voice we went to an urgent type clinic. The doc said it sounded like just an upper respiratory infection so he put him on Prednisone, Tessalon Pearls (for coughing) and an inhaler. After about 3 days of taking it he started to feel better. At the same time little did I know that the man was conspiring behind my back with the resort staff. You see our 10 year wedding anniversary was approaching. That day, he woke up feeling much better however it was yours truly that felt like crap – headache, fever, just downright sick. Well the staff said “Oh Lori, there is some famous food critic here today and you’re going to meet him, have lunch and talk food.”  I just looked at Mr. Fantabulous and he knew I felt like death. Well before I could say no, they said “Okay they’ll be by the room at 2:45 to pick you up.”

I wasn’t too happy and Mr. Fantabulous didn’t help matters much as he said “Oh honey that’s cool!  Maybe it’s Chef Ramsey.” Well, okay, he first called him “Dave Ramsey” who is a talk show host that is a genius when it comes to managing your money and saving for your future. HIGHLY recommend listening to him. I just sighed and said “fine”. After breakfast we went over to the spa just to relax – well okay he goes to relax, I just sat by the pool to get some sun on this very, VERY pasty white body. About 45 minutes into I texted him and said I was heading back to the room as I just felt horrible.

I married the most amazing man ever!

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