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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – TKW Family Tips and Tricks

This week on Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m letting the TKW Family share their best kitchen wisdom to help us all become better cooks and bakers.

Kitchen wisdom. Those family secrets, tips, and tricks that have been passed down through generations is what we’re talking about today. Maybe grandma said “keep the bacon grease in a jar in your fridge for amazing fried potatoes” or maybe you found a killer trick on how to slice cherry tomatoes on Pinterest. Somehow, some way folks came to know of these great tips and today they are sharing their kitchen wisdom with the world.

I posted on Facebook about a week ago asking for folks to share their best kitchen wisdom. I love doing posts like these as it honestly helps me become a better chef. I’m humble enough to admit that I don’t know everything and take the approach that there is always, ALWAYS something to learn albeit in the kitchen or in life.

The response was overwhelming and I absolutely LOVED reading your responses. Some stuff I knew but there were somethings where I was like “Really? Oh cool!”. But what I loved more than anything was the interaction between the TKW Family members. It’s so awesome to see friendships bloom off of a single post. It warms my heart that the TKW Family is so loving and truly treats each other as a family member.
Have a tip to share? Comment in the post!

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the 15 Minute Creamy Lemon Pepper Parmesan Pasta with Langostino and the Thai Peanut Shrimp Summer Rolls!

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  How are things in your world? So guess who just realized that Labor day is only a couple of weeks away? Yeah, this girlie. Dear God, my entire summer…wasted on this stupid shoulder surgery. Well okay it wasn’t wasted as it definitely needed done but my entire summer was spent stuck in a recliner, going to PT or to the doctors. Ugh…

So tell me about your summer!  Did you go away?  Where do?  What’s the BEST THING YOU DID THIS SUMMER? Let me live vicariously through you. Actually my summer wasn’t that bad, aside from the pain, it was pretty good. I got to spend so much time with Mr. Fantabulous that it just made us even closer (if that’s even possible). But it was nice, you know?

Tell me about your summer!

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut and Toffee

These cookies started out as just a simple chocolate chip cookie but ended up being one of the best loaded chewy chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had!

So this cookie literally just happened. It didn’t start off this way but dear lord I’m so happy that it ended the way it did! Since I’m not really able to cook or bake yet we hadn’t really had too many desserts that took actual baking or prep work. A lot of the stuff we’ve been having were either no bake or super, super simple. While Mr. Fantabulous is my main chef right now, he’s also still not a huge fan of cooking. Oh he loves the end game where he gets to dig in but the whole “what do you mean I have to cook this too???” is still too ‘new’ to him. Perhaps he thought food just magically appeared and that there wasn’t any prep time to it.

But damn it… I wanted cookies. So while he was out cutting the grass I got the ingredients out…one by one. Thankfully he had the mixer out on the counter for me. Now I was going to make just regular chocolate chip cookies as those are his favorite but I was just craving a more chewy cookie, like an oatmeal raisin. Now the rest… yeah it kinda just happened.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut and Toffee

So here’s the thing, I decided I wanted oats in my cookie but I didn’t want to have to chill my dough overnight to soften. That’s when I recalled the ‘milk oats’ trick my Grandma used in her meatloaf. See she used oats in her meatloaf instead of bread. This allowed for a more moister meatloaf. But in order to get it moist, you had to soak the oats in milk. So I figured why not try and incorporate that method into a cookie?

You’re going to want a eat these all yourself but please, please share!

Super Easy Cherry Pie Bars

These cherry pie bars are filled with cherryrific pie filling layered in a no-roll, cookie pie crust. Perfect for parties as you can hold a drink in one hand and a cherry pie bar in the other!

Okay no, hell did not freeze over nor did yours truly hit her head. No I wasn’t abducted by aliens or is someone impersonating me. It’s me, Lori… for real. Yes I posted yet another cherry recipe. I know what you’re all thinking…’but you hate cherries Lori. Like to the point you call them Demon Seeds from the gates of hell!’. And you’re completely right. I hate those things BUT that doesn’t mean you guys do. I mean it’s okay if you’re a weirdo and like them. lol love you ♥ It’s just I realized that by not sharing cherry recipes that my family loves is well, unfair to the world. You all should be able to share in the deliciousness even though yours truly wont.

Am I harsh on cherries? Nope. LOL I hate ’em and that sucks as they look so good. I mean this dessert, honestly, looks freaking amazing!  And yes, for the record I did try it. I kinda have to. I can’t publish something without ever trying it; that is just well, rude and misleading. What I will tell you is that everyone that has tried this through out the years, LOVES IT! Like to the point it’s almost obsessive. But hey, in the world of chefdom, that’s a huge compliment!

Easy & Super Delicious Cherry Pie Bars!

These types of pie bars recipes have been in my family for generations (i.e., multi-generations peeps). They are faster to make than a traditional pie as there is no rolling involved. These area also portable which meant they were perfect for picnics, cookouts and lunches.  These bars were a huge hit with my dad at the mill.

Trust me, you’re going to want to make this!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Hulling Strawberries with a Straw

Put down the knife and quit using your fingers to hull out a strawberry. Reach for a drinking straw to hull out your strawberries!

Growing up Mama grew strawberries for the sole purpose of making strawberry preserves. God how I miss hers. It was thick and packed with chunks of strawberries. It made the BEST peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever. Sure I can make it today but it’s just not the same; it’s not hers, ya know?

I can remember us out in the garden for what seemed hours picking strawberries (and sneaking a bajillion in my mouth). We’d get back to the kitchen, she’d fill the sink up with cold water and we’d literally dump bushels of them in. My job was to give them a bath which entailed sticking my arm in the ice cold water and moving the berries around to clean them. She’d scoop them out into a strainer and onto the newspaper lined kitchen table the strainers went. Mom would, one by one, use a small parry knife to hull out the strawberry. I’d use my fingers as best as I could. This was such a long and arduous process yet Mom made it fun and she never once complained.

Tuesday's Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer

God how I miss those days.Throughout the years I’d make her preserves for myself and my sister as that was Dianna’s favorite thing. I swear if she could have gotten away with it, she would have just eaten the preserves with a spoon.

Hull your berries with this simple trick

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