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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Measurements

On this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer we’re heading back to elementary school and re-learning our measurement equivalents.

So if you’re like me elementary school was 150 years ago. Back then life was simple – you colored, had recess (OMG kick ball, jax and Chinese jump rope were the best!), you had lunch, snacks, movie days, gym (shout out to Mr. G!) and some schooling. You learned about dinosaurs, Christopher Columbus, multiplication, spelling, geography and science. It wasn’t anything terribly difficult and you certainly didn’t have hours of homework after school. Somewhere in the mix you learned about measurements and fractions.  Now if you would have asked me back then I would have said “No, I will never need to know in my life how many tablespoons are in a cup”. Kind of like how many said “they would never need to know Algebra or Geometry”. Well okay maybe you wouldn’t need to know those today if you weren’t say an engineer or had kids in school learning it but measurements, yeah you need that in most every day life.

Well okay, maybe you don’t if you only eat fast food and never cook a single thing but if that’s the case, um, why are you reading this? Oh I know, cause you love me! *wink*

Now I’ll be honest, I never thought to write a post like this as it’s one of those “assumptions” that folks knew this stuff. But hey, if you don’t, no worries.  I got you covered. And yes for your non-US measuring TKW Family, I got you too.  However for this post I’m only going with US Measurements as that’s what I know off of the top of my head. Metric and the such I have to think about. HOWEVER because I love you guys I set up a full page dedicated to recipe measurement conversions!

Do you know how many Tablespoons and teaspoons make up a 1/3 cup? I do!

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Chunky Shrimp Burgers with Avocado Aioli sauce and Ultimate Cheesy Roasted Veggie Calzone!

Hey hey hey TKW Family!  Happy Sunday!  How are you peeps today? I’m one whooped puppy.  Even though we took the work off from all of our jobs to celebrate Mr. Fantabulous’ birthday it still wasn’t restful.  We got up early on Saturday morning, well okay I did, I let him sleep in.  Since we were going with a bunch of friends to support a gunbash I decided to whip up a batch of my salted caramel chocolate chunk cookies (see the instagram pic below). Now as you know where we live, nothing is close so we drove the 60+ miles to the bash. The gun bash was fun and this time the food was pretty good but the best was seeing our friends and seeing Mr. Fantabulous relax.  After that we met up with some other friends for dinner at this new brewery in Castle Shannon (Mindful Brewing for you Pittsburgh peeps).

It’s funny because Pittsburgh is truly a small town as we knew the manager of this place as he was one of our favorite managers at a different brewery. The food was pretty good.  I asked Matt, the manager, what he recommended. He advised Mr. Fantabulous on some beer and for me, since he knows I’m a food snob he recommended the fried chicken and waffles.  Now even though I’m not a huge waffles fan I took his advice.

Now this chicken, omg people… it was seriously good!  They pressure fry their chicken.  The skin was crispy and the meat was ridiculously moist. Like we’re talking so good that I want to buy a pressure fryer! But right now that’s not practical for me. I’d definitely go back to see Matt and get the chicken but I’d go earlier in the day as our wait was 2 hours annnnnnnnnd it was insanely loud. We’re talking so loud that you couldn’t hear the person sitting next to you. I actually left there with a headache (and still have one today).

Weekends need to be 4 days long!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Making Heavy Cream at Home

Never run out of heavy cream again with this make your own kitchen tip!  It’s seriously one of my top fav tips ever!

OMG people have I got a killer Tuesday’s Tip for you today! So unless you’re well me, most folks never have a quart or so of heavy cream in their fridge at all times. However the other day the unthinkable happened… I ran out AND I needed some. Now there are certain things in my house I should never run out of:

♥ bacon
♥ flour
♥ sugar
♥ salt
♥ milk
♥ heavy cream

Now I’m sure your first thought is ‘what about butter?’ Well have you ever over-whipped cream?  You end up with butter. So the back-end story… as you all know Friday nights are pizza night in my house.  Well I made the “mistake” the one night making one of my creamy strawberry milk shakes. One of the key ingredients in this thing is just a few Tbl of heavy cream.  Oh no, these are not healthy in any way but dear Jesus they are epic. So with his pizza he asked for another shake (healthy, not!). As I was prepping it and went to put some cream in with the milk I saw I was out.  Like my stash fridge was missing some.  You can make it with out buuuuuuuuuut it’s not as creamy.

I made him his without and as he was drinking it he said “this is good it doesn’t taste like your usual ones. It’s not as creamy.” So the next morning I went out shopping and wouldn’t you know it, even though I had heavy cream on my list I forgot to pick it up. Annnnnnnnnd that night for his snack he wanted another shake (why this man does not get fat is beyond me but I seriously am uber jealous over his metabolism!). So I had to think fast.
This is ridiculously awesome!

Cinnamon Pebbles Churro Bars

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CerealShakeup #CerealAnytime #CollectiveBias

Transform your marshmallow cereal treat into something CEREAL-iously Delicious! Cinnamon Sugar Kissed Cinnamon PEBBLES™ Churro Bars are the next best thing in your kitchen!

So I am super ridiculously excited to share with you the new cereal flavor from Post cereal. We’re  talking Cinnamon PEBBLES™!  It is a crispy cereal with the perfect combination of cinnamony sweetness. It’s the latest way for PEBBLES™ to make your mornings rock. And let me tell you what, it totally rocks!

Now what I wanted to do with these seriously delicious little pieces of numiness, other that legit get my biggest mixing bowl to have one epic bowl of cereal, was transform it into something spectacular…and portable!

When you start the day with the full-blown flavor of PEBBLES™ cereal deliciousness happens! Whether it’s Fruity, Cocoa, and one of their special limited edition flavors  they have been making mornings more fun for kids and grown-ups alike for over 40 years!

Get some SERIOUS YUM! on with these no bake bars!

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Grilled Fish Soft Tacos with Baja Cream Sauce and Butterscotch Sweet Potato Raisin Muffins!

Oh Sunday how I so wish you were Friday night.  I need about 5 straight days of a Friday nights.  What this means is I don’t have to work the next day and I have 2 straight days of not thinking. I keep telling myself…”only a few more months of this Lor, you can do this.” But it’s like it just never ends. However I keep looking on the bright side.  Soon enough this house will be done and I can actually take a break. And about the same time my critical project at work should be wrapping up which means I can maybe take a breather (in the form of a vacation).

Hold on a sec… I’m dreaming out a vacation.  It’s been a few years since we’ve taken a vacation. If I could go for 2 weeks I’d go to Italy and Paris. If I had 3 weeks… god I’ve love to go to Maldives. But if it’s for 7-10 days, I’ll head to Scottsdale. I just need sun and relaxation. But on my bucket list for sure, Maldives. God have you ever googled that place?  It truly looks like heaven on earth. It’s known for its beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs – like over 1000 coral reefs!  Though truth be told I’ve never snorkeled and the whole process of it scares/confuses me. It doesn’t make…sense. Plus also I’d freak out totally if something ‘touched’ me in the water. My luck a piece of seaweed would just barely graze my ankle and I’d have a heart attack thinking it was jaws.  LOL

What vacation destination is on your bucket list?

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