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Day 10 – Countdown to Christmas 2013 Scrumptious Breakfast Muffins

With this being my busy season with holiday orders, my getting the chance to sit down and eat a real breakfast, lunch and dinner is something of a Christmas wish.  However I always make sure that while I’m up to my elbows in flour, cookie dough and frostings that I make sure to eat and further more eat healthy.  I mean I do have to try all the cookies, batters and frostings right? LOL  That being the case, every year I whip up a batch of these scrumptious breakfast muffins that are packed with protein, some carbs and yummy goodness that gets me through the morning dough making.  What’s awesome about these is I can make a full dozen and just wrap them up, pop ’em in the freezer and when I’m ready to eat, just let it defrost, warm it up in the oven/microwave and enjoy!

Savory Breakfast Muffins2

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