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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Keeping Bananas Fresher Longer

You’ll go bananas over this tip to help keep your bananas fresher, longer! A seriously easy trick that actually works!

“Go Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” First, you’re welcome for that cheer stuck in your brain all day. Trust me it’s been playing over and over in my head for the past few hours as I was typing this. It’s like a bad cheer at a football game and that’s the only cheer they know so it’s repeated a hundred bajillion times. Second, I never thought of doing this trick until I kept noticing it on the type of bananas I bought and then I finally researched it.  Once I read why it worked I was like “DUH!  You should have paid more attention in science class in high school because every 9th grader knows this!”

So let’s face it, one can only eat so much banana bread/muffins/pancakes/cupcakes/cakes, puddings/custards/cookies/smoothies that involve ripened bananas. I seriously love bananas – a little tinge of green at the tips with a vibrant yellow body is positively perfect for me. When I was training and working out like it was my job I was cramping up pretty bad.  An increase in my potassium helped with that.  And ever since them I’m at least a one-banana-a-day kind of girl.  So I was easily buying 2-3 bunches a week. However when I got hurt with my shoulder I was still buying that many bananas however I couldn’t eat them fast enough.  Oh trust me I’d bake like a fiend but again you can only have so much banana-based foods before it starts to wear thin.

So I stopped buying bananas… for like a week.  I love bananas and I cut back but then I realized that if I only bought one bunch (about 5 bananas per a bunch) that it wasn’t enough for Mr. Fantabulous and I for the week. It was a struggle when we’d get down the last banana – do I eat it and make him have his cereal without one or do I show him that I love him more by leaving it for him.  Yes, these real things in my house.

Anyway, the one day I’m at the grocery store buying bananas and the normal ones I bought were pretty crappy looking while the ones labeled organic looked positively gorgeous.  So even though they were slightly a bit more expensive you could just tell by looking at them they were going to be good.  When I got home I put the groceries away and peeled one. OMG seriously.. this was unlike any banana I had ever had.  I mean it was so amazing.  It tasted fresh and the banana taste was just intense.  It was so good that I called Mr. Fantabulous out to the kitchen just to try one.  Even though I got the side eye look as I was forcing him to take a bite as soon as he tasted it he totally agreed how awesome they were.  Since that I was hooked and back up to 2 bunches a day.

Go Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – TKW Family Tips & Tricks

Happy Tuesday TKW Family!  Today I’m letting you guys take over this post and share some of your best kitchen tips and tricks either that were passed down in your family, ones you’ve come up with yourselves or even ones you’ve found online that rock.

If you have a kitchen tip, trick or hack, let me know and I can include you in the next round up!


“Always use room temperature eggs when baking. It adds to a better lift”, Sara
Grind up pork rinds. Works as well and no carbs – perfect for diabetics for bread crumb substitute.”, Bill
“Layer flavors and use salt while you are cooking.” Jan
Clean as you go!”, Pam
“Buttermilk freezes!”, May
“When making pie crust, replace some of the ice water with a tablespoon or two of ice-cold vodka. It makes the crust flakier!”, Jackie
“Cook in volume and freeze in single size containers. Easy to grab for a lunch bag or when in need of a quick dinner!”, Jennifer Jo
“Rub your dry herbs between your fingers and palm to release the oils/fragrance (by the heat of your hand).”, Sara
“When frosting a cake put wax paper/parchment paper/ foil just under the edges all around then frost. When done pull the paper out and the plate will be clean and look almost professional!”, Jessica
“To cut down on gas, add a quartered potato to your pinto beans while they cook. It absorbs much of the enzyme that causes the problem. DO NOT EAT THE POTATO!”, Carolyn
On either end of the aluminum foil box there were little tabs that punch in to secure the role.”, Anonymous
“When cooking with butter, add a little olive oil to lower the smoke temperature.”, Sara
Have all of your ingredients measured ahead of time.”, Pamela
“Make your own buttermilk by mixing 1 cup of milk with 1 tablespoon white vinegar and let set for 5 minutes.”, Jamie
Throw out dried herbs that are older than 6 months old.  They lose their potency by that time.”, Michael
Pour leftover wine in ice cube trays and freeze.  Add them to stews and broths for a more richer taste!”, George
Don’t use regular ice cubes to chill lemonade or juice drinks.  Simply make a double batch and freeze the juice or lemonade into ice cubes.  Use those to keep your drinks cold without watering them down!”, Chelsea
Use a stand mixer to easily shred chicken or pork!  I learned that from you TKW!“, Ruth

Do you have a favorite kitchen tip or trick?  Share it and we can add yours to the next roundup!

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