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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Freezer Smoothie Packs

On today’s Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m sharing with you how to have make Freezer Smoothie Packs so you can just grab, blend and go!

Living in Pittsburgh you get fresh fruits and vegetables maybe 3-4 months out of the year. However what we do get are the benefits of 4 true changes in the seasons. While I wish we had more summer days and less rain/cold days I can’t complain too much as Pittsburgh itself is an incredible city. I love it here, the people, the atmosphere…just not the weather. So when we do have fresh fruits and veggies season I make sure I take full advantage of it. I buy tons of it and freeze in bulk.

Smoothies have come a long way since when I was little. Back in the 80’s the closest thing we had to a smoothie was the Orange Julius at the local mall. Now there were rumors going around saying you could also get a raw egg blended in yours. However I can’t say if that’s certain or not. God I haven’t had one of those drinks in decades. Man I loved them too! Every Friday night we ‘d go to the mall to hang out, hit up Spencers, scope out the boys and always, always, always get a large Orange Julius. Today we have moved towards our own smoothies – adding protein powder, peanut butter, spinach and kale. Yes kale.. on purpose. Yeah sorry but kale to me is over done but hey it’s all good; to each their own, right?

Now I’m posting this in the middle of winter, yeah I know. I just got done telling you that you can’t get fresh fruits and veggies now (well at least if you live where I do) but I want to you to make freezer smoothie packs. Genius, I know. LOL But don’t despair, you can still make these with fresh-flash frozen fruits.
No matter what time of the year it is, these freezer smoothie packs are perfect and easy to make!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Sticking to your new year’s resolution

On this week’s Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer I’m sharing with you some simple tips to help you stick with your new year’s resolution of living a healthier lifestyle.

Okay one week done in the new year, bring on week 2.  How are you doing with your new year’s resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle?  Just remember take one day at a time.  I know it sounds cliche but honestly it works.  Now I know it can be frustrating at times especially when you go to the gym and you have to stand in line to take a class or use a machine.  It’s easy to say ‘forget it’ and give up but don’t.  The first 6 weeks of the new year gyms are RIDICULOUSLY packed however come week 7 it starts to thin out and by the end of February it’s back to the normal gym crew that chose to make a lifestyle change rather than a “resolution to lose a few pounds”. Hey I’m not knocking them – I’m all for exercise and making better choices but what I don’t want to see is you becoming another stat of those that cancel their membership come March. You go this!

Now before I go let me state that by no means am I a health expert nor in tip top shape.  I got jiggle and flubadub but I’m working on that – it’s a lifelong process but it’s one that’s in the right direction. So the tips I share with you guys are ones that work for me and have worked for the past 10 years.

Here are some of my tips that work for me and hopefully will work for you.!

You got this! Don’t give up!

Cucumber Ham Rollups

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeyondTheSandwich #CollectiveBias

So when you think of deli meats and cheeses I’m betting 99% of you are thinking about a sandwich, right? If you’re like me you grew up on taking a bagged lunch or lunch box to school with some piece of fruit, either a bag of chips or a cookie and a sandwich.  If mine wasn’t pb&j it was bologna or ham and cheese. However times are changing. We’re more cognizant of the foods we eat, what it’s made with and honestly if it’s on the healthier side.  Kids lunches are getting more diverse and we are getting more adventurous in the kitchen. I, for one, am loving this.

When it comes to deli meats and cheeses I am a HUGE snob.  I’m sorry but I want QUALITY, incredible flavor and frankly, no additive crap in it.  I’ve been buying Castle Wood Reserve® deli meats and cheese for quite some time now.  Mr. Fantabulous and I both love them as they taste incredible and I never have to worry about ‘stuff’ in them. So when these great folks reached out to me asking me to take their deli products beyond the sandwich I went with something, honestly, I’ve been making for quite sometime now.

Cucumber Ham Rollsups7

You see I love bread, carbs, dough… all that deliciousness is incredible BUT it’s the bane of my existence when it comes to losing weight.  I swear I see a loaf of bread and without even taking one bite my thighs jiggle just a tad more.  Or if I see a roll, it’s like “HELLO let’s add some flabby here”.  So I had to find alternatives and reduce my bread intake.  That’s when I turned to veggies.  I use veggies not only for pasta and pizza (yes try my spaghetti squash pizza crust!) but also for ‘sandwiches’ or in this case, rolls and wraps.
Totally delicious, totally easy and way healthier than other rolls!

Weekly Menu

Happy New Year TKW Family! This post kicks off the first weekly menu for 2016.  If you’re like most breathing individuals on the planet you’ve made a resolution either to lose weight, eat healthier or just get more in shape.  I’m one of the apparently non-breathing folks (haha) as I don’t believe in resolutions.  To me they are promises you make to yourself that, let’s face it, we often fail at.  I from the thinking of “I want to make a lifestyle change”.  To me that speak longevity and permanent results.

So for me, having battled weight issues my entire life it’s about a healthy lifestyle which includes making more healthy conscious food decisions with a balance of exercise.  Being that I LOVE food, maybe a bit more exercise. The thing is eating healthy doesn’t mean you eat birdseed or rice cakes with water.  No, it’s about everything in moderation.  For me, this is what has worked for me these past 15+ years.  Am I rail thin?  Nope. I don’t want that.  Sure I have some jiggle and I’m not your size 6 but I’m healthy and fit.

It’s not about being skinny but about being fit.  Will I get rid of the jiggle?  Maybe yes, maybe no but I’m okay with that.  And here’s the kicker – I still eat “bad” at times.  Pizza is my all time favorite food.  I love cheese.  I’d pimp out Mr. Fantabulous for one of my brownies.  However I can eat those AND still lose weight and be healthy.  How so?  I know how my body works, what foods I crave, my protein intake and how much exercise I need to do.

Like look at this menu for the week – it’s healthy, you can have pizza, you can have cookies.  Heck you can even have bacon!  The food is filling without being hard on your waist.  The thing is for me is to not beat myself up if I feel my yoga pants getting tight.  I just adjust what I’m eating and modify my workout schedule. Now some may say “But Lor, you workout twice a day – I don’t have that time.” Well for me it was making sacrifices – get up 20 minutes earlier.  You half of your lunch to exercise – even if it’s just to walk.  No more drive thru… EVER.  No, EVER! And even if you do everything “right” with your food and exercise regime but your scale is going up… DON’T PANIC.  Remember MUSCLES WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT!  Read that again.  MUSCLE IS HEAVIER THAN FAT!  So if you’re eating right and exercising but your scale is going up it means you’re making muscle.  Muscle burns fat. THIS IS GOOD.

Trust me, this took me YEARS to accept and comprehend but it makes perfect sense.  So as for the scale – I maybe get on it once a month.  I go by how I look, feel and how my clothes fit.  That’s the true test.  And there are always nutritionists out there than can help and educate.  Same with trainers at the gym.

So with that, go make 2016 your best year yet.

Monday –  Skinny Chicken Burrito Bowl
Tuesday – Skinny Baked Frittatas
Wednesday – Italian Style Zucchini Ribbon Noodle Pasta
Thursday – Grilled Chicken Salad – Best Salad Ever!
Friday – Baked Pepperoni Pizza Egg Roll Cheese Sticks
Saturday –  Hearty Healthy Vegetarian Lettuce Spoons
Sunday – California Whitefish Soft Tacos
Dessert of the week – Simple Skinny Banana Cookies

Countdown to Christmas 2015 Day 8: Skinny Chicken Salad

One thing I absolutely LOVE about my pressure cooker is that I can whip up a big batch of Perfectly Poached Chicken Breasts in minutes. Once I have the chicken done, I can transform that into a ton of different recipes.  This recipe is one that I simply adore as it’s easy, healthy AND delicious!

Skinny Chicken Salad2

This is a great go-to dish for a post-workout meal that is filling, packed with protein, low in carbs and did I mention that it’s DELICIOUS?
Your yoga pants are going to love you with this recipe!

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