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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Crispy Skin Oven Baked Chicken

Just one simple pantry ingredient is all you need to create seriously delicious crispy skin oven baked chicken!

So before there were Air Fryers folks were struggling with getting crispy skinned oven baked chicken. Oh sure you could deep fry it or skillet fry it but the whole purpose was to reduce the amount of added fat and calories. And yes I know some folks say chicken skin is bad – I get it but seriously, there are those moments when we all need that extra added crunchification factor to our juicy chicken! I mean KFC has been around all these years for a reason – their crunchy chicken is a huge factor.  If you’re like me you’ve tried a million different ways – baking it with oil or broiling it but you never quite get that same ‘fried’ crunch.

Until now… *wink*

Just one simple ingredient (and okay patience) is all you really need.
Just because you eat baked chicken doesn’t mean you have to go without the crispy skin!!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Fresh Herb Chopping Trick You Should Know

Find out today how to prevent fresh herbs from flying all over creation when you chop them with this simple trick!

I am a HUGE fan of fresh herbs. If I had the time I would literally have an entire garden dedicated to just fresh herbs. Basil, Cilantro and Parsley are my 3 besties in the kitchen. The smell of fresh dill, lavender and thyme are amazing. Rosemary…eh, not so much. It tastes like soap and it’s prickly which means I get jabbed like the dickens when I work with it. Plus if I’m being fully transparent here, I kill it. Every single Christmas I buy one of those Rosemary shaped Christmas trees for the kitchen and every January it’s dead. Like it shatters when you touch it dead. I’ve made peace with it that I’ll never grow it and I’m okay with that.

So while I have a pantry full of dried spices I’ll reach for fresh any day. There’s just something comforting about using fresh herbs albeit it the smell, the colors or just that ‘freshness’ it imparts on a dish. Plus the colors are so much more vibrant (obviously). I LOVE making Sunday gravy and seeing ribbons of fresh basil throughout. Or when I make a pizza on Friday night and I see the fresh oregano and basil sprinkled on top. To me, fresh herbs = homemade – at least visually.

However one thing that can be a pain about dealing with fresh herbs is chopping them. Sure you can roll them up if they are leaves or do your best to squinch (squinch is a combination of squish and pinch in TKW language) it up real tight and chop it small. What ends up happening? It flies all over the board. Well today I’m sharing with you a simple trick that can help prevent this!

What are your go-to herbs?

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Getting rid of air bubbles in cake batter

You make the perfect cake batter. It tastes like pure heaven. You bake it and when you turn it out you find that it’s full of air holes and pockets. Find out today how to stop this from happening!

I was asked over the weekend “How do get your cakes to not have those funky hole-y type textures and holes all through out it?”. It was from that discussion that I found that they really didn’t understand some cake baking simple concepts – room temperature ingredients, creaming butters, sifting dry ingredients, prepping the cake pans to air pockets in the batters.  Stuff that, honestly, I tend to take for granted as I’ve been baking for decades that I just assumed people knew the basics. Shame on me. So today, let’s cover one of the basics – air bubbles in your batter.

The type of flour you use is important. When I make cakes most of the time I use cake flour as it doesn’t have as high of a protein count as AP flour. The higher the protein, the more gluten. Like you would never use bread or pizza flour to make a cake. Well you could if you wanted a chewy cake. But even if you use cake flour, if you over mix it you can cause gluten to form. Thus leading to holes in your cakes.

Just bang the pan!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Difference between dark and light baking pans

You’re about to bake a cake and the instructions give 2 different times depending on the type of pan you use. Find out today the difference between light and dark baking pans.

At some point in all of our lives we’ve bought a boxed baking mix and somewhere in the directions it said “dark coated pans bake 25 minutes at 325 F and light coated pans bake 30 minutes at 350F” or similar. But do you know why this is the case? And do you know that there actually is a difference on when you should use each type?  Well today I’m sharing you the skinny on all of this stuff.

The differences:

Dark Pans – Pretty simple really, dark pans are made out of dark materials; think cast iron for example. Because they are dark they tend to absorb and retain the heat. But the downfall of these items is that they take longer to heat up.

Get your Pan 101 knowledge on!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Using Fruit and Chocolate Chips in Cake

Love to bake cakes, muffins and cupcakes but hate it when you add fruit or chocolate chips to the batter only to have them fall to the bottom of the dessert? Find out on today’s Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer the bakery secret to prevent it from falling!

So you picked the perfect basket of blueberries or bought the most amazing chocolate chips. Your stomach is grumbling at the thought of those luscious items in your best cake or muffin. You whip up the batter (while sneaking a few tastes for yourself). You add in those luscious berries or sinful chocolate chips being ever-so-careful not to crush them or break them. You hold your breath as you put the pan into the oven and then you sit there, staring at the oven door silently willing time go faster just so you can eat the end result. You pull it out of the oven and the smell just consumes you but you wait till they cool as you know better. Finally, it’s time to cut it and <insert failure sound> all of those gorgeous berries you cradled so lovingly, all of those sinful chips all fell to the bottom of the dessert leaving you with nothing more than a layer of disappointment.

Has this happened to you? Yeah, me too. Sucks, huh? Oh sure I’ll still eat the dessert but to be honest, the flavor isn’t quite the same. You get too much of fruit or chocolate (though let’s be real, is there ever a thing of too much chocolate?) in one bite and none in the other. The ratio of cake/muffin to mix-in is way off. Plus to be honest, if it’s muffin or cake you’ll end up with a soggy bottom from the fruit. And let’s be real here, no one wants a soggy bottom! But today I have a super simple trick to help you fix this and prevent it in the future!
No more falling mix-ins with this tip!

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