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Halloween Candy Bar Blondies


Your skinny jeans are going to hate you.  Your yoga pants will laugh in your face the moment you go to reach for them.  Stretchy pants will be your best friend and no pants well, that will be the best thing ever. However there are things in life that make stretchy pants worth it… like these leftover Halloween candy bar blondies.  Dear God they are so worth it! So okay as you know I do live a healthy lifestyle.  I firmly believe in eating healthy, working out and doing everything in moderation.  However the day I made these, well yeah… let’s just say moderation did not exist in my vocabulary. Am I sorry?  HELL NO!  LOL

Halloween Candy Bar Blondies4

I mean seriously, look at these bars.  LOOK AT THEM!  All that chocolate and gooey caramel on top, those chunks of candy bars and that tender chewy blondie.  This…THIS made everything single thing right in the world. THIS is what we need to gain world peace.  Just give everyone these and no more problems…well at least for the 3.5 seconds it takes them to inhale them.  Oh no trust me, you’ll do your very best to eat them slowly.  You take that first nibble and taste it.  You’ll take one more bite, bigger and as soon as all those flavors hit your tongue you’ll shove the entire thing into your mouth.  Okay fine, maybe just *I* did that but dear God… speechless

Your kids won’t complain when you steal some of their Halloween candy to make these!

Snickers Ebelskivers

If you’re like me, you’re at the stores at the butt crack o’dawn after every major holiday that involves food – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July and so forth.  You want the discounted candy, props, plates, platters and food porn props for next year.  Well okay, maybe not the candy part though we won’t discuss my friend, Liz (my black hearted little sister from another mother) who keeps candy a ridiculously long time.  Either the girl has incredible self-control orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr she buys in bulk *wink*  Love you Liz!

Well it’s because of that BHLS, Liz, that I first learned about ebelskivers. Liz is that friend that always teaches me things about new and different foods. She’s the one that introduced me to Lebanese food, falafels, a million and 7 amazing cookbooks and ebelskivers. She’s been trying for years to convince me that curry is like one of the best things ever but sorry hon, no way.  I can’t get past the smell. When she first mentioned ebelskivers I was like “huh? ebel wha?”  Ebelskivers are a Danish pancake that cook up in a special pan with these cute little wells in it to form these fluffy pancake puffs filled with…anything you want! Seriously, ANYTHING YOU WANT!  I mean we’re talking chocolate, fruit, cream, nuts but don’t stop there.  Go savory with pizza toppings, cheeses, meats… the list goes on pretty much forever.  Kinda like my love for my BHLS!

Candy Bar Ebelskivers

Now while my BHLS raved over these little things I was on the fence about buying another specialty pan. When I was younger I’d fall prey to that “Buy this pan and it’ll do this AND walk your dog” hoopla.  Not often but I did on a few things.  So when she spoke about this thing I wasn’t so much apprehensive but rather “Will I use it enough to justify buying it?”  Thing is, it’s very inexpensive and so friggen adorable.  I mean seriously, tell me you don’t get a big smile on your face when you see a little mini cast iron pan or one of these teeny butter sauce pans. They are just too cute for words!
Kinda like me, I’m too cute for words! BAHAHA!

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