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Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Years ago when I heard someone mention them making chicken that had a peanut butter sauce on it I thought they were nuts.  I mean peanut butter on chicken?  For real?  I mean bacon sure because bacon literally goes with EVERYTHING! Yes, EVERYTHING!  Name one thing that it doesn’t… go on, I’ll wait.


Yeah, thought not. LOL But anyway, peanut butter… that’s just weird, right?  NOPE!  OMG Thai Peanut sauce is the BOMB!  OMG!  Seriously I would not steer your wrong on this.  It’s not your typical pb&j taste but rather it’s creamy, nutty (duh) and with the Thai flavors a bit of heat on the back end of your throat. You can add as little as much heat as you like.  For me it’s just a beautiful well-balanced flavor that is killer!  And OMG that sauce on a chicken or turkey burger!!!  For real, it’s off the hook!

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps12

Wait, did I just write “off the hook”???  What am I 21 (I wish!)?  Dear lord I’m losing it.  HAHAHA  So let’s dish about this dish.  If I had to describe it in one word I’d have to say fanfriggentastic!  It’s light but filling.  I don’t have to feel guilty eating 2 or 4 of them as the carbs are almost nil and it’s healthy. Yes I know it has peanut butter in it but it’s not a huge amount.  Plus it’s high in protein!  GO CHICKEN!
Ditch the bun and go for this healthy wrap!

Hearty Healthy Vegetarian Lettuce Spoons

As the new year kicks off, the 2nd week of the year is the 2nd hardest weeks to keep those diet New Years Resolutions.  See people have the mindset that losing weight or dieting is a punishment; that you should do without.  That food is cardboard, flavorless and well, you eat nothing but bunny food.  I’ve hoped I’ve showed you over the years that healthy does not mean flavorless, nor is working out or dieting a punishment.  I never liked the word ‘dieting’ actually.  All you’re doing is changing up your lifestyle and your habits.  The thing is, if you change up your food intake you HAVE to change up your exercise routine albeit create one and introduce it into your weekly schedule or mix it up with intensity.  Always consult your doctor first as to what your level of activity is for sure.

Now it’s funny, growing up you couldn’t pay me to eat vegetables other than potatoes and corn.  If you put an onion or mushroom in front of me you would have thought you set my baby doll on fire by how I reacted.  LOL  However as I got older and my taste buds evolved, I learned to appreciate those things in recipes for the depth of flavor that they added to a dish.  And just like Brussels Sprouts, I realized that they well… didn’t suck.  Huh… who knew?  Mama was right all those years ago after all.  They won’t kill me. Haha!

It was early Sunday morning and I had just returned home from the Butchers.  It was one of those too early for lunch but kinda past breakfast time. Well okay it was like 10:30ish and I felt ‘guilty’ for wanting to make these as it’s not lunch food.  But hey, it’s my kitchen and I can do what I want… right?  LOL


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