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Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the BBQ Crack Chicken Casserole – Tots, Crispy Bacon, Cheeeeese and BBQ Ranch Sauce! and Lord Have Mercy Triple B Burgers!

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter TKW Family! So full confession, I didn’t realize it was Easter week until this past Thursday. That’s how crazy my work schedule has been. But this, God willing, is the last week I have to put in 16-17 hour work days as our project goes live over this upcoming weekend.  So let’s dish about last week (and today – all I’m going to say is I. AM. AN. IDIOT!  You’ll find out why later in the post). Since I transitioned to working from home I tend to take some things for granted – wearing real pants, makeup, a bra (TMI I know) and traffic. Well, I had to go into the office on Wednesday for a meeting and OMG you want to talk about torture!  The night prior was kind of like the night before the first day of school. Like you go to bed early but then you lay there watching the clock. It’s like you’re anxious or something. Weird, huh?

Thankfully I didn’t have to stay there all day and could finish the rest of my bajillion hours at home – in my comfy pants. Every night we worked on the flooring. Today we will be DONE. DONE. DONE with installing the hardwood!  This has been a long time coming!  However, we still have so much more work to do and what’s funny is we’re killing ourselves remodeling it just to sell the house. It wasn’t in bad shape whatsoever; it was just dated. We just, honestly, bit off more than we could chew. However, I thank God every day for being married to Mr. Fantabulous as he literally is that guy that can design, build and fix anything. There has yet to be one thing that he hasn’t been able to fix. When the house is all done I’ll post before/after pics. He should be on one of those HGTV shows for the work he has done on this house.

Now Friday I was supposed to be off, however, I had to work to get work done for the project. We had every plan on going to the movies but that fell to the wayside due to the flooring and work. However, we did go over later that night to our friend’s house to chill out by the fire. Was nice to just relax ya know?  Saturday was a busy day for us – I had 4 photo shoots I had to get done, feed him and apparently “WE” had to go to Lowes and Home Depot.  Yes “WE”…. just shoot me. ugh!

I’m still trying to hit the lottery. Oprah won’t adopt me and I need a vacation!

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Pressure Cooker Boneless Thick-Cut Pork Chops with Oniony Mashed potatoes and Pork Gravy! and Grandma’s Orange Cream Ice Box Pie!

2 more weeks people; 2 more weeks and my critical path project (phase 1) will be done. And what that means is I’m taking a day off of work. Yes, a real day off of work. LOL  Now it may not sound like such a big thing but trust me, these past 3 months or so have been kicking my butt big time. Putting in 16-17+ work days, plus working on the hardwood flooring and running TKW I’ve truly been pushing the limits of little to no sleep. But sometimes being an adult you have to suck it up and do your best. Thankfully Mr. Fantabulous has been truly patient and understanding with me if I get cranky/snappy/well okay b*thchy. I try not to but I’m just mentally and physically done.

But last week, while hell with work, wasn’t too bad until it went from 65F and sunny to 27F with snow up to 73 with monsoon rain. So needless to say allergies are in full swing. And of course, that night when I told Mr. Fantabulous that I wasn’t feeling well but that it was just allergies he said he wasn’t feeling well. Why is this?  Is it sympathy sickness or some other guy thing? Now I can’t speak to if the ladies do the same but for me, my husband ALWAYS “gets sick” when I announce I’m not feeling well.  However the day the man says he has cramps I’m done. LOL Ah but I love him none the less. So needless to say he mas a Man Cold.

So last week we decided to use up one of those free birthday things you get from restaurants. Now for the past 2 years on our birthdays, this place sends us $30 vouchers for a free meal and every time we go we say “never again” as it’s always a disappointment. So yes, even if it’s a free meal, if it’s not good it’s not worth cashing in. However Tuesday night we were exhausted and the thought, honestly of making dinner was painful. Like I cook every day but I just was hashtag #soovercooking that night. I grabbed the card and asked “do you just want to go here?  The worst case scenario we eat chips and salsa.”  We get there and since it was one of those almost 70F days out we sat outside at the bar. The barmaid was super nice and recommended 2 of their newest dishes – some type of steak and street corn tacos and barbacoa nachos. He ordered the tacos and I got the nachos thinking “it’s just nachos, something little.” OMG folks this thing, when she brought it out I swear she needed a forklift. It was on a platter and HUGE!  I mean in Donald Trump’s voice “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!”

I say we hit the lottery and move to some tropical island. You in?

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Italian Rocket and Ultimate Oven Roasted Chicken!

God is it Sunday already?  It’s funny because Monday through Friday went so painstakingly slow yet Friday night and Saturday were a blur. So last week was cray-cray as usual. 100 hour work weeks, full time TKW job, working on the house and trying to celebrate Mr. Fantabulous’ birthday. Since we had gone out the weekend before his birthday the actual day of his birthday we kept it low key. For dinner I made him one of his all time favorites – Linguine di Mare and Angel Food cake for dessert. Two things I so am not a fan of. Well the linguine I actually hate as I cannot stand mussels or clams like that. And Angel food cake always, always taste like cherries which you all know I’d rather cut off my arm than eat one. I know it’s the almond extract that gives it that flavor and if you omit it, well it tastes like nothing. I’ve put vanilla in it prior and it was okay but not the same.

Making that cake though, honestly was kind of rough. You see that was my sister, Dianna’s, all time favorite cake. She’d never cut it but rather she’d pull off pieces, roll it into a ball and then drop them in a glass of milk using a spoon to scoop them out. Ever since I was wee little she did that. So as I was making it I did tear up (as I am now) because I really, really miss her. To think she’s been gone now only a few months just doesn’t seem real. What I wouldn’t give to hear her laugh again or look into her jaw-dropping blue eyes.

I was actually surprised that Mr. Fantabulous asked for this cake as normally for his birthday I make him his childhood favorite.  Mama Fantabulous makes this Austrian Sponge cake that’s 4 layers and filled with a super light whipped cream, pineapple and strawberry filling. It’s HUGE and so light and airy.  It’s a pain to make as you have to make it all by hand, even the cake mix.

So of course thinking I could be ahead of the game I bought all of the ingredients I needed to make that cake only he turned around the day prior and said he wanted the Angel Food cake to which I had to go back to the store as I had only 3 eggs in the house and I need about a dozen for my cake. Oy! The things we do for our loved ones.

Oh Sunday I hope you last 48 hours today instead of 24~

Weekly Menu

Okay seriously this day needs to last more than 24 hours. I have sooooooooooo much to get done today and considering I jacked up my ‘good’ shoulder yesterday pretty bad, it’s going to be cutting it close to the wire to get it all done. But I’ll manage, I always do.

So let’s see, what’s new in my world?  Well my radiator decided to start leaking ANNNNNNNNND my condenser decided to break which meant in the 90+ degree weather and 876% humidity I drove around with little to no air conditioning.  Since the leak wasn’t too bad I drove to work while carrying extra neon stuff in my car while we waited for the new part to come in. Now I could have easily went and bought a new car but here’s the thing – I’m stubborn.  No, really, I’m stubborn.  Imagine that! *wink*  I don’t want to invest in a new car while I still drive over 100+ miles a day for work. It’s not worth it and it’ll just end up putting more wear and tear on the car.   Right now Mr. Fantabulous has my car apart and is waiting on one more part to come in that was supposed to be in yesterday.  Let’s pray it comes in soon as I need my car for work tomorrow.


Well I finally have my counter tops all finished and in.  They look beautiful but dear God what an ABSOLUTE nightmare!  I will never, never, NEVER use either company again.  I’m still on the fence of exposing them publicly. What I will do is if any of you in the Pittsburgh or Ohio region want to know, email me and I’ll tell you who NOT to use.

Now the completion of my counter tops leads us to how I jacked up my shoulder yesterday pretty bad. I was in the process of putting my ‘stuff’ back into the cabinets and one of my last trips was putting away the cast iron pots and pans. I had about 15 of them at once (yeah I know, stupid) which weighed a good 50+ pounds easily. I bent over and picked them up no biggie.  As I was walking from where we stored them to the kitchen I felt a ‘twinge’ in my good shoulder and then this “POP” that literally took my breath away. Immediately white hot searing fire went into my shoulder, I dropped the pans (thankfully onto these rubber mats we have in our gym) and down I went.  Did you ever get hurt so bad that you literally kinda just sit there, holding your breath and in shock?  Yeah, that was me. Needless to say I’ve been babying it, icing it and even took happy pills last night.

Today it still hurts pretty bad but if it’s no better by middle/end of the week I’ll go see my shoulder doc. Like I said, stubborn.

What else?  OH OH OH so you remember last week when I shared with you my love of Ibotta? So many of you have signed up and are now raking in the money with your rebates!  And once you redeem your first rebate within 30 days you also get included on the TKW Family Teamwork bonuses! Right now I’m up over $80!  Definitely sign up and redeem your first rebate!



Monday –   Italian Veggie Stuffed Zucchini Boats
Tuesday – Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Cheesy Ranch Centers
Wednesday –  Proposal Chicken – Ultimate Roasted Chicken
Thursday – Spinach Stuffed Peppers
Friday –  Guinness Corned Beef Reuben Pizza
Saturday –  Crispy Baked Chicken Croquettes
Sunday – Mexican Baked Boneless Beef Short Ribs
Dessert of the week – Peach Slab Pie with Streusel Crumble

Weekly Menu

Wow we’re already a week into August.  I can remember growing up I used to love/hate the beginning of August.  I hated it because I had to go back to school.  Now see it wasn’t that I hated school; in fact I loved school but I was bored easily.  I was that kid that the classes were always too easy.  That kid that blew the grading curve.  I just wasn’t challenged enough.  So often I’d have side work from the teachers to work on, more advanced.  I wasn’t a brainiac or the smartest kid in my class but for some reason school just came easy to me.  Well except physics – god I hated physics.

But what I loved about it being August was all the back to school shopping!  Now I was never into clothes – how can you be when you’re the fat kid?  When all of your girlfriends were shopping for jordache and gloria vanderbilt stuff and you’re stuck in the women’s department.  No, that wasn’t fun.  BUT school supplies… that’s where it’s at.  All those pens, papers, tablets, rulers, erasers and STICKERS!!!  GOD I was obsessed with stickers!!! Mom would let me spend $20 on school supplies but she had one rule – no using or even touching them UNTIL school started.

THAT. WAS. TORTURE! How do you buy a kid the cool erasers, the most awesomest Trapper Keeper (remember them???), colored pens and pencils and forth.  However she always broke down the night before school started so I could organize my notebooks, put my name on them, the subject and decorate them with stickers.


So Friday I had to run out and grab some more sketch books (I use them to plan my posts, weekly meals and color code them for protein/veggie/dairy and so forth).  Of course I had to go through the school supplies aisle for these.  And just like that I because a little kid all over again looking at the markers, pens, notebooks, pencils and erasers.  First – my GOD did the stuff get expensive! And second – yes I bought ‘school supplies’.  I just had to.

For this week’s menu I’m keeping it simple but giving a variety to choose from.  However don’t skip dessert – seriously don’t skip it.  It’s one of my all time favorites!

Oh also, before you go grocery shopping make sure you sign up for Ibotta!  This app has been AWESOME and gives me money back on my every day grocery items!


My referral code is: rkhavaw When you sign up and earn your first rebate (say just for buying bananas) within the first 30 days you get an additional $10!


Monday –   Cowboy Meatballs with Cowboy BBQ Sauce over home fries
Tuesday – Pressure Cooker Asian Sticky Ginger Chicken Thighs
Wednesday –  Sunrise Breakfast Taters
Thursday – Shaved Brussels Sprouts salad with crispy pancetta
Friday –  BBQ Chicken Pasta Pizza Bread Bowl
Saturday –  Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce Crispy Baked Oven Fried Wings
Sunday – Spicy Shrimp in a white wine marinara sauce
Dessert of the week – Brownie Peanut Butter Cup Fudgy Ganache Cake


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