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Nordic Ware Fleur De Lis Bundt Pan – Simply Beautiful

This post is being sponsored by Nordic Ware featuring their absolutely beautiful Fleur De Lis Bundt Pan. For as long as I can remember Sundays meant homemade bread, roast with potatoes and a bundt cake. They were humble cakes that were simplistic in ingredients but elegant in appearance and decadent in flavor. When I received this Fleur De Lis Bundt Pan I immediately got a smile on my face and a sense of comfort in my heart. Nordic Ware pans have been a mainstay in my family for generations.


Mom and Grandma loved their Nordic Ware bundt pans but more importantly, they trusted in them and their products.  And if they loved and trusted them then I did.  Mom always knew best!

Nordic Ware – Mom and Grandma approved!

Nordic Ware Cookies & Cream Pan – Every Home Needs This Pan!

This post is being sponsored by Nordic Ware featuring their AMAZING Cookies & Cream Baking Pan. For almost the past year I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the amazing folks from Nordic Ware as one of their elite key bloggers that partners up regularly with them for new product launches, product demos, giveaways, contests and other sweet things throughout the year to review. This round when I received this pan to review I literally shrieked out in happiness!  I first saw this pan a few months ago while on their website and immediately fell in love.  Cookies cups filled with milk are the latest trend out there in bakeries.

I’ve seen a few other types of pans as well that are 2-pieces as some pan companies that say just take a muffin pan, turn it over and bake the cookie on the outside of the well.  Yeah, I tried that and you know what, it doesn’t work.  The cookies are dry and brittle and you don’t get that right shape. In my family Nordic Ware has been a trusted name for generations. And if Mom and Grandma trusted Nordic Ware, I’m definitively going to trust them!


As I said, I shrieked like a 13-year-old girl seeing my favorite boy band in person when I opened up the box.  This pan is BEAUTIFUL!  It’s a single piece which means I don’t have to worry about always having 2 parts to make these cups, no smushing pans together and it doesn’t take up a lot of room.  The shape reminds me of a honeycomb which is kinda cool and artsy.

Seriously EVERY HOME NEEDS THIS PAN! Take it beyond the cookie!

Snack Good. Feel Gooder! ZonePerfect – Perfectly Simple, Perfectly Delicious!

“Snack Good. Feel Gooder! #FeelGooder … what a perfect concept!  I’ve been a huge fan of ZonePerfect bars for years. They are the best protein bars out there that’s packed with amazing flavors and nutrition! They are an excellent snack food for when you’re on the go or need a healthy, post-workout snack.  So when I was contacted to review their new Perfectly Simple bars, I was ecstatic! Perfectly Simple bars are less than 200 calories, gluten-free protein bars perfect for on-the-go snacking!


My schedule is anything but simple. Working a regular full time job 50+ hours a week, running The Kitchen Whisperer is definitely a full time job then you add in 6 days a week work outs (about 1-2 hours long), chores and some semblance of a home/social life, there often isn’t enough time in the day.  So trying to add in time to eat let alone something healthy can be a struggle.  The typical person will just hit up a drive thru however I don’t do that. It’s just way too unhealthy and it’s just wasted calories.  No for me, I reach for one of these bars.

Read on for a great money-saving coupon!!!

Yoplait Plenti – Plentiful Greek Yogurt

Anyone that knows me knows I love yogurt; Greek yogurt specifically. I live a very high protein lifestyle and am often on the go so it’s refreshing to know that I can reach into my fridge, grab a container of Yoplait Plenti Greek yogurt and be on my merry way.  I don’t have to fret over added fats or sugars, tons of carbs or unwanted calories.  It’s high protein, it’s healthy and most important, it tastes amazing!


When I was approached by Yoplait to review their new Yoplait Plenti – Plentiful Greek Yogurt I was thrilled as they did all the work for me by adding in whole grain oats, flax and pumpkin seeds.  One of my favorite post-workout meals is a greek yogurt, fruit, oats, flax and some seeds mixed in with a little protein powder. By the addition of carbs to my protein I’m able to replenish the muscle glycogen that I burned during my workout. You see as you train, your main fuel source is muscle glycogen. Glycogen is the storage form of glucose. It is composed of long strings of glucose molecules with numerous branches.

The glucose break from the glycogen chain as needed in order to generate ATP, which transports chemical energy and is crucial for muscle contractions. Research confirms that the best way to replenish muscle glycogen stores after workouts is to consume high-glycemic (fast-digesting) carbs as soon as possible.

You so need to try this yogurt!!!

Cook with FLARE from NordicWare Plus a Giveaway!

This post is being sponsored by Nordic Ware FLARE with FIN Technology featuring their 3qrt FLARE Sauce Pan. I was selected by the amazing folks from Nordic Ware to be one of their elite key bloggers to partner up with regularly for new product launches, product demos, giveaways, contests and other sweet things throughout the year to review. This pan along with other incredible items are available on their website.  Plus see below about an amazing giveaway they are offering TKW Family members! While this is a compensated post, all comments and opinions are 100% my own.


So first off let’s talk aesthetics. This has to be the coolest design of a pot.  The base of FLARE Sauce Pan has a FIN type design. Me being an engineer, I was completely intrigued by this.  For me this was a definite first of a kind as I’m sure like you, every other pot or pan that I’ve encountered in my life has an either straight up and down side or a flared one however there were no grooves, notches and certainly no fins. Now I know you’re really only wanting to know “So TKW, how does it handle in the kitchen when you cook?”  I’ll get to that but I so need to geek out about this.

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