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Cucumber Cups with Creamy Chicken Whip

Easy, Healthy, Lo-Carb and Seriously Delicious are what these Cucumber Cups with Creamy Chicken Whip are all about! Cream cheese, chicken and spices whipped to a light mousse pipped into a cucumber cup.  Um HELLO!  YOU CAN EAT THE BOWL! 

*WARNING  – this post is deep and emotional* Wow, the end of January already.  I’ll be glad when this month is over because this month has sucked for me royally. The only thing that has been keeping me going is all of the healthy and delicious foods I’ve been whipping up.  With my sister’s recent passing I did something for the first time in my life – I went to food for comfort.  Food for comfort, not comfort food.  Big difference.  To me comfort foods make you feel all snuggly and hugged from the inside. They remind you of a memory, something that made you feel safe, loved, secure.

Yeah, no, food was nothing like that. I was (am still) so devastated that I literally was empty; numb. It’s like you are so sad that you can’t even cry if that makes sense. Mr. Fantabulous did everything perfect (and still does) to help me through the initial days after she passed to even now however I still felt … empty. I would just wander around the house, tissues in hand not really looking or focusing on one thing.  Even though not once did he ask for anything I would go out to the kitchen, cook/bake but it was like *I* was just going through the motions.  I had no appetite yet somehow all I did was eat.. non-stop.  So desperate to “feel” something other than sadness and pain.

…and that’s where food came into play. Food tastes good. It provides a type of satisfaction that is almost euphoric at times; it made me feel something other than pain. If it wasn’t nailed down or frozen solid I ate it. I did this for honestly about a day and that night I was sick as a dog. My body isn’t used to that.  That night I didn’t sleep much (from being so sad and from being so sick  – god my poor stomach) and started to think about what I had done.

So the next morning as I was making him his breakfast I started to reach for the jar of peanut butter and wheat bread (even though I literally ate a yogurt and protein shake like 10 minutes prior). I wasn’t hungry but it was like something my head triggered a “food = no more sadness” thought however this time I caught myself.  So I figured if I was going to eat (because honestly I cared but not really) I’d at least make healthy stuff that wouldn’t make me gain 50 pounds overnight or make me sick as a dog. Plus you know me, I firmly believe that eating healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor.
Eating healthy doesn’t mean you sacrifice flavor

Cucumber Ham Rollups

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeyondTheSandwich #CollectiveBias

So when you think of deli meats and cheeses I’m betting 99% of you are thinking about a sandwich, right? If you’re like me you grew up on taking a bagged lunch or lunch box to school with some piece of fruit, either a bag of chips or a cookie and a sandwich.  If mine wasn’t pb&j it was bologna or ham and cheese. However times are changing. We’re more cognizant of the foods we eat, what it’s made with and honestly if it’s on the healthier side.  Kids lunches are getting more diverse and we are getting more adventurous in the kitchen. I, for one, am loving this.

When it comes to deli meats and cheeses I am a HUGE snob.  I’m sorry but I want QUALITY, incredible flavor and frankly, no additive crap in it.  I’ve been buying Castle Wood Reserve® deli meats and cheese for quite some time now.  Mr. Fantabulous and I both love them as they taste incredible and I never have to worry about ‘stuff’ in them. So when these great folks reached out to me asking me to take their deli products beyond the sandwich I went with something, honestly, I’ve been making for quite sometime now.

Cucumber Ham Rollsups7

You see I love bread, carbs, dough… all that deliciousness is incredible BUT it’s the bane of my existence when it comes to losing weight.  I swear I see a loaf of bread and without even taking one bite my thighs jiggle just a tad more.  Or if I see a roll, it’s like “HELLO let’s add some flabby here”.  So I had to find alternatives and reduce my bread intake.  That’s when I turned to veggies.  I use veggies not only for pasta and pizza (yes try my spaghetti squash pizza crust!) but also for ‘sandwiches’ or in this case, rolls and wraps.
Totally delicious, totally easy and way healthier than other rolls!

Healthy Power Yogurt Bowls with Fruit, Crunchy Granola and Flaxseed

It’s funny as this recipe if you will though I don’t really consider it a ‘true’ recipe as you’re just putting stuff in a bowl and eating it. There’s no cooking involved and let’s be honest, you really don’t have to be exact with your measurements but hey, it’s all good. I mean this is pretty awesome and a “recipe’ ANYONE can follow. It’s just yogurt, protein powder, fresh fruits, granola and flaxseed – not to hard but OMG it’s so delicious!

Sorry, I butterflied on you – I never did finish my first thought. LOL So as I was saying, it’s funny how this recipe and other ‘bowls’ like this have become the latest ‘thing’ on Pinterest and 99% of the other blogs out there. Sorry but fruit, yogurt and granola in a bowl isn’t a new thing. I’ve been eating this ever since I was little and I’m old… LIKE REAL OLD. LOL Okay fine the new thing – flaxseed. Adding flaxseed all of a sudden took a 1970 dish and made it relevant and ‘new and improved’ (as she says in her best infomercial voice). LOL

Berry Grape Power Yogurt Bowls
Flaxseed – what it anyway? To me it’s tasteless, looks pretty much like sesame seeds and if you spill it, it’s a PITA to clean up (trust me, I know!) But this itsy bitsy little thing packs some pretty awesome health benefits! So when I decided to make this Healthy Power Yogurt Bowls with Fruit, Crunchy Granola I had to add flaxseed to the mix. Not only is it visually awesome in the pic but it’s great health benefits to the dish!
Take your boring cup of yogurt and make it beautiful & delicious!

Skinny Peanut Butter Protein Granola Bars

How many of you have tried powdered peanut butter? Now let me go on the record for stating this – I am a Jif peanut butter girl plain and simple.  I prefer the creamy however I can get down with the crunchy in a big way.  Mr. Fantabulous oh he’s a crunchy man all the way.  The one thing he doesn’t do that I do is eat it off the spoon.  That, yeah, that’s my downfall when it comes to peanut butter.  And I know, some nut butters are healthier than others but it’s still a ton of calories and fat.  And God knows that’s something my thighs don’t need. Well a while back I bought that powdered peanut butter just to see what it’s like, if it tastes like the real stuff but more importantly, how does it handle up to baked goods.

Skinny Peanut Butter Protein Granola Bars11

I’ve tried a few brands and I really like the one I listed above. It, when mixed with water, turns out just like “real” peanut butter. It’s creamy and tastes most like the real stuff. So what is powdered peanut butter anyway?  It’s essentially just powdered peanuts that have been pressed to remove much of the oil and fats. In the industry they are known as “defatted” peanuts.  Hmmm.. can I get defatted???  If only, huh?  Anyway you just need a little water to reconstitute it.  The amount of water you add will lead you to a super thick spread to a very thin spread. Use your judgement on this.
Are you a creamy or crunchy peanut butter fan?

Smashed Avocado Dippy Egg Breakfast Toast

More times than I can shake a stick at I get asked “TKW, what do YOU eat?”  Wait, what exactly does that phrase mean “more times than you can shake a stick at”? Why am I shaking a stick in the first place and who am I shaking it at?  Hmmm… do we have any etymology majors out there?  *shrugs*  Yeah so like I was saying I get asked “Well what do you eat for breakfast? or “What’s your favorite go-to recipe?”  For those of you that have been here forever you’ll already know the answer to that.  For those of you that are brand new to the TKW Family, my all time favorite food is pizza.  The perfect pizza is with bacon but then bacon, on its own, is a food group in my world. But since my metabolism pretty much ceases to exist I cannot live on pizza alone.  Well okay I could but I’d be bigger than the house.

What’s funny is when I tell folks my favorite go-to dish whether it’s a Saturday morning, a great post-work snack or something that I need quick and fast they act surprised.  It’s as if they expect something elaborate and out there. I’m going to let you in a little secret folks… most of us out there, we do eat normal foods just like you.  Just because our lives are so involved in food and all varieties of it, often the most simplistic is the best. For me I’m all about Smashed Avocado Dippy Egg Breakfast Toast.  It’s simple, unpretentious, healthy and super filling.  For me it just fits every part of my palate – savory, salty, spicy, sorta sweet, creamy, buttery and bright.  Hmmmm if I were Snow White those would be my dwarves names!  LOL

Smashed Avocado Egg Toast

So before you ask, no you can’t substitute something for avocados.  Either you like ’em or don’t. And I’ll be honest I’m surprised that folks don’t like them.  They don’t have a strong taste and, when they are truly ripe, they are so buttery and rich but without all the fat and bad stuff like regular butter does.  And next the cilantro… okay fine I get that either you love it or hate it. No one just ‘tolerates’ it.  Could you omit it and use something else? Maybe… Some will use parsley in it but it’s just not the same if you ask me.
Healthy, packed with protein and super easy to make!

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