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Most Awesomest No Knead Orange Cranberry Raisin Bread

If you can measure, mix and be patient, you can make one of the most delicious no knead bread around!  With hints of orange zest, cranberries, raisins and almonds, it’s practically a dessert!  So sweet no butter is needed!

Seriously is there anything more perfect than a slice of warm, crusty bread straight from the oven? Well okay, bacon and chocolate but those are foods from the Gods and pretty much sent from heaven above and don’t count (at least not in this post). Bread was the first thing I ever learned how to make actually. I was 3 years old, yes 3 – I have a weirdly odd memory. Like I can remember every single detail about my first birthday from sitting in my high chair to who sat where. Am I like a one-off case or are there some of you like that? I definitely don’t possess an Eidetic (photographic) memory though Mr. Fantabulous begs to differ as I remember EVERYTHING – the good, the bad and the ugly. lol

But yeah back to what I was saying, I was 3 years old and Mom would make homemade bread for the week every Sunday morning. I’d wake up super early and paddle barefoot out to the kitchen in my white and blue flowered nightie dragging my favorite paper-eyed teddy bear. See folks, a MILLION years ago stuffed animals didn’t have “real” eyes on them but rather they were this glued on heavy-duty paper cardboard crap. I’d put my bear in the chair while I crawled up onto the end of the table. She’d have her dough board out (god what I wouldn’t give to have hers), flour would be all over the table (and her) and she would be rolling, kneading, folding and forming like a machine. One day Mom gave me my own rolling pin and had me stand on a chair while she stood behind me showing me how to measure and mix then eventually knead. As she was showing me how to make this she was explaining things to me – why we put ingredients in a certain way, what to do when something isn’t right, how to fix it and most of all to just have fun doing it. I’ll never forget that experience.

Most Awesomest No Knead Orange Cranberry Raisin Almond Bread

Nowadays when I make homemade bread I rarely knead it by hand. The convenience of our stand mixers with dough hooks save us the effort. However, when I’m having a super bad day and need to take my frustrations out or I’m simply just missing Mom, I’ll make dough from scratch all by hand just like she did.
You’re seriously going to want to make 2 of these loaves! AMAZING!

Most Awesomest No Knead Pumpkin Cinnamon Bread

Okay yes I know I said I refused to jump on the pumpkin spice bandwagon this year but this just happened.  It’s not that I don’t like pumpkin or pumpkin spice as I actually love the stuff but EVERYTHING went pumpkin spice. I mean when my cereal goes pumpkin spice then there is a problem. Too much of a good thing can ruin it folks. So for a while I was anti-pumpkin and went more towards the butterscotch route.  Which seriously is so underrated.  That stuff is awesome! But then again, so is pumpkin… *sigh* oh the dilema here folks.

So how did this then just happen?  Okay, as you know we’ve been doing this huge remodel on our downstairs for about 8 years now.  And since we’re doing it ourselves I’m often left with moving stuff from one place to another.  Well in one of my moves to get stuff out of the way I came across a can of pumpkin that honestly, I forgot about.  Checking the date on the can I realized that I needed to use it up soon.  You know me, I refuse to waste food so up to the kitchen it went for me to use.

No Knead Pumpkin Cinnamon Bread1

That night after dinner I spied the can sitting on my counter while I was cleaning up.  I seriously had no clue what to make with it.  Since time is something of a rarity for me these days I decided to go with simplicity and something that I didn’t really have to think about – no knead bread! This is honestly the EASIEST things to make when you’re unsure how to work with bread dough or even shaping dough.  You don’t have to worry about “slack”, gluten, loaf shaping or even breaking out a stand mixer.

This will be your favorite Fall bread!

Most Awesomest No Knead Sandwich Bread

So when I first started this journey there were 2 common fears everyone had when it came to cooking – making bread from scratch and making pie crusts. I’ve tackled both numerous times on here.  By far my Artisan Crusty No Knead breads, Chocolate No Knead Crusty Bread and Cheddar Ale No Knead Crusty Buns have pretty much taken over as numero uno for bread recipes.  They are super, SUPER easy and require no special equipment.  A dutch oven is best HOWEVER I show you how to make it without one.

Well those breads are awesome but sometimes you just want plain old fashioned white sandwich bread.  Now I love, LOVE white bread as for me that immediately takes me to my childhood and Mom making it every Sunday. I’d sit up on the kitchen table, covered in flour from head to toe playing with a piece of dough for hours while I’d try to mimic her. It’s because of her that I fell in love with baking and not having a fear of making breads.  Someone challenged me a while ago to make a No Knead White bread that didn’t require all the steps of a regular white bread but was equally as awesome!  I’ll be honest, this one took me for a loop. I kept over thinking it.  I forgot the basics and ended up with something so complex in steps and furthermore not that good tasting.  So I sat and compared my basic No Knead recipes and my white bread recipes and pretty much took pieces and parts of them both.

No Knead Crusty White Sandwich Bread3

As you can see I nailed it!  This bread was crusty on the outside but so soft and billowy on the inside.  It was just beyond tender and lip smacking good!

Come set a spell and let’s break bread!

Awesomest Cheddar Chive Garlic Ale Crusty No Knead Buns

With the debut of my Awesomest No Knead Crusty Bread, it’s been a true whirlwind for this recipe. Those before that were intimidated by making fresh bread from scratch no longer feared it.  Those that tried making bread before only to have it end up like a brick now found their love of making bread with this single recipe.

You all know me how I like to push the limits.  Thus the creation of the Awesomest Double Chocolate Chunk Crusty No Knead Bread which is insane. I mean chocolate in bread!

Well I took it one step further.  See I had a lot of folks say they didn’t have a dutch oven or even a cast iron pan.  And since I do my very best to make sure everyone can make a recipe I set out to find a way that this crusty most awesomest bread could be made sans the dutch oven or cast iron pan.

As you can see, I think I succeeded!  These buns were super crusty but oh so tender and chewy on the inside!  Plus they have beer and cheese in them.  I mean seriously, beer and cheese in any baked good is pure magic!


These were so amazing words can’t even describe them.

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Awesomest Double Chocolate Chunk Crusty No Knead Bread


Ever since I posted my recipe for the Most Awesomest Crusty No Knead Bread EVER! the bread baking revolution has soared. Folks that were afraid to make bread from scratch were now becoming master bread bakers in their kitchens.  Those that tried numerous times making other breads and ended up with nothing but bricks failed; giving up hope.

Until this… this GLORIOUS gorgeous bread.

When I tell you this is the EASIEST bread you will ever make, believe me!  No kneading, no mixers, no fuss and nothing complicated.

Now while I make that bread about once a week with various flavor adaptations I always try and push the limits; see how far I can take it.  Well the one day I was in a I NEED chocolate mood! But I also wanted bread.  I really do limit my bread/carb intake even though it’s just cruel and pretty much a punishment but for me bread tends to pack on weight which is so not what I want.  So as I stood in the kitchen one night staring at the jar of chocolate sitting right next to the loaf of tomato basil bread I contemplated making a chocolate sandwich.  I instantly regressed back to sitting in 7th grade Social Studies watching a film and them discussing how French people eat chunks of chocolate between 2 slices of baguette bread for lunch.  Yes, I did consider this but the though just seemed ‘dry’.


and there’s always a however with me.  What if I made chocolate infused bread?!?!  A wicked little grin formed on my face (kind of Grinch-like) and I figured I’d throw caution to the wind and make a chocolate version of my crusty no knead bread. I put it all together and covered it.  About 18 hours later this thing looked so gorgeous.  All black and puffy. I could not WAIT to put this baby in the oven.  Since I was leery on the chocolate Read the rest of this entry »

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