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Day 18 – Countdown to Christmas 2014 Pulled Pork Wafflich with Melted Gouda

So I kinda am in a weird mood today.  See I wanted waffles… and I wanted pulled pork.  Plus I’m was chilled to the bone and somehow a shot of warmed whiskey sounded awesome. HOWEVER I had to leave the house so the whiskey was a no-no since I won’t drink and drive (nor should you!) so I opted to throw it in my sauce for the pulled pork.  Now I shared both of these recipes with you before… my Ultimate Belgian Waffles and my Whiskey Pulled Pork. Both ROCK on their own but combined…

Whiskey Pulled Pork Melty Wafflich

Seriously this totally took the whole breakfast for dinner and totally FUSIONED it!  This is dinner and breakfast with a big ol’ sucker punch to the face!  I cannot begin to tell you just how incredibly fantabulous this way.  All I am going to do is tell you to trust me on this. Seriously, this is EPIC!

This literally could be some of the best breakfast for dinner food EVER!

Ultimate Chocolate Belgian Waffle

Ultimate Chocolate Belgian Waffle eh? Yep, pretty tall order to live up to when you state that about a recipe, huh? Thing is I’m confident that these are those. Remember when you were little and all you wanted for breakfast was chocolate cake or candy? But no Mom would make you that lumpy no sugar added cucka oat meal. We never had the sugar cereals or the stuff with marshmallows. We had Wheaties, Corn Flakes or Cheerios in our house. And I thank GOD for that to be honest as I hate sugared cereals and sorry Mom but I like sweetened oatmeal. And cake for breakfast? Okay yes I’ve done it and yes I felt so guilty too. Even though Mom’s been gone 26 years now I still feel so guilty if I have sweets for breakfast. How these waffles cam about is that Mr. Fantabulous wanted something other than 3 dippy eggs, 3 slices of crispy bacon and 3 slices of toast (that’s his norm). I wasn’t about to mention the ‘c’ word food as an option. I couldn’t make him pancakes – well I could but I didn’t have any blueberries and you’d think I would have punched his puppy in the face if I gave that man non-blueberry pancakes. That’s just unheard of. So my last option was waffles. I made him his stack of them plus several for the freezer so all he would have to do is pop some in the toaster and have a fresh hot waffle while I wasn’t home. Yeah I know, I’m a good wife. LOL

Chocolate Belgian Waffles

and okay, maybe I spoil him a little bit. LOL Hell, I spoil him a lot a bit! LOL
Are you the spoiler or the spoilee?

Belgian Waffles with Whipped Lemon Ricotta and Blackberries

Every since I came up with that whipped lemon ricotta I could not stop thinking about it!  I had bought some GINORMOUS blackberries the other day and I knew I had to incorporate them in with that ricotta.  What transpired was pure magic!  These Belgian Waffles with Whipped Lemon Ricotta and Blackberries are AMAZING in every single way!  It’s bright and light and just makes you smile while you are eating them!


Ever since I came up with the Ultimate Belgian Waffles recipe I’ve been looking for ways to take them beyond the maple syrup and butter breakfast dish.  This is one of those creations.  This is fancy schmancy and would be PERFECT for a Sunday brunch, baby shower or tea party.  You can cut them into 4 segments and make them into appetizers/finger foods. But just be sure to make a double batch of all of them as you’re not going to want to share!

Got your fork ready? I’ll share!

Best Ever Belgian Waffles in the World!

“Best Ever Belgian Waffles in the World” yeah I know that’s a big statement there for a simple waffle. But you don’t understand, coming from me – that woman who really doesn’t care for waffles, pancakes, french toast or crepes, THESE THINGS ROCK!  It’s not that I don’t care for them as I love the taste of the first or second bite but after that I’m done.  They just ‘get to me’ and well it’s not bacon or a dippy egg.  Sure I’ve added bacon to waffles or topped it with a dippy egg but it’s just too much for me.

However that has since changed when I created this recipe.  See a long story short I had ordered some food porn props from an online store and literally all 5 times I ordered something it came shattered in a BILLION pieces.  So I’d call, shake the glass, tell them to come pick up their stuff.  They tell me to toss it and credit me back and give me more credit on top of that.  So why continue 2 more times?  If I don’t order glass stuff it comes perfectly.  However their shipping department apparently feels the need to NOT pack glass stuff in bubble wrap or the like.  Anyway I had a buttload of credit built up with them that was due to expire.  Well they had this Belgian waffle maker on sale SUPER cheap.  It got amazing reviews so I opted to give it a shot.  It arrived in 1 piece, thankfully, and I set out to make waffles.


Just look how deep those waffle pockets are!

Happy National Waffle Day!

I’m not a big fan of waffles and pancakes but Mr. Fantabulous LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES them.  And he loves mine 🙂

And since I love him, he woke up to these…

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