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2 Seriously Delicious Game Time Recipes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MakeGameTimeSaucy #CollectiveBias

Growing up in Pittsburgh there were a few things that you were born into.  You were born with the notion that all salads come with fries on them.  You were born into a language of it’s own – Pittsburghese.  And you were born into Pittsburgh Football nation. You were a die-hard black ‘n gold football fan.  And lastly, you were born into serving killer food during those football games. Being that house that hosted the games was a right of passage. Some folks waited decades to become the house where we gathered.  Some just impressed right out of the gate and they took over the hosting.


Up until we started the remodel on the house, mine was that house that hosted the games.  I’d put out a spread that would rival any Vegas buffet. Now to know me you know I never do simple.  While I love simple chips and Pace® Salsas, I need to take them to another level. That’s why I’m super stoked share with you 2 seriously delicious game time recipes featuring Pace® salsa and picante sauces.  We’re making game time saucy!  Today I’m sharing with you 2, yes TWO, recipes. One is for my Creamy Chicken & Salsa Pinwheels and the other is for my famous Double Bean Cheeeeesy Bean Dip.
Today I’m serving you up 2 killer recipes that will go perfectly with the big game!

Cucumber Ham Rollups

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeyondTheSandwich #CollectiveBias

So when you think of deli meats and cheeses I’m betting 99% of you are thinking about a sandwich, right? If you’re like me you grew up on taking a bagged lunch or lunch box to school with some piece of fruit, either a bag of chips or a cookie and a sandwich.  If mine wasn’t pb&j it was bologna or ham and cheese. However times are changing. We’re more cognizant of the foods we eat, what it’s made with and honestly if it’s on the healthier side.  Kids lunches are getting more diverse and we are getting more adventurous in the kitchen. I, for one, am loving this.

When it comes to deli meats and cheeses I am a HUGE snob.  I’m sorry but I want QUALITY, incredible flavor and frankly, no additive crap in it.  I’ve been buying Castle Wood Reserve® deli meats and cheese for quite some time now.  Mr. Fantabulous and I both love them as they taste incredible and I never have to worry about ‘stuff’ in them. So when these great folks reached out to me asking me to take their deli products beyond the sandwich I went with something, honestly, I’ve been making for quite sometime now.

Cucumber Ham Rollsups7

You see I love bread, carbs, dough… all that deliciousness is incredible BUT it’s the bane of my existence when it comes to losing weight.  I swear I see a loaf of bread and without even taking one bite my thighs jiggle just a tad more.  Or if I see a roll, it’s like “HELLO let’s add some flabby here”.  So I had to find alternatives and reduce my bread intake.  That’s when I turned to veggies.  I use veggies not only for pasta and pizza (yes try my spaghetti squash pizza crust!) but also for ‘sandwiches’ or in this case, rolls and wraps.
Totally delicious, totally easy and way healthier than other rolls!

Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Uses for leftover burgers, hotdogs and bbq chicken

With 4th of July being over now, I’m pretty sure if you hosted a party you’re left with a few rogue burgers, perhaps some grilled hot dogs and maybe even some bbq chicken, right?  And if you’re like me, after 3 days of eating grilled burgers, dogs and chicken you really don’t want to have leftovers…again, right?  Well I’m here today as part of Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer to give you some ideas on how to use up those leftover cookout foods. Today we’ll focus on burgers, dogs and chicken.

So how was your 4th? Did you consume copious amounts of burnt dogs (fyi.. hot dogs need to be charred and blistered topped with ketchup and mustard), enough cheeseburgers that you need your fat pants and let’s not even start on bbq chicken, k?  No today let’s discuss how to transform those leftovers into ‘new’ meals.  I’m all about repurposing foods.

Let’s come up with a list together so chime in below with some of your best leftover dishes using burgers, dogs and bbq chicken, k?!

Revamp those leftovers into something awesome!

Mexican Baked Boneless Beef Short Ribs

So yeah… I’m kinda obsessed with beef short ribs.  Just a teensy bit. I mean seriously you have the following recipes JUST using short ribs:

Braised Beef Short Ribs – Ossu Buco Style which was followed up by Sliders. Next we made a to die for Pizza with them and then the slow baked ones that OMG deserve a cult following!


Come join my obsession!

Californian Cod Wrap

Hey hey hey TKW Family!  My apologies for not posting a recipe these past few days.  Mr. Fantabulous has been ‘thick wif a cowld’. He has a ‘cawf, sniffuls, sneezin,, achy/whiney/I need attention’  cowld. Don’t speak sick-ese? LOL Let me translate.  My baby has a cold.  He’s sick – has a cough, sneezing like it’s his job, is all achy, or in other words.. feels yucky.  Now by know I baby that man beyond the Nth degree.  He’s spoiled.  No, he’s that word that’s beyond spoiled.  BUT I don’t complain as seeing him happy (and knowing he truly appreciates it), makes me happy.  Plus he spoils me in return so it’s all good.

Now when he’s thick (sick), it’s not exactly easy on me because he’s one of those patients where he will say “Where are you, come sit with me, why are you in the room?” LOL  then I swear he eats MORE when he’s thick than when he’s not but see he eats stuff I never EVER have in the house.  Like he craves Ramen noodles.  Now not putting that stuff down as God knows that stuff kept me fed during college but my Magic Soup is truly medicinal (it’s my grandmother’s chicken soup recipe – and no, you can’t have it, sorry).  Anyway, sorry – he craves that stuff.  I think it’s the salt.  Well of course I wouldn’t have that on hand though I have about 8 quarts of my soup in the freezer.  However apparently it takes too long to defrost my soup and my noodles aren’t the squiggly ones like Ramen is.  whinyness here> And I didn’t have some specific brand of grapefruit juice, no banana popsicles – NOT the kind that have cherry and grape in the box!  The box must possess ONLY banana otherwise they are ‘tainted’ and he won’t eat them.  Yeah, it’s been rough to say the least.

All I can say is THANK YOU NYQUIL!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!  Should I say “this post is brought to you buy the NyQuil-induced slumber Mr. Fantabulous is in right now”  therefore I have free time to type it up”??? LOL

Anyway, if you’re looking for a great wrap plus a ton of protein in your meal, these wraps ROCK!  Now I’ve made them 2 ways – baked breaded and baked with no breading.  They both rock.  They are simple as can be and the flavors are bright and light while totally delicious!


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