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Breakfast Sunrise Bagelwiches

Let’s be real here, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Kickstart your morning deliciously with this Breakfast Sunrise Bagelwich! Toasted bagel topped with avocado slices, crispy bacon, dippy egg and a to-die-for spread!

So I love breakfast foods. Actually no, I lurve them to the point I’ll often eat “breakfast foods” for lunch and dinner. And let me preface that by what I deem “breakfast” food as I now a few that loathe ‘breakfasty’ type things. Sorry but we just can’t be friends…(j/k). Breakfast foods are eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, cereal, oatmeal and so forth. While I’ve been known to eat stuffed shells or roast beef with mashed potatoes at breakfast time I still want ‘real’ breakfast foods. However, there’s nothing wrong if you eat the non-breakfasty things but how can you not like the real stuff? This, I don’t get. I mean I get if you hate eggs or pancakes. But bacon?  Dude… that’s just not cool. To say you hate bacon is like saying you hate kittens or babies. But regardless it’s your right to hate it but um, can I have your share?

I’m also going to go on the record that this bagelwich is not something I eat every day nor recommend most folks do either as let’s face it – it’s seriously hearty. For me, this is my “cheat day” breakfast. But if you wanted to eat it every day first off, I’m jealous that you can, but secondly, enjoy! But full disclosure if I’m craving these daily I’ll actually buy the mini bagels or the thinly sliced bagels and eat those. This way I don’t feel as guilty eating a huge bagel every single day. My thighs thank me for this; yours would too I assume.

Get your breakfast YUM on with this delicious bagelwich!

Day 22 – Countdown to Christmas Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits

It’s funny as so many people think biscuits are super difficult.  Honestly to me, they are one of the more easier ‘breads’ to make.  They don’t have to be perfectly shaped nor do you really have a significant amount of rising time. Actually there is no rising time.  You just have to mix, fold, turn, fold and cut essentially. They are so simple, only require a few ingredients however they taste amazing and either can be eaten stand alone or as a vessel for other stuff.  I love, love, LOVE sausage gravy over biscuits however that stuff is just lethal to my thighs and butt.  It’s one of those meals that my thighs just say “No Lori, don’t eat that.  Just paste it right here as it’s just going to end up here anyway.”  LOL FlakyButtermilkBiscuits

Some days you just want lots of melted butter…


and other days…

Italian Sammich – Hot Sausage with Peppers and Onions

So one night Mr. Fantabulous said “Honey can you make me a Sausage ‘n Pepper Sandwich like my Mom used to?”  Now I had never seen this sandwich and to me when I think of sausage and peppers I think of hot sausage in a pepper & onion red sauce OR that stuff you get at a carnival where they just grill up veggies and hot sausage. I ask him which one of those he wanted and I swear he looked at me like I had 2 heads and spoke a Latin.  I got the “No, that is NOT what my MOTHER made.” and proceeded to wander in to the other room.




There I stood, frying pan in one hand, bag of hot sausage links in the other and the most confused look on my face.  I proceeded to follow after him (still with pan and sausages in tow) asking 9, 473 questions about this mysterious sandwich.  After 20 minutes of my trying every way to get him to explain this sammich other than it being described as “super soft peppers and onions with hot sausage and an egg in it”. Wait wait??? Egg???  Onions?  WTP???  You just said Sausage & Pepper sammich. WTH did onions and eggs come into play?  Grrrrrrrrrr.. men!


Since he literally was of NO HELP I took it to our TKW Facebook Family asking for tips on this mysterious sammich.  All I can say is that I am TRULY blessed by having them all in my life.  Within minutes I had well over 300 responses about how to make it and what he was ‘trying’ to Read the rest of this entry »

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