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Aunt Nettie’s Orange Nut Cake

Aunt Nettie’s Orange Nut Cake quickly became one of our most favorite cakes ever with such incredible flavors of orange, cranberries and nuts. It’s truly stunning and fantabulously delicious!

This post is being sponsored by Nordic Ware® featuring their Heritage Bundt Pan and the “Bundt Cake Bliss: Delicious Desserts from Midwest Kitchens” cookbook. All opinions of these ABSOLUTELY AMAZING products are mine.

This cake guys, oh my goodness guys, this cake!   In 2 weeks I made it twice because it’s THAT GOOD! It is the perfect winter cake and one that every holiday table needs! This cake is dense but so incredibly tender and moist. This is that cake, that when you walk past it, you have to stop and slice off just the teensiest of slivers because you can’t help yourself. And this is that cake you purposely walk past it 47 times just to get that teensiest of slivers before you have a real serving for dessert. I mean those slivers don’t count, right? I mean it’s not a real slice of cake. It’s a sliver after all. LOL

Aunt Nettie's Orange Nut Cake

This cake comes from an incredible cookbook by Susanna Short titled “Bundt Cake Bliss: Delicious Desserts from Midwest Kitchens“. They partnered up with the Minnesota Historical Society  published this wonderful cookbook.  Nordic Ware® partnered up with the Minnesota Historical Society to help share their state’s stories while connecting people with history in meaningful ways.

This pan and this cookbook needs to be on your wishlist!

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Sheet Pan Savory Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin with Hasselback Potatoes and Stuffed Mushrooms and the Swirled Orange Cheesecake Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake!

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  How was your Thanksgiving? Did you survive Black Friday shopping? Our Thanksgiving was really nice; just the two of us, in our pajamas eating like royalty. I did have a minor issue in the kitchen when a 20 pound butcher block board fell smack across the top of my foot rendering me with a hobble for a few days. But eh, the holidays must go on, right? My foot hurts but it’s odd as it hasn’t really turned black ‘n blue where, if you know me, I turn bruise if the wind blows too hard. But I’m a tough ol’ bird I suppose.

As for Black Friday shopping, there is not enough money to get my butt out at the butt crack o’ dawn to stand in line hundreds deep in hopes of getting one of the 4 ridiculously priced items in the store. No thank you. I was perfectly content shopping from the comfort of my bed sipping hot cocoa while the Hallmark channel was on and I was nice and cozy. I’m not one that likes huge crowds of people and let’s face it, people are just flat out rude and mean in those lines. I mean Black Friday is black not for the sales but for the hate and rage it brings out in people. Sorry but I don’t roll like that. I’m not a mean person and I certainly don’t have rage. But some y’all out there that get that way shopping, you need to chill out and apologize for being jerks to those that are genuine and kind that remain classy while shopping. No tv or toy is worth being a butthead.

As for us we did partake in some sales on Black Friday. I bought another Instant Pot but the 8qrt one. OMG did you see the judicious price Amazon had it for?  $81! People that’s INSANE! I bought that one and will give Mama Fantabulous my 6-quart one as she said “I know that one works as I see the foods you create in it!” lol We also picked up 3 office chairs, 3 new desks and 3 floor pads for under our chairs.

Do you make freezer meals with your leftovers?

Strawberry Basil Zucchini Cake with Strawberry Basil Glaze

Most zucchini cakes are either chocolate or spice.  Since I’ve made 900 things lately with zucchini and chocolate I was going to go the whole spice route but decided against it as it felt like I was breaking some food ‘rule’.  Kinda like the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day.  Not sure why that’s a rule but then again I’m sooooooooooo not into clothes and fashion.  Clearly!

But this… this cake came purely out of a craving for something but not sure what that something was. All I know is that the kitchen God’s were with me today as this truly is the best cake I have ever, EVER had in my life!  It just SCREAMS summer and all things awesome!

Strawberry Basil Zucchini Cake1


Did I mention that you have to make this?

Giant Chocolate Donut Bundt Cake with Raspberry Ganache Filling

So I woke up last weekend with an insane desire for cake and donuts.  Now most of you know I rarely eat cake and almost never eat donuts.  It’s one of those things that if it’s there and I had to choose to between those or say carrots/hummus I would go for the veggies and hummus every time. I’m weird like that I know.  However this morning I wanted.. no… NEEDED cake AND donuts. Now when it comes to donuts I absolutely DESPISE fried ones.  If I do eat a donut it must be cake/baked.  That being said I opted to merge the two and make a bundt donut cake.

And because I can’t just leave things well enough alone I opted to add some raspberry filling and chocolate ganache in it as well. Okay truth be told, I always have a quart of ganache in the fridge (yes I’m serious) and I wanted to make room in my fridge for other stuff so I threw it in as a last minute decision.  BRILLIANT!

Giant Chocolate Donut Bundt Cake with Raspberry Ganache Filling3

Yeah, THIS is Read the rest of this entry »

Blueberry Streusel Sour Cream Cake

A while back I posted a picture of this cake on facebook. The demand was so high from the TKW Facebook Family members for this recipe I had to share it.  However, time went by and I actually forgot about this cake.  It wasn’t until I got an email saying “Please I have blueberries out the ying yang, can I please have your recipe for that amazing blueberry cake?”  So I had to dig through facebook to find out which cake she meant (and the thousands of others that asked for it). Once I came upon it, my tummy started to grumble.  I’m heading out later to get blueberries just so I can make this 🙂

This cake reminds me of Sunday mornings after church, tea with your girlfriends or  sitting on the front porch sipping lemonade with your grandma…

It’s the perfect cake that isn’t too sweet but it’s just sweet enough.  Now I know what you’re thinking… “but it says Streusel. Where’s the streusel lady???” It’s actually in the center of the cake.  It’s like a hidden gem in the middle. It just makes the cake with those luscious sweet blueberries!

Don’t care for blueberries?  Go with raspberries or blackberries!  Want to be a rebel?  Use a mixture of all 3!


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