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#AD BBQ Crack Chicken Casserole – Tots, Crispy Bacon, Cheeeeese and BBQ Ranch Sauce!

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Seriously this BBQ Crack Chicken Casserole is LEGIT!  This is the PERFECT tailgate/pot luck/office lunch/brunch/because-it’s-Wednesday casserole you’ll ever make!  Folks will be begging for the recipe!


Okay people we need to get real here for a bit.  So right now we’re into the 5th week of Football season which mean it’s time to put on the big girl panties, buckle down and get into the zone.  Growing up in Pittsburgh it’s all about sports.  We’re the City of Champions – we live and breathe football, hockey and baseball.  And for the mass majority of us that don’t play the actual game for bajillions of dollars, we can still be the MVP of the game; that is MVP of the food game!

What’s served during the game is just about as big as the actual game itself.  We take huge pride in our tailgating skills, our backyard cookouts or our home man caves.  This BBQ Crack Chicken Casserole is the dish of all dishes that will make you the MVP of the entire season!
This dish is LEGIT and a total WINNER!

Ultimate Hot Guinness Reuben Dip

Did you ever make something that is so good that you want to serve it up at a party but then cringe when someone goes to eat it because deep down secretly you don’t want to share it?  Yeah, me neither.  LOL  RIIIIIIIIIIGHT!  So this dip kinda just ‘happened’… as how most great recipes do. You see I had some leftover Guinness Corned Beef in the fridge, sauerkraut and swiss cheese but I was kinda burnt out on eating reubens. I could have easily froze the corned beef but I decided to see if I could repurpose it.  A girl needs options, right?!

Reuben Dip5

Now before I go any further we should talk about the elephant in the proverbial room. Classic reubens have russian dressing.  I get that, acknowledge it but hate it.  I hate the crap so  I don’t use it in my dips, sandwiches or well, ever. HOWEVER you can!  This recipe can be easily modified to use the Russian dressing in lieu of the mustards or what I did was made the dip as-written but then served a side of the Russian dressing for folks to place a dollop on top of their crispy crostini breads. See, no worries and we can all get along.
This dip is a game changer!

Mozzarella Stuffed Italian Chicken Meatballs

Chicken meatballs aren’t something new here. When I introduced my Margarita Chicken Meatballs to my Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Cheesy Ranch Centers you guys went nuts!  Then you guys asked for a super healthy version and who I am to deny you?  Thus came my Protein Packed Chicken Parmesan Florentine Meatballs. These meatballs are not only super healthy and packed with protein but they are friggen delicious!  I’ve been preaching to you all for years.. eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad!  You should never have to sacrifice taste for making food healthy!

Heck I’ve created so many meatballs recipes on here that it has it’s only subcategory on the website!
Mozzarella Stuffed Italian Chicken Meatballs2

A few weeks ago I shared with you my latest meatball recipe, Mozzarella Stuffed Italian Meatballs made with beef and pork. These seriously stopped both Mr. Fantabulous and I in our tracks.  See while he likes cheese he doesn’t “love it”. I know he’s a weirdo but he’s sexy and can lift super heavy stuff so I keep him around.  LOL  Please… I adore that man and would be lost without him!  But when it comes to cheese he can either love it leave it.  Me, on the other hand, has an entire fridge drawer dedicated to just cheese.  So when I decided to make a batch of meatballs I wanted to incorporate some cheesy awesomeness into them. Just by stuffing some cheese in the middle the outcome was so incredible that I may just permanently switch to making my meatballs this way for when I make meatball subs.  For him I won’t have to add extra cheese on top (again he’s weird) and for me I’ll get a double whammy of cheese… cheese in the middle and cheese on top!  WIN WIN!

You know it’s all about that cheese, ’bout that cheese

Mozzarella Stuffed Italian Meatballs

So I have a confession. I’ve been holding out on you with this recipe.  Well okay actually 2 recipes.. this beef and pork version and a chicken version (coming up soon). I have had it in my repertoire for some time that I had every intention of sharing with you but I got side tracked and ultimately I forgot about it.  See at times when I have a ton going on at once I can be that person that you can be having a full, deep conversation with and out of the corner of my eye I spy something shiny.  I will immediately lose focus and follow the sparkly thing. It doesn’t happen often but I’m human and it has happened.  Well this is one of those times.  It was like “so I think that the ITIL standard should be where we require…” SQUIRREL! and immediately I’ve ended mid sentence to concentrate on the other item.

I think as humans we all get distracted for various reasons – overworked, tired, sexy stranger, baby crying, laughter or if you’re like me… shiny/glittery things.  LOL Well these Mozzarella Stuffed Italian Meatballs will surely catch your eye and distract you from whatever you are doing.  Those delicate little juicy meatballs just exploding with melty cheese will trump whatever you’re concentrating on every time.  How can you not be drawn into these luscious little browned bits of heaven; so juicy, so tender.  And just barely peeking out is that melty, ooey gooey cheese molten like a river of lava cheese.
Mozzarella Stuffed Italian Meatballs

Well these caught my eye but more importantly they caught the eye of Mr. Fantabulous.  He had come into the house after working in his shop for hours starving and tired.  I had just pulled these babies out of the oven and they were at their peak.  He came in complaining about the weather (he is so not a cold weather person), that damn stupid rooster from next door that cannot tell friggen time (crow at sunrise, not all friggen day and night – stupid thing!) and that he was starving.  I mean he went a whole 4 hours without eating or a snack. Inhumane I know! But wait, let me go back to that damn stupid rooster.  Wait, let me go a bit further…. roosters as in more than 1 stupid thing that serves ZERO purpose other than to make more chickens/roosters.

Yes roosters serve ZERO purpose here! Stupid things!

Crispy Baked Chicken Croquettes

I tend to make a whole roasted chicken about once a week either to eat as the actual meal or just to use the meat in another dish.   I had made my Ultimate Proposal Roasted Chicken for us however we didn’t finish it all. There wasn’t quite enough left for a meal for him (let alone a snack) and I wasn’t in the mood for just pieces of chicken.  At the same time I had some a few potatoes I had to use up as they were just on the verge of being too soft and you know me, I hate wasting food. As I was looking through my recipe I came across my recipe for my potato croquettes and thought I’d revamp them and turn them into a new recipe, Crispy Baked Chicken Croquettes.

Baked Chicken Croquettes

Croquettes are something my Dad always made using leftovers when we were growing up.
Want one? I’ll share!

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