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Classic Monte Cristo

You’ve not had an amazing grilled cheese sandwich until you’ve made this Monte Cristo!  Layers of salty ham, luscious gruyere cheese, tangy dijon mustard and sweet raspberry preserves dipped in this French toast mixture and then grilled to perfection!

I have a confession…

*hangs her head*

I’ve been holding out on you.  <deep sigh>  This recipe I made about a year ago *ducks to miss the shoe that someone just threw at me*. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. For the past year I kept saying to myself “You have to post that sandwich. You need to get your butt in gear and post this. People will flip over it!” But I didn’t listen. Honestly there is no real reason why held out on sharing this.  Monte Cristo sandwiches aren’t a new thing but for some reason I posted everything but this. Like we’re talking recipes I literally just created, took the photos the same day and posted the recipe the next day.

I suck, I know.. but you still love me… right???

And I guess while I’m treating this like church, I might as well confess one more thing.  Mr. Fantabulous does not like this but he does not hate it either.  What that means is he refused to try it; not even a single bite. He said and I’m quoting here “That is NOT French Toast, that is NOT Grilled Cheese.  That is a Frankenstein concoction that I will not be a part of.”  Frankenstein?  I didn’t exactly create a monster here dude.  LOL big baby!
I’m telling you, make this once and you’ll be making this a thousand more times because you’ll fall in love with it!

Bakin’ the day away…

I love Sundays that seem like they go on and on and on!  I ran all of my errands this morning, stopped and got some fresh bagels (yes, I cheated and bought bagels… forgive me *wink*).  haha then when I got home I decided to surprise Mr. Fantabulous with french toast.  See I was having twinges of guilt.  Why?  Well, I went out last night with the girls.  Now it’s not a big deal and he’s totally cool with it but I don’t know… I just feel weird being out without him.  It’s funny because there are days when we all need ‘me’ time.  But my ‘me’ time is literally maybe 15-30 minutes and then I’m like “Baby, what’cha doing???”.  I just honestly love his company and being around him.  I’m blessed because not only is he an amazing husband, he’s also my best friend.

But anyway, enough with the mush factor.. so yeah I felt guilty leaving him home on a Saturday night (trust me… he was so consumed with building another computer Read the rest of this entry »

French Toast Breakfast Casserole

I have been making this every Christmas morning for the past 10 years. It’s not just Christmas in our house without this.

french toast casserole1 Read the rest of this entry »

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