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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Kitchen Pantry Must Haves For Soup

Here in Pennsylvania we got the news of 6 more weeks of winter. It’s time to stock up on soups!  These are some of the best soup kitchen pantry must haves!

So that *&^%$#@! groundhog apparently saw its shadow which means it’s another weeks of winter here in the ‘Burgh. Now full disclosure I have zero actual faith in the accuracy of a rodent determining the weather here for the next 6 weeks. If that were the case why even have weather people right? Or more so,  why have weather channels or applications? But for whatever reason, it’s a big deal.  It’s cool; it’s another excuse to party…in the cold…in the winter…in a really small town.


That being said I’d say the ONLY good thing about another 6 weeks of winter means more soup. Oh sure I make soup all year round but in the winter I make it at least 2-3 times a week. Heck last week I made 24 quarts of soup for us…and it all went! Soup is comforting, homey and just relaxing.

Do you have a favorite soup?

Crockpot Pork Loin with Apples & Onions Sauce

So the other day I had a bug up my butt about ‘pitching stuff that we just didn’t need’.  Fortunately Mr. Fantabulous hates clutter (though he fully supports my need for Kitchen Porn) so he tackled the one room and I the kitchen cabinets.  Word to you all..  under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a kitchen have more than 1 designated “Junk Drawer”.  Um… we had 5 *hides face in shame*  I had gadgets and gidzmos mixed in with rolls of duct tape, peroxide and saran wrap.  Yeah… no more!  After purging my drawers for 5 hours (LOL that sounds dirty! haha), I now have 1/2 of a junk drawer and the others are all arranged like a full blown professional kitchen!

Well while I was doing this I knew I couldn’t really dedicate much time to cooking so out came one of my 9 crockpots (yes, I have that many… again, KITCHEN PORN people) and threw in a frozen pork loin, saw some apples in the basket that were on the verge of past their prime and an onion for kicks.

8 hours later out came this pork roast that was so succulent and juicy; sweet yet with a background hint of heat and a gravy unlike no other.

Now most of you are probably used to the savory/bbq-y type pork loins which are awesome as well so realize that this, with the apples and onions make it more on the sweeter side. Truth be told, Mr. Fantabulous wasn’t too keen on the idea of it (he’s not a big pork fan anyway) however once he got to the 2nd bite he really, really loved it.

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