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Cold Tuna Noodle Casserole with Peas and Dill

My Mom’s cold tuna noodle casserole is creamy, packed with tuna chunks, green peas and the brightness of dill! It’s the perfect Friday meal during Lent!

This dish… gosh people this dish was literally served every Friday during Lent in my house growing up. And it didn’t matter if was for lunch or dinner. You see Mom had 4 go-to meals on Fridays during Lent – plain cheese pizza, grilled cheese, baked tuna noodle casserole (which is different than this one) and this dish. Some Fridays we’d have this for lunch and baked tuna casserole for dinner. So needless to say I got “tuna’d” out VERY FAST! When I moved out on my own I quit eating this. There were 3 reasons if you must know why:

  1. I absolutely can’t stand mayo or to touch it. It works in recipes, don’t get me wrong but the actual container of mayo makes me shudder.
  2. I get the heeby-jeebies when mayo is mixed with tube noodles. It’s a specific sound it makes and it makes me cringe. Trust me, I have to seriously be in love with you to make you her macaroni salad. Even now I’m making that “OMG no” face!
  3. I was beyond burnt out from eating it.

It wasn’t until, what, 5 years ago or so when a TKW family member asked if I had any Lent recipes. Immediately I thought of her dishes. And then something happened.. I actually craved this stuff. Since the ingredients are pretty much a pantry stable (fyi… you can use ziti, penne or good ol’ elbow macaroni in this recipe) I decided to make it. I was getting ready to assemble it when I got to the jar of mayo. I seriously had to put the jar down and walk away for a minute. No joke, there’s just something not quite right about it. Yet I have no issues with ranch, sour cream or even when I make homemade mayo. I’m weird, I know. But I sucked it up (not the mayo, God no) and put it in the bowl. Next came the mixing. I knew there was no way around that so I got smart. You’ll laugh (or roll your eyes and think I’m an even bigger dork) but I put my head phones on, turned up my tunes and got to mixing. No squishy noodley sound (as I sit here and shudder as I know that sound!

Now you can eat it right away but it’s best when it chills so into the fridge it went. About an hour or so later it was time for lunch. And just like clock work Mr. Fantabulous came into the kitchen, rubbing his tummy looking to see if I had read his mind and had something prepared. I just smiled, got out the casserole and plated it. Now what was funny was the look he gave me, his plate of food and then me. He said “Ahhhh what’s this??? Did you make macaroni salad??? For real? Wait! Did you gag???”. LOL he knows me so well. I said what it was and why I made it. As we sat down to eat, that first forkful all those wonderful Friday memories came back from my childhood. It literally tasted just like Mom’s. As he ate he said “Oh wow honey, this is really good! How come you never made it before? Oh wait, that’s right you have this issue with mayo and noodles. Yeah, get over it as I want this again… please my darling wife.” LOL

Call it a casserole, call it a salad just don’t call me late for dinner with this!

Egg Stuffed Skinny Portabello Caps

Remember my Breakfast Avocados on the Half Shell I posted forever ago? Well I come to find out that not everyone likes avocados. Crazy I know, right?!  And also some are allergic to them (like my amazing TKW Facebook Admin, Paul). Talk about unfair!  To be allergic to something so truly amazing is just downright cruel!  So to those of you that don’t like them (even though I think you’re crazy and perhaps weird *wink*) or those that are allergic I decided to make this again but with a twist and use some ginormous portabello mushroom caps.

Egg Stuffed Skinny Portabello Caps10

When I went to make these I realized that it was ‘tween time.  ‘Tween time is that time between 2 major meals (breakfast and lunch for example) where you find yourself positively starving. Since I only had a protein shake for breakfast the buddah belly was rumbling something fierce.

Get in ma belly!!!

Day 11 – Countdown to Christmas 2014 White Bean and Corn Veggie Burgers

So this recipe came out of my love of ‘bean’ burgers.  See a few weeks ago my bff and I were at lunch at this local place in Market Square.  Now while I’m not a huge fan of their food (well okay to be fair, their food is decent it’s their prices that I loathe).  Seriously $20 a person for lunch (sandwich, fries and a soda) is ridiculous.  But again, it’s town and that’s kinda the norm (not my norm but the norm nonetheless). While there I spied a black bean burger with a spicy remoulade. Well me being a food snob I had to try theirs.  Theirs was pretty good but it wasn’t moist and had way too much filler for my liking.  Their remoulade was too mayo-ish which you all know I’m not a fan of at-all. BUT that inspired me to make a new black bean burger.

White Bean and Corn Veggie Burgers12

That upcoming weekend I was hell bent on making a veggie burger.  The thing is there are 900 bajillion black bean burger recipes out there and yes I have one as well (though mine is friggen FANTASTIC if I do say so myself!), I wanted to do something else. Digging through my pantry I found about 15 cans of beans varying of different types.  I spotted my Northern White Beans and realized that I honestly didn’t think I had ever seen a recipe for one.  I’m sure they are out there.  I mean it is the internet.. everything is out there.
You are so gonna love this veggie burger!

Coconut Panko Crusted Baked Tilapia – Regular or Gluten Free

So ever since I made my Coconut Panko Crusted Chicken Strips I’ve been obsessed with the breading. Now add in the fact that it’s gluten free AND that it’s baked, it’s a WIN-WIN for me!  Now while I don’t suffer from gluten allergies I do my best to be mindful of those that do.  So when I create recipes I do my best to make it one way but then offer variations in the recipe than almost all can enjoy albeit those with gluten allergies, those watching their weight, sugar intake and so forth.

The other day, Mr. Fantabulous asked for tilapia.  Now if you’re new to my life you need to realize something about him.  Until me fish only came in a can and labeled Tuna.  I can remember the first time I made him ‘real fish’.  The look of horror on his face as I was fileting it and then cooking it was priceless.  It took some coercing but he ate it… and then fell in love.  To now have him request ‘real fish’ is a triumph for me.

As I was prepping the fish I spied my container of Gluten Free Coconut Panko (I now have a container of it on hand all the time) and wondered how that would work with fish. I mean I love coconut shrimp so why not, right?

I coated the fish in the GF powder (literally nothing more than pulverized vanilla gluten free chex), dipped in the beaten egg and then coated liberally with the panko.

Popped the tray in the oven and waited…

What came out was PURE MAGIC!

Coconut Panko Crusted Baked Tilapia Read the rest of this entry »

Pecan Crusted Salmon with a Mustard Apricot Glaze

So I’ll be honest, while I am a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE seafood fan, there’s just something about Salmon that I can either give or take.  It just doesn’t “do it” for me.  Maybe it’s because I never really had good salmon I suppose but it just was ehhhh.. alright.  Well I was in the store the one day and they were having one of their “Only Gonna have this Sale Once in a Lifetime Truckload Extravaganza” Sale (that they have bi-monthly.. LOL) and they had scallops and all this other fishy stuff on sale.  Well this salmon was ridiculously cheap and it looked beautiful so I threw caution to the wind and bought 2 filets.

Pecan Crusted Salmon with Mustard Apricot Glaze

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