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Simply Pure Vanilla Protein Pancakes

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Let’s talk about food cravings – you know what you want, you’ve been thinking about it all day and you cannot wait to get home and make whatever you’re craving.  We all have experienced that.  For one reason or the other our bodies crave things.  Well for me I was craving pancakes but not those ginormous ones but those dainty little ones.  I think some folks call them “Silver Dollar” cakes.  I was out all day running errands, Mr.Fantabulous was at band practice which meant when I got home I only had to make something for me.  Now pancakes are pretty basic – flour, leavening, egg, sugar, milk/buttermilk and maybe some vanilla.   Again these are all pretty much pantry staples… EXCEPT in my house on that particular day!

I got home only to go and get the flour out to see that my two, yes two containers that hold 25 pounds of flour were EMPTY! ANNNNNNNNNNNNND I was out of milk.  Okay seriously this was not cool.  Sure I thought about putting my shoes (and real pants) back on but that took effort so I needed to be creative.

Vanilla Protein Pancakes6

So that’s where my craftiness came into play.  I knew I could use regular old fashioned oats to make flour plus the addition of the protein powder would not only add a great boost to my diet but also help with the texture.  To keep in on “Lori would dig this” side, I opted to leave out the sugar but add in a banana for natural sweetness.  The egg was added as a binder. Now the dilemma was I didn’t have milk. BUT .. I did have International Delight Simply Pure Vanilla Coffee Creamer!

Grab your creamer and let’s have a Pancake day!

Baked Breakfast Brunch Loaves

So next to pizza, breakfast foods are probably one of my favorite things to eat. I think it stems back from my childhood as breakfast is where I was first introduced to bacon.  It was truly love at first bite however this post isn’t about bacon though I literally could write an entire blog about my love with bacon. I’ll spare you that…for now. LOL  Now I’ve shared with you a recipe kinda-sorta-but-not-really similar to this recipe – Baked Egg Florentine Breakfast Birdnests.  Those are one of the Fantabulous in-laws favorite things I make.

Baked Breakfast Loaves6

I had every intention to make that recipe on to find when I went to make it I had no hash browns nor any potatoes.  But since I was so craving something like that I had to think fast on my feet cause I needed something like that in my belly STAT!

This is perfect for any time of the day!

Pulled Pork Pizza Puffs

Anyone that knows me knows that pizza is my all time favorite food. However for me, I like to go unconventional with it.  Sure don’t get me wrong a hand tossed pie with rich tomato sauce, tons of melty cheese and a boat load of toppings rock but I like to push the limits when it comes to it.  Ever since I first introduced you all to my Cheesy Ranch Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Pizza Puffs, you guys have been asking me for more variations of them. I gave you the Italian Meatball one and then came the Club Puff but you still wanted more!

Since cooking for me right now takes a lot out of me I’ve been really taking advantage of my crock pot (and Mr. Fantabulous) to do most of the cooking.  For the pulled pork I followed my Bacon BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe tweaking the sauce and spices just a tad as I wanted more of a smokey flavor.  The pizza dough is my standard pizza dough used in all of my puffs. And of course I added cheddar cheese to it as well.  I mean it is pizza – there should be some type of cheese, right?

Pulled Pork Pizza Puffs4

Since Mr. Fantabulous is in charge of grocery shopping let’s just say he’s doing an amazing job at buying milk, eggs and butter but when it comes to buying meat. Yeah… um no.  Actually in all the years we’ve been together I don’t think I’ve ever had him buy a single piece of meat.  It’s not that he can’t do it, it’s that well… I’m anal and certain cuts should have fat while others shouldn’t. Fortunately I have enough stuff in my freezer meat-wise that he wouldn’t have to buy meat for a few months.

Do you stock pile your freezer or is it just ice cube central?

Pancake Pops – We’re talking Breakfast Suckers

So like most weekends Mr. Fantabulous wants some type of pancake, crepe, french toast or waffles for breakfast.  This past weekend was no exception.  He wanted blueberry pancakes.  After I made him his stack (and another stack for him to have as a snack later on) I got to thinking about those Breakfast Pancake Dippers I made.  Those are awesome and totally portable but could I make them another way.  So you wouldn’t have say get your fingers dirty while you were on the go.  That’s when it hit me… On A Stick! as she says in her Peanut and Jose Jalapeno voice.  If you’ve never heard of them, search for Jeff Dunham Peanut and Jose Jalepeno on a stick routine.  It’s hysterical!

Now since I already did bacon in a pancake I didn’t want to go with another bacon recipe (even though God knows one can never have enough bacon). Plus you would only get a scant amount in each Pancake Pop (or Breakfast Suckers as I like to call ’em).  And bacon in a scant amount is just heartless and cruel.  No we needed to go hard core; we needed to go full on fat breakfast sausage here!


Seriously LOOK how friggen adorable those things are!!!  I mean seriously, I *almost* didn’t want to eat them… almost!

Yeah I know, “but TKW you’re not a pancake Read the rest of this entry »

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