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Top Loved Recipes of 2017

You liked. You shared. You tagged. You Instagrammed. You tweeted. These are the top loved recipes of 2017 that YOU loved the most!

This is one of those posts that always brings a smile to my face and honestly, helps me more than you’ll ever know. This gives me an idea on what you guys are and are not into. I get insight on what types of recipes you want to see and maybe less of ones that you don’t. I have a TON of recipes for 2018 already – yes, even 1 day into the year and a bunch of ideas for new recipes thanks to looking at these results.  My notes include:

♥ More Pressure Cooker recipes
♥ More Sheet Pan Recipes
♥ Dear Lord woman, give us more pizza recipes (loved that request!)
♥ More family-style meals and healthy weekly meal prep ideas

Got it and that’s what I plan on doing!

Last year was SUCH a fun year for me. I started working with a bunch of new clients while creating even more deliciousness with those that have been with me since the beginning. I wish you guys could see my notebooks of recipes that I still have yet to share. I literally have enough written up (and most photos taken) to issue a cookbook. Speaking of… yes, I really, REALLY want to do that but I need a publisher for that as I’m not sure how to go about doing it myself. So if you’re in the business or have connections, let’s work together!
Farewell to 2017 and let’s EAT in 2018!

Weekly Menu

Get out of that same ol’ recipe rut and try one of these delicious and easy recipes this week! This week I highly recommend making the Crock Pot Eye of Round with Mushroom & Onion Gravy and the White Bean and Corn Veggie Burgers!

Happy Sunday TKW Family!  How was your week?  Mine was pretty busy both at work and here at the house. Since we’re both starting to feel better it was time to tackle some of the house chores. I will say this, I will never EVER have 5 acres of property again to maintain. OMG it’s unreal!  Growing up we had 41 acres but there was also 8 of us. This place, I swear it has magic grass and weeds that as soon as you cut them they’ve already grown an inch!  I used to scoff at folks for having fake grass planted but I’m telling you what guys, those people are on to something ingenious!

But I know me, I cannot go without real grass in my yard. I’m a Pennsylvania girl. I need to feel see grass even though it’s hell on my allergies and I don’t like the feeling of it touching my bare feet. But then again I’m that weirdo that hates being barefoot. Like I need socks or shoes on. Yet growing up my sister would never wear shoes. We had about a 900′ driveway that was made out of red dog rocks. Those things were sharp and hurt like the dickens. Dianna would walk barefoot on the driveway to get the mail. One time Dad busted her cutting the grass barefoot!  Stupid, I know!  When he asked why in the hell she was doing that she simply replied “I like the feeling of the cut grass on my toes.” Dad just “If you don’t put shoes on right now you won’t have any toes to feel that grass!”

Unfortunately Mr. Fantabulous overdid it yesterday as his chest started hurting again and it was hard for him to catch his breath again. I’m worried about him. All of his tests have come back negative thus far (which is good) but the tests for that Valley Fever still aren’t back yet. He goes to see the Infectious Disease doctor this week so I’m praying they know exactly what caused his sickness and if he’s on the right treatment path. Today I told him he’s to lie in bed and take it easy. Of course, being stubborn he’s fighting me as there is so much work to get done but his health needs to come first.

How are you spending your Sunday?

Crock Pot Carnitas

This past week I had such an incredible craving for Carnitas that I obsessed over them for 4 days until I was actually able to make them this past Friday.  I got up about 15 minutes earlier for work (which was 3:15am for those that care.. yes, you read that right… 3:15am). I got the stuff all put in the crock and was on my way to the gym.  Well as I was driving I kept smelling limes (which isn’t a bad thing).  Now even though I washed my hands a few times, apparently lime juice doesn’t go away.  So I get to the gym, put in 90 minutes of cardio and shower.  Nothing strange thus far.  Well as I’m doing my hair and put my hand up towards my face I STILL smelled the limes.  Again, not a bad thing.  Well I’m sitting there, in the gym, partially dressed giggling… all by my lonesome.  Not sure really why but it just struck me as funny.  THANKFULLY no one was in the gym that early otherwise they would have thought I was nuts!

All day long I kept smelling my hands and the limes, even though by now I’m just have washed my hands a good half dozen times, all I could think about what was waiting for me at home.  No, not my sexy Mr. Fantabulous (sorry honey but Mama was hungry) but rather those carnitas just slow cooking away in those sweet and tangy juices.  Now what made it worse for me was I was crushed ALL DAY at work.  Meeting after meeting and even during lunch.  I actually didn’t get to eat until almost 3pm and that was nothing more than a protein bar.  Stupid meetings!  They really should instill a Meeting-less Monday at our office so people can get actual real work done.

So when I got home and walked in the house that smell hit me.  OMG that dear sweet amazing smell!  As it was sitting in the crock warming I put together the Creamy Cilantro Lime Pineapple Coleslaw, tossed that puppy in the fridge to chill and quickly changed. 30 minutes later it was time to get to work.  Well, what little there was. I shredded it and then broiled the meat to get charred brown edges. Warmed some tortillas, chopped some cilantro and got out the sourcream.  DINNER was served.

This was so good that I just wanted to crawl into the crockpot and swim around in all that luscious flavors.  Well okay, not literally as that would be icky but you know what I mean *wink*.  Kind of like wanting to swim in the Willy Wonka Chocolate river, right? LOL

One night this week, get the ingredients to make this and before you go to work the next morning pop this in your crock pot.  I highly recommend using one, that after cooking for the X amount of time that it goes to a warm setting.

Even Mr. Fantabulous who is not a pork fan LOVED this!

Carnitas with Creamy CLP Slaw1

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