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Ultimate Mushroom Veggie Meatloaf

So remember that Chunky Portabella Veggie Burger I shared with you guys?  Well let me tell you what.. that recipe has gone on to get worldwide attention and has fast become one of the most gawked, favorited, pinned and shared recipes on the net. Thing is it wasn’t all vegans and vegetarians either!  You meat lovers, the people that must eat meat raved over this thing.  You fooled your carnivore steak lover with it and when they asked for their 2nd or 3rd helping you told them they were eating all veggies.  Trust me I know, I got the same reaction from folks. The look of “NUH UH!” was priceless!

“But this is too awesome to not have meat in it!  It takes just like beef!” Fooled ya didn’t I!  Told ya that thing rocked!  Well this veggie meatloaf is right up there with it being equally awesome!

Ultimate Meatless Veggie Meatloaf2

After posting that recipe I had to work on a meatless meatloaf recipe.  For you.. and for me. The requests came pouring in asking how to make one.  Now you’ll see this recipe differs from the veggie burger as this, like traditional meatloaf, has more binder (bread/breadcrumbs) but what’s awesome about this recipe is that it’s not heavy. That meatloaf doesn’t sit in the bottom of your stomach.

Vegetarians and Carnivores unite!

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