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Classic Monte Cristo

You’ve not had an amazing grilled cheese sandwich until you’ve made this Monte Cristo!  Layers of salty ham, luscious gruyere cheese, tangy dijon mustard and sweet raspberry preserves dipped in this French toast mixture and then grilled to perfection!

I have a confession…

*hangs her head*

I’ve been holding out on you.  <deep sigh>  This recipe I made about a year ago *ducks to miss the shoe that someone just threw at me*. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. For the past year I kept saying to myself “You have to post that sandwich. You need to get your butt in gear and post this. People will flip over it!” But I didn’t listen. Honestly there is no real reason why held out on sharing this.  Monte Cristo sandwiches aren’t a new thing but for some reason I posted everything but this. Like we’re talking recipes I literally just created, took the photos the same day and posted the recipe the next day.

I suck, I know.. but you still love me… right???

And I guess while I’m treating this like church, I might as well confess one more thing.  Mr. Fantabulous does not like this but he does not hate it either.  What that means is he refused to try it; not even a single bite. He said and I’m quoting here “That is NOT French Toast, that is NOT Grilled Cheese.  That is a Frankenstein concoction that I will not be a part of.”  Frankenstein?  I didn’t exactly create a monster here dude.  LOL big baby!
I’m telling you, make this once and you’ll be making this a thousand more times because you’ll fall in love with it!

Philly Cheese Steak


There are ‘tings that just make sense.

Steelers Football on Sunday.

Mondays in the office are rough.

Thursdays make awesome Happy Hours.

…and Philly Cheese Steaks

Yes, you need this!

Tilapia Burgers with a Spicy Jalapeno Slaw

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve been on this slider/sammich kick lately.  Other than loving them I think it’s because they are easy and fast.  I’ve been super, super busy as of late and wanted something good but quick.

My local grocery store now carries this amazing tilapia and a ridiculous price. And while I have a bunch of recipes on here for tilapia:

I wanted something different.  I’m banking on this slider with the spicy slaw definitely fits the bill.  I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this!  The texture is super awesome (very burger-esque) and the slaw adds the heat and ‘crunch’ factor.  This is a winner all the way around!


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Manwaring Cheese – Smolderin’ Chipotle Cluckin-A Ciabatta

Ya know, being sent a box of cheese is probably one of the greatest things ever. This box of cheese flavors that our friends at Manwaring Cheese sent us is like little cheesy bricks from heaven (that is, if heaven has bricks but if you’re me, my heaven has the most awesome kitchen ever with every gadget ‘;n gidzmo a girl could want … and Mark Wahlberg shirtless, Vin Diesel – just tell me over and over you live your life a quarter mile at a time baby, Channing Tatum – just dance for me pretty and Mr. Fantabulous)!  lol

Now the only flavor I was a bit hesitant on was the Smoke Chipotle. Why?  I’m a wuss when it comes to super spicy stuff.  I mean I go through spurts where ketchup is too spicy for me – CRAZY!  I know, right!  LOL  However I love that burn, that heat you get in your chest; that sneak up slap you in the back of the head, kiss you on the lips, steal your dog and buy you roses, heat.  So I knew I wanted to make some type of sandwich with it and have it be all melty -n- gooey (cause that’s when cheese is like most awesomest) and since I already had chicken thawed, fresh ciabatta loaves baked and the fixins, all I had to do was assemble (well okay, make it first and actually try the cheese).

So since I’m a wuss I cut of a teeny slice and pretty much did the tip-of-the-tongue taste test.  If my tongue didn’t melt off after 30 seconds then I was going full-blown pop it in the mouth taste test.  I waited… and waited.. and waited… not too bad.  So I stuck the piece in, chewed it up and swear I heard angels sing (cause ya know this cheese is like bricks from heaven.. yada yada yada.. LOL).  HOWEVER… the devil started dancing around and he was bringin’ the heat.  It has a great, GREAT spicy undertone from the Chipotle Pepper and the smokiness is amazing!  I knew I made the right choice to use this cheese on this sammich.
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Melty Jarlsberg Artichoke Spinach Ham Ciabatta Panini

Melty Jarlsberg Artichoke Spinach Ham Ciabatta

There are days when simply life (or dishes) need no explanation.  You just know it’s right; you just embrace it and you just… eat it!

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