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Tuesday’s Tip with The Kitchen Whisperer – Jelly/Jam Jar Vinaigrette

Forget getting the spatula out to clean out the last bit of jam or jelly in the jar! Instead whip up a simple salad vinaigrette!

So my Mama taught me this trick a million years ago and honestly I’ve been doing this for just as long however I thought it was common practice for everyone to do. Apparently I was wrong when I mentioned this to my one girlfriend who was complaining that her daughter actually broke her spatula trying to get the last bit of jelly out of the jar. When I told her what I do/my Mama taught me it was like I told her the meaning of life. She literally was in awe and had a total “whoa!” moment. LOL I love those!

Growing up Mom never bought store-bought jams or jellies. Oh no, that was severely frowned upon. Now I’ll confess I do buy them from time to time only out of lack of time to make homemade. It’s not hard to make (really) and it doesn’t take long (really) but with everything else on my plate I just have to cut corners from time to time.

What Mom taught me was, instead of trying to scrape out the last bit of jam or jelly out of the jar (and ending getting your knuckles all sticky from it) leave the excess and make it into a delicious fruity vinaigrette! Genius, I know!
Seriously Mom’s are geniuses!

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